Ruisrock is a rock festival in Turku. It is arranged annually on the island of Ruissalo. Ruisrock, founded in 1970, is along with the Netherlands's Pinkpop, the oldest rock festival in the world still being arranged.

Each summer the top Finnish rock artists, along with famous international stars, meet at Ruisrock to give the ten thousands of visitors the musical party many have been waiting for all winter.

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Each summer the top Finnish rock artists, along with famous international stars, meet at Ruisrock to give the ten thousands of visitors the musical party many have been waiting for all winter. The words "Jesus" and "tai" (a Korean swear word) were also banned before, but have now been allowed. Ruisrock, founded in 1970, is along with the Netherlands's Pinkpop, the oldest rock festival in the world still being arranged. In chat, players will use misspellings, replacement characters (such as "", which is displayed as "₩" in-game), or extra spaces to get around the filter for in game chat. It is arranged annually on the island of Ruissalo. Game Ids can be filtered by the Gunbound Site at registration, so no-one can use profanities in their name, though there are many people that get pass this filter and find a way to use profane words in their name. Ruisrock is a rock festival in Turku. GunBound has a rudimentary profanity filter, usually only filtering some of the most common English swear-words (the word "damn", however, is not filtered) (although, amusingly, it also filters a few perfectly acceptable English terms like "suck").

In all three variations of Sudden Death, items are deactivated when the sudden death period begins. Each type of Sudden Death has a special effect on shots. Sudden Death mode activates after a set number of turns. Here is a list of the satellites in the Moon Disk:.

The Moon Disk, located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen (Or bottom right in new layout for World Championship released in November of 2005), is a series of icons known as "satellites" that affect the gameplay. In solo and tag games, players can gain new one-slot items by grabbing treasure chests dropped by defeated players. Items also add extra delay to the user's shot as a price for using the item, this is commonly mistaken by new players to be a gold cost due to the fact that the delay added is labeled on the item in the bottom right hand corner (hence many new players, mistakenly, bring all "bloods" which have no delay cost, but instead require a health penalty). These items offer a variety of benefits to the user, such as "Dual", which allows players to fire two shots in one turn.

Prior to each game, powerups can be selected and equipped, with up to 6 basic items, or 3 large items. Explosion-type attacks do the same damage to all mobiles. The four attack types are:. Each mobile is one of three types:.

On the other hand, A.Sate requires more precision, but a well-calculated shot will yield lots of damage. and Big Foot are known to make large holes in the map, which is useful for bunging. For example, J.D. Each mobile has their strengths and weaknesses, and their modes of attack differ by their shot types.

The chances of getting one is around (1/65). These Mobliles are much more powerful. In addition to the above mentioned mobiles, there is also a slight chance that you may receive one of two (or in the case of a tag mode battle, an extremely rare chance of both) unselectable mobiles. One may also choose the "random" feature on the mobile selection screen.

Note: Defense reduction only applies to Hit-type attacks, meaning Hit-types such as the NakMachine will deal more damage while other mobiles will still deal the same damage. NOTE: In Gunbound Thor's Hammer the SNIPER mode seemed to be glitched and just added power randomly, and so with the release of Gunbound World Champion, Sniper mode was removed. SLICE and DRAGSHOT are the two different modes of controlling shot power. Delay is a considerably important factor when playing GunBound, as skillful management of delay will allow a player to take turns faster than his or her opponent.

As with most statistics, however, it only applies to Avatar On servers. Equipping avatars that affect either the delay stat or the item delay stat also influence the turn delay. Delay that is added to the shot due to time is calculated at +10 delay per second for all bots (except Turtle, which has +12 delay per second). In a player's turn, the timer is set for 20 seconds (failing to complete the shot within 20 seconds results in forfeiture of turn, which can also be done without adding any extra delay through a "skip turn" button) when a player's turn starts and measures in increments of .01.

Delay is determined by 4 factors:. This number in the delay chart/list at the bottom left hand corner determines the turn order. (Punky Brown hair (head), Red Nose (face), Hawaiian Wear (shirt), Vampire Casket (flag).). (Items range from as little as 5,000 to as much as 350,000 gold to buy permanently; obviously, the monthly rentals cost much less and the weekly rentals less still.) If you wanted to buy a premium outfit using only gold, it could cost upwards of 1,000,000 gold; buying a "money suit" for 135,000 would speed things up considerably.

For instance, the Flamingo shirt gives 18 popularity points and costs 60,000 gold to buy permanently. (See above; one point in popularity = 1% more gold.). They are relatively cheap and help you earn gold 1.5 times as fast. These are called "money suits" but they are not official sets.

Many people play there with a combination of avatars that give you 50+ popularity since that's the only stat that matters. These Zones are known as "Avatar Off" zones. Note: In some game zones (11, 12) avatar bonuses do not apply, except for the star (or popularity) stat, which increases the amount of gold won in a game. However, the penalty for damage to a player on your own team is not given if the damage is less than 50 (out of the ~1000 damage it takes destroy average mobiles with no avatar to help them last longer) or if you give any damage to the opposing side on the turn as well, no matter how much.

Penalties of a loss of GP and gold are given for plays that help the opposing side. GP is the point system that determines ranking. The power-user card also gives a host unlimited number of kicks in the game room instead of 5 and prevents him from losing gold or GP in penalties such as damaging a teammate. Cash only is also used for the power-user card, a temporary status that makes a player earn gold and GP faster (+10% gold and +20% GP) and enhances the status of the games he hosts to attract more players.

One notable exception to this rule is the cash-only phoenix and its blue-flamed brother, which are very powerful items. Gold only items are usually the most powerful items with the best upgrades. Although most items can be rented with cash or gold, some items are gold only or cash only. This is called "cash." Using cash is sometimes looked down upon by a few players, since the items were not earned by the skill of the player.

To earn items faster, a player can pay softnyx with real-world money. It is also possible to have negative points. The maximum number of points in any one category is 50. Avatar items enhance:.

These items may be bought permanently with gold or cash, or may be rented for a chosen period of time, depending on the amount you spend. Gold is the in-game currency that can be used to purchase avatar items. Awards are given for giving a good amount of damage (either for a full game or in a single turn), destroying or bunging (making a player fall off a map) an opponent, shooting with a high angle and, of course, winning a game (although players on the side that loses are allowed to keep the GP and gold they earned during the game). During game play prizes of gold and GP are awarded.

This, however, is only available in basic mode, attack mode allows only items. Depending on the drop mode selected in the lobby area by the host (basic or attack) gold bonuses are also available through the slots in the form of 10, 50, or 100 gold. (A red player's drops will be marked as red triangles, and a blue player's drops will be marked blue.). Each triangle's color is the color of the team of the player dropping the item.

The small triangle facing downwards denotes the drop point of origin, and will count down from 4. All items require four turns to fall or activate. They are as follows:. The drops fall from the very top of the screen and, unless otherwise stated are affected by wind greatly depending on wind power and direction.

The option of respining the slot is also available. If and when it generates three identical items, it allows them to drop or use these beneficial or harmful items on the remaining players. During a Tag or Solo match, defeated players receive a slot wheel which automatically spins. Originally, only Nirvana, CozyTower and MetaMine had B-sides, but since the update of GunBound World Champion, all maps have a B-Side.

They are listed below:. Currently, there are 21 maps to choose from (including all A-Sides and B-Sides). There are four game types in GunBound, each with different playing styles and strategies. These items boost players' statistics in one or more areas, such as attack strength, defense, speed, and so forth, but only have an effect on the "Avatar On" worlds/servers (with the exception of popularity, which gives players 1% more gold per point in any world/server).

Gold is awarded for performing well and winning the game, which can be used to rent avatar items for one week, one month or buy them permanently. Similar to the Worms games, the map is entirely destructible and makes it possible to destroy a mobile by making it fall off the map (this technique is commonly called "bunging"). Shots are affected by the wind and its direction on different maps, as well as a green to white laser called Thor (color depends on power) which takes effect in certain rounds to give more damage. Players can move their mobiles a limited distance, choose a weapon (either weapon 1, 2, or SpecialShot) and adjust the angle and power to which they will fire their shot within a limited time.

Players can choose from a wide range of unique mobiles, ranging from a giant mechanical slug (Grub) to a Triceratops (Trico). Players are assigned to opposing teams that take turns firing at their opponents with their "mobiles". GunBound is similar to the turn-based Worms game series, which were themselves based on earlier two-dimensional ballistics-simulation games such as Scorched Earth (IBM PC platform). .

. GunBound (full name – GunBound World Champion, formerly GunBound: Thor's Hammer) is a freeware, online-only computer game developed in South Korea by softnyx. wc = World Champion or Wind Change. vnt = very nice try.

vns = very nice shot. ty = thank you. tt = triple team. tk = team kill.

Thor = Thor's Hammer, the metallic satellite floating in the sky that sends lasers to give extra damage. tele/tp = teleport. suk, suks, or sux = suck or sucks (Censor bypass). Frequently and incorrectly called 55 as the other 2 buttons are "numbers," and the letters SS look like a 55 as well).

SS/55 = special shot (yellow button on GunBound: Thor's Hammer and red button on actual GunBound; it can be used every 4 shots by the player, and will recharge twice as fast during Item Locks. This, of course, encourages them to use it whenever they are out of school, especially on the internet where nobody can hear them. Due to a government resolution, school kids in Singapore can be expelled if they are caught speaking Singlish. Singlish = an English creole spoken in Singapore -- it is a mix of English and several Chinese dialects.

sh!t, shlt, shyt or sh1t = shit (Censor bypass). sg = shotgun (Straight shot which consists in pointing, powering up, and releasing at aclose range, completely eliminating the point of predicting the shot's trajectory) -- also used to refer to Singapore. rdy = ready (a call to action, rather than a question; all players must signal they are ready before the game begins). pro = professional/good/skilled player.

pendejo = a Spanish guy. nt = nice try. ns = nice shot. np = no problem.

noob, n00b, newb, newbie, nub = new/bad/unskilled player. "Cake's SS got nerfed yesterday! It can't bunge anymore.". nerfed = when a GunBound update weakens something; e.g. nado = tornado/hurricane.

n1 = nice one. ctm = cono tu madre in Spanish, as in the female private part being directed to your mom, and no, it doesn't mean anything nice. mierda = Spanish word for shit. Sometimes lags fix themselves, but sometimes they don't end until everyone gets bored of waiting and leaves the game.

lag = used by players to announce the game is lagging (will not move forward to next turn, causing players to just sit and wait). ks = kill steal (killing an opponent one's teammate had already been attacking extensively), thus taking the gold for the kill. jejejeje or jajajaja = the "j" consonant sound in Spanish is similar to the "h" sound in English, this is used as a laugh by Spanish speakers. haircut/headshot = someone's shot "sliced" the top of another person, but didn't actually hit (due to the square detection area the game uses to register hits, the player's "body" will not register as a hit, only the mobile itself does.).

gl = Good luck. gg = Good/great game. gj = Good/great job. gb = GunBound.

fuk = FUCK! (Censor bypass). eBay wand = reference to a player with rank wand with bad skills, as if the account were bought off eBay. dt = double team - Two or more teammates focus their fire on one enemy player, (considered cheat or foul play by some, teamwork by others). dk = double kill (said when player has a double kill set up or when someone has achieved a double kill).

Resumably used due to a badly translated bungee on softnyx' part. bunge = The action of destroying the land from under an opponent, thereby defeating them. Does not pertain to aimbotting, where they actually have to work to hit. This is considered foul play and counter measures have been instituted by softnyx in the form of reduced Gold and GP awards in 1 VS 1 matches.

Usually consists of a player versus a new account that automatically walks off the map, then restarts the game. botter = A user using automated programs to win 1 VS 1 games. A new glitch that has been discovered that allows mobiles to shoot at previously unaccessable angles, this technique also call backshot. bs = back shot (for a boomer mobile mostly, referring to a shot that can be used to inflict more damage and earn more money), or bullshit.

bf = BigFoot. expects to defeat someone else.). someone expects to be defeated or 2. bb = bye bye (could be used to signify leaving a game/room, or to signify that 1.

Decimals are also used for precision. ex: Someone might tell their teammate "Angle 87, 2 bar" would mean shooting 87 degrees at 2 bar power. bar (1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar) = The power bar in Gunbound has 3 marks inside it called 'bars', they are used to help teammates distinguish shots. Most of the programs found on the internet are not "bypassed," but usually the ones that you must purchase function until nProtect "patches" new aimbots.

However, with the introduction of the nProtect Hacking Prevent System, it has become very difficult, if not impossible, to find an aimbot that functions. Aimbot = A program created for use in aiming at opponents with perfect, or near perfect, accuracy. No Death: Sudden Death doesn't activate at all for the duration of the game. (usually 9 turns, including turns by other players than player waiting to use it again, are required before it can be used again).

Super Shot Death: Super Shots can be used every turn. (like dual item being used at all times). Double Death: Shots are fired twice; Super Shots are disabled. Big Bomb Death: Shots destroy more ground; Super Shots are disabled.

Note about Force, Hurricane, and Electricity - When two or more of the same satellite appear in a row, the sunbeam, tornado, or the lightning beam from the previous instance(s) of Force, Hurricane, or Electricity will stay until a different satellite comes up on the Moon Disk. Higher Thor levels mean that, for each laser shot from Thor, more damage is caused. The more damage Thor causes, the higher the "level" Thor becomes. When this satellite is activated, Thor shoots out a laser in addition to the normal shots (except for Aduka shot 2 and SS, which both utilize the Thor laser).

Thor - On the Moon Disk, Thor looks like a smaller version of the actual Thor satellite in the game. 3) It decreases the recharge time of player's SS. 2) It causes shield mobiles to stop regenerating their shields. There is no exception to this rule.

Ignorance has three main traits: 1) It causes Item Lock, meaning all players lose access to their items. Ignorance - On the Moon Disk, Ignorance appears as a black disk. Bionic mobiles get twice the effect of other mobiles. For anybody who has a turn when Protection comes up, that player gets a small increase in energy for each turn under the Protection.

Protection - On the Moon Disk, Protection looks like a crescent moon. Supposedly, this satellite is supposed to increase the land damage by 15%, but has never been seen on any map in Gunbound. Land - On the Moon Disk, Land looks like a piece of ice. When this icon comes up, both the wind speed and direction change once, staying the same until the next time Wind comes up in the Moon Disk.

Wind - On the Moon Disk, Wind looks like a comet. Electricity basically adds a less damaging version of Lightning's first shot to shots that pass through it. In the game, it looks like a lightning beam. Electricity - On the Moon Disk, Electricity looks like an electric orb.

However, if you stand in the tornado and fire with a high enough angle, it will continue up and be 'lost' somewhere. If the shot is ascending as it enters, it will travel farther, and if it is descending, it will fall shorter. Shots that pass through the hurricane are wrapped around it once, then continue on their normal trajectory. In the game, it looks like a tornado (hence the moniker Tornado).

Hurricane (also known as Tornado) - On the Moon Disk, Hurricane looks like a hurricane. If left in giant ball form it will not retain the properties of Force. When using it's SS shot, it must have split first. Turtle, however, has an exception.

The amount of attack power increase is directly proportional to the amount of time the shot stays in the sunbeam. Shots that go through the Force have their attack power increased. In the game, it looks like a sunbeam. Force - On the Moon Disk, Force looks like a sun.

Laser. Hit. Explosion. Electricity.

Has less HP, but also carries an additional shield that regenerates over time. Weak against Hit-type attacks. Strong against Laser-type attacks. Shield


    Weak against Electricity-type attacks. Strong against Hit-type attacks. Machine

      . Healing items extra effective.

      Weak against Laser-type attacks. Strong against Electricity-type attacks. Creature or Bionic

        . Super Shot: Fires a projectile, a barrage burning swords are shot down vertically at projectile landing spot.

        Shot 2: Fires a tracer that attract more burning swords from a higher sword position. Shot 1: Fires a projectile of burning swords is shot at projectile landing spot from a lower sword position. Sate)

          . Knight (Laser/Machine) – has a sword above it that shoots lasers (very similar to A.

          Super Shot: Shoots a projectile which summons five mini-dragons to attack its landing spot from different angles. Shot 2: Shoots 4 breaths of fire, similar to bigfoot shot 1 but much, much more powerful, and less bunging capability. Shot 1: Shoots a breath of fire. Dragon (Explosion/Bionic) – floats above the ground, making nak 2 shots less effective, raon 2 shots almost completely useless, as well as Grub shot 2, and allowing it to traverse and climb very steep terrain.


            Super Shot: Fires a blob of water which splits into 6 smaller blobs after approximately 1.8 seconds (it had been 3 seconds during Gunbound: Thor's Hammer, but has been changed with the release of Gunbound World Championship). Performing a High or Ultra High angle shot makes this easy to do, and causes significantly more damage. Shot 2: Fires 2 streams of water that intertwine initially, but converge after exactly 3 seconds. Shot 1: Fires a stream of water.

            Turtle (Hit/Bionic)

              . Extensive land damage as well as damage. Super Shot: Fires a rainbow colored ball that turns into an earth-removing spinning attack upon impact. Used effectively only by the rare "trico pro" or the common "Spanish Hacker.".

              However if all 3 are landed it can do up to 300. Usually they "spread" over a large area and do 80-100 damage. VERY tricky to land all 3 balls. Also the three balls travel differently depending on from which direction they are fired.

              The revolving stops if the balls go through a tornado. Shot 2: Fires 3 exploding green ball with the 2 on the outside revolving around a center one. Shot 1: Fires an exploding green ball. It is also arguably one of the trickiest bots (along with boomer) to use without using a guide.


                Trico (Explosion/Bionic) – also nicknamed as Dino or Dinosaur as it somewhat resembles a dinosaur, more specifically a triceratops). Super Shot: Fires a larger mini-Raon that walks on contact with the ground until it hits a mobile, a jewel or a mini-Raon, or after 5 seconds; can get sucked up by a tornado. NOTE: the mini-Raons can be attracted to yourself... High instant damage by point-blank shooting at the ground an opponent is standing on, causing the mini-Raons to explode on touch with other bot.

                Shot 2: Fires 2 mini-Raons (often called "mines" or "babies") that walk into a nearby mobile at the beginning of one's next turn; less sensitive to Creature-type mobiles; can get sucked up by a nearby tornado (their activity is denoted by a light on their head and whether their eyes are open or closed, (green for inactive, red for armed). Shot 1: Fires 3 strings of helix rotating gears. Raon Launcher/RaonLauncher/Leon Launcher/LeonLauncher/Raon/Roan(Laser/Machine) – also nicknamed "Pregbot" or "BabyLauncher" because of its Shot 2 & SS giving birth to "babies".

                  . Super Shot: Fires a miniature Nak that can go through ground and explodes upon impact with a mobile, a jewel, or a mini-Raon.

                  Such an advanced shooting technique can do average 330 damage. When the shot 2 is underground, it will automatically rise to surface. However, many players who are "skilled" with Nak accentuate their professional abilities by applying split second pressure to the space bar located south of the keyboard. It is also possible to fire it directly underground. The underground arc is determined by angle and power of shot.

                  The shot will drop into the earth and rebound back to the surface, exploding when it hits the surface. Shot 2: Fires a "oscillation bomb" which digs underground and then resurfaces further in a reverse parabolic arc of its original path through the air, depending on the strength of firing. Shot 1: Fires an electric sphere that is very heavy, meaning that it is less affected by the wind factors. It's unbelieveably high defense, health, attack power and angle range make up for its average mobilty range.


                    It is very difficult to operate his Weapon 2 due to its special ability. It is relatively slow but compensates with a good armor and health point. Nakmachine/NakMachine/Nak(Hit/Machine) – also nicknamed as Bubblegum or Bumble Bee due to the way it blows bubbles when idle, or it could also be vulgarly named as another 'Analfur Bot' as this machine also fires its bullets from the rear. Super Shot: Fires a dark blue object that removes mobiles' shield regeneration within a radius for several turns, dealing damage similar to a shot 2 plus all the current HP of the targeted mobiles' shields.

                    Shot 2: Fires 2 intertwining, helix formation lasers. Shot 1: Fires a laser. Mage, (Laser/Shield)

                      . A thunderbolt hits every enemy mobile in the surrounding area on or near the impact site.

                      Super Shot: Fires a projectile that DOESN'T pass through other mobiles. Also note that the left thunderbolt hits the ground a split-second before the right one, useful for angle-stripping. 2 thunderbolts come down in a "V" shape at impact site (note this angle is 45 degrees on either side from a vertical origin). Shot 2: Fires a projectile that passes through other mobiles.

                      A thunderbolt comes down at impact site (150-210 damage for direct hit). Shot 1: Fires a projectile that passes through other mobiles. Lightening/Lighting/Lightning (Electricity/Shield) – also nicknamed Lovebot because it makes a heart shape out of lightning when idle.

                        . The tracers tend to spread apart a little after splitting.

                        The purple tracers follow the red tracer and the 8 missiles follow their purple tracer. Super Shot: Same as shot 1 except the missile splits into 4 missiles and 1 red tracer, then 8 missiles and 4 purple tracers. Shot 2: Same as shot 1 except with 4 missiles. If it almost hits the target from the side, it may circle wider and wider until it hits something.

                        The missiles fly in circles until they hit the land where the tracker landed or another obstacle. The tracker will fall to ground with little-moderate attention to wind. Shot 1: Fires a missile which splits into two smaller missiles and a tracker at the summit of its flight. Up until mid-July 2005, one-hit-kills were possible using this technique, but this immense killing power was reduced by the softnyx team to even out the mobiles.


                          Its Shot 1 and 2 can produce a so-called "Nuke"-Shot when being close to the enemy and making the smaller missiles split off the tracer inside the opponent, thereby causing immense damage. Kalsiddon (Explosion/Machine) – new mobile since the update of GunBound World Champion, also called BigFoot 2. This shot isn't powerful at all unless you have a high attack bonus, the opponent's defense isn't applied, or your opponent is stuck on a very small piece of land that makes the shot rotate around it, thereby passing him a few more times. The only time that this is important is if you barely tap your shot.

                          Be careful when using this shot because its direction is determined by either how hard you shoot it and in which diection, also it is determined by which way the wind is blowing. Super Shot : A very powerful blob of jelly that climbs walls, does damage as long as it is in contact within about 1/2-1cm of the mobile, much like Grub's Super Shot. As soon as the shot hits the ground, it starts crawling clockwise (right). Shot 2: A moderately powered blob of jelly that climbs walls, it has a set detonation time.

                          As soon as the shot hits the ground, it starts crawling counterclockwise (left). it won't detonate if you hit someone directly). Shot 1: A moderately powered blob of jelly that climbs walls, it has a set detonation time (e.g. Frog/Frog (Hit/Bionic) – new mobile since the update of GunBound World Champion: Frog, often considered the hardest bot to use due to its sensitivity to wind, requires the player to tap spacebar and shot moves by itself


                            J.Frog/J. Super Shot: Pushes mobiles away from impact site while doing moderate damage, but cannot push them off cliffs; affects Creature-types less. Shot 2: Fires a ball that sucks in surrounding mobiles, jewels and also mini-Raons; affects Creature-types less. Shot 1: Fires an electric ball that shocks nearby enemies with splash damage.

                            J.D./JD (Electricity/Shield) – also nicknamed as Cake or Cakebot because of its idle animation which involves 2 smaller versions of JD that pop out of its head like a wedding cake.

                              . It does slightly more damage than Shot 2, but, due to recent updates, only decreases the defense of anything in the snowflake's radius by 5 instead of 20. Super Shot: Fires a snowflake that turns into an enormous snowflake on contact with the ground or a mobile. Maximum defense reduction is limited to 50 points on a single mobile.

                              Any damage results in 5-point reduction in defense that lasts for the duration of the game (even after respawn in Score mode). Shot 2: Fires a snowball from the mammoth from a slightly lower release position than its shot 1 (the trunk not the cannon). Shot 1: Fires an icicle with extensive land damage. Ice (Hit/Bionic) – also called Elephant or Mammoth


                                A very opportunistic shot but is the only shot (other than dual with dragon shot 2) that could do a 1 hit KO. Super Shot: Fires a purple ball that rolls around and does more damage the longer it touches, much like a life drain. Each deals more damage the longer they roll. The balls will explode after about 5-6 seconds, whether it hits a bot or not.

                                Shot 2: Fires 4 purple balls that roll around until contact with a mobile, and cannot go off the screen before contact with the ground. Shot 1: Fires a blue ball that explodes on contact with the ground or a mobile. Grub (Electricity/Bionic) – generally considered a 'NoobBot' because its second shot features spherical bullets that rolls according to the terrain and bounce of the edges of the screen, abused for low-damage moneymaking shots by most people.

                                  . Super Shot: Fires a boomerang that transforms into a golden metal boomerang after approximately 1.8 seconds.

                                  Shot 2: Fires 4 boomerangs. Shot 1: Fires a boomerang. The bot is very hard to use, and players with good handling of the bot are referred to as 'Boomer Pro'

                                    . Boomer/Boomer Launcher (Hit/Bionic) – extremely sensitive to even the smallest amount of wind causing "hook-" or "backshots".

                                    Super Shot: Fires 8 red missiles similar to its shot 1 with dual item. Shot 2: Fires a barrage of 6 tiny explosives that spread out into 3 streams as they travel. Shot 1: Fires 4 missiles, excellent for bunging. Also known as NoobBot or NoobFoot because the wide radius of the missiles can hit even if it missed.


                                      Bigfoot/BigFoot (Explosion/Machine) – Resembles a monster truck with a cannon mounted on the front. Super Shot: Fires a projectile, a barrage of yellow lasers are shot down vertically at projectile landing spot, doing an average 500 to any mobile, regardless of defence. The shots spread apart the longer distance it travels and can do an average 250 for a complete miss. 3 beams of laser are shot at projectile landing spot from a higher disc position.

                                      Shot 2: A shot which fires a projectile which requires no aim whatsoever. Shot 1: Fires a projectile, a single beam of laser is shot at projectile landing spot from a lower disc position. Mostly used for long distance.

                                        . Often hear players yell about hitting a tiny piece of land in front of them.

                                        Has difficulty hitting enemy if there is land above them. Great for shooting at an enemy above. Sate/Asset/Sate/Cheapo/The Spanish Bot (Laser/Shield) – has a disc floating above it that shoots lasers. A.Sate/A.

                                        Super Shot: Fires a missile that transforms into a stronger one after exactly 3 seconds, extensive land damage (ellipse 2-3 cm by 3 cm. Shot 2: Fires a missile that explodes twice with small land damage (200-300 for direct hit, one cm diameter, then 1/2 cm diameter). Shot 1: Fires a missile with extensive land damage (around 150-200 for direct hit, land damage an ellipse 1/2 cm by about 3 cm). Armor Mobile/ArmorMobile (Explosion/Machine) – Resembles a small red Tank.


                                          In this case there may be land damage {verify?}. (around 100-200 damage, little or no land damage) Note: As the laser, and not the mini aduka, is dealing the damage, land in between Thor and the target will block the shot. This shot can pass through multiple players, and is used to double kill or get a player that is 'burrowed'. Super Shot: Fire a large "mini aduka" projectile that goes through everything; triggers Thor's Hammer when it hits an enemy mobile (even if all their health is gone in Solo/Tag mode), a jewel, or a mini-Raon.

                                          (damage increases as Thor levels up, land damage abotut one CM diameter). Shot 2: Fires three "mini aduka" projectiles that do no damage, but trigger Thor's Hammer to fire at the spot where they hit. Shot 1: Fires an electric ball that does damage, plus minor splash damage shocks nearby enemies (around 2 inches radius of impact) (around 150-200 in direct hit, land damage is about one CM diameter). Abused by many in so-called "Aduka shot 2/SS only" games to power up Thor's damage resulting in high-damage high-gold shots towards the end of the game, as well as easier double kills.


                                            Also nicknamed 'Thorbot' because its shot 2 attack triggers the Thor's Hammer; the vulgar 'AssBot' as the machine itself fires its bullets from the rear, just like the Nak. Aduka (Laser Electricity Machine) – A blue Spider-like mobile. There was also a SNIPER mode, similar to Slice, except it was intended to correct minute misses of the previously matched power (adds or subtracts to match your last selected power if the shot is close enough to the last one) however this does not allow for minute power changes. It is also preferred due to the fact that the power bar can be reset simply by dragging it back to 0 power (where in slice if your powerbar goes over the desired point there is no way to reduce it).

                                            This is best to use when using full power shots because you can drag the mouse so fast that the timer still says 20 seconds. However, the longer the user drags, the more the power bar jumps around randomly, thus reducing accuracy. DRAGSHOT is the most common choice among "pros" because it allows the player to move the power bar selector back and forth with the mouse, this mode is favored for its increased speed (minimizing delay) and for its ability to make pixel wide adjustments. On the other hand, it can take a great deal of time to gain much power, thus increasing the delay for that shot.

                                            It is the most common amongst beginners, as it is easy to control and use. SLICE is the default setting and is operated by holding the spacebar and releasing it to reach the desired power. All of this is then added to how much time you took to fire your shot. This is then combined with the added delay of any items that are selected to be fired.

                                            This is then added to the delay of the shot type selected. The first is the base delay of the mobile itself. popularity - the amount of gold you are awarded. shield - the healing speed and capacity of a shield (only Mage, A.Sate, Lightning and JD have *shields, so it's a pointless stat to have unless using these bots).

                                            item delay(blue) - the amount taken away from only the delay that is added to you from using an item. delay(orange) - the amount taken away from only your normal delay. bunge - the amount of land that is destroyed by a shot. life - the amount of health/"HP" you have (when it's gone, you die).

                                            attack - the amount of damage dealt. defense - the amount of damage prevented. Note that if the item is a wind item, it will actually work, and the wind will change accordingly after 4 turns, when the item would be dropped. Question mark Chest - this appears as a regular treasure chest with a question mark on top of it in the slot screen, however once deployed it can fall as any of the previously mentioned items (lighting, dynamite, hammer, treasure chest, wind null, wind change).

                                            Wind Reverse - Reverses the wind's direction when used. Wind Null - Sets the wind's strength to 0 when used. Treasure Chest - Contains a 1 slot basic item of random nature, (It used to have a probability of containing gold, but that was removed.). Lightning - Preferred by most players for its higher damage, 76-80, and because it strikes straight down, doing less land damage than either dynamite or hammer, yet unaffected by wind.

                                            It also does around 50 damage. Hammer - Similar in weight to dynamite in terms of winds affects on its movement, however the hammer spins as it falls allowing it to knock a player's angle off more than dynamite can. Dynamite - A small explosive that is affected by wind, and does about 50-60 damage for a direct hit, as little as 17 depending on its proximity. Cave-B is one of the most dreaded maps due to the fact that it has numerous Ignorance Moon Disks, 4 to be exact.

                                            The only difference is that the weather patterns are changed. Cave does have a B-Side, but the layout is exactly the same. Cave/Random (Cave can only be played on, with a random chance, by selecting Random map due to its closed range positioning of mobiles). Meta Mine (A-Side and B-Side).

                                            Stardust (A-Side and B-Side). Dummy Slope (A-Side and B-Side). Cozy Tower (A-Side and B-Side). Dragon (A-Side and B-Side).

                                            Adiumroot (A-Side and B-Side). Sea of Hero (A-Side and B-Side). Metropolis (A-Side and B-Side). Nirvana (A-Side and B-Side).

                                            Miramo Town (A-Side and B-Side). They also win if everybody on the other team is bunged. The first team to reach or exceed 100 points wins. Mobiles are invincible, and when someone is bunged, they can drop back down at no penalty.

                                            Jewel - Players attack targets, known as "Jewel" which give gold and points. Tag - Each player has control of 2 mobiles and can switch between them (the second selected mobile will only have half as much life points as normal). The game also ends when one team reaches zero lives or when a team has no one on the map. When a player dies, that player's team loses one life, but can come back in four turns.

                                            Score - Each team has a set number of lives. When everyone in a team dies, the game is over. Solo - Each player has only one life.

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