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The word thunderbird has been used for:-. Suborder Pleurodira. Thunderbird may refer to:. Suborder Cryptodira. . Suborder Paracryptodira (extinct)
. Gibson Thunderbird, a bass guitar manufactured by Gibson and Epiphone. While the issue is far from resolved, most scientists now lean towards a Diapsid origin for turtles.

Dromornithidae, the Giant-Goose of Australia. Re-analysis of prior phylogenies suggests that they classified turtles as anapsids both because they assumed this classification (most of them studying what sort of anapsid turtles are) and because they did not sample fossil and extant taxa were broadly enough for constructing the cladogram. Phorusrhacidae, an extinct family of giant predatory flightless birds of South and Central America. All molecular studies have strongly upheld this new phylogeny, though some place turtles closer to Archosauria. Thunderbird Products is the manufacturer of Formula Boats. More recent phylogenetic studies with this in mind placed turtles firmly within diapsids, slightly closer to Squamata than to Archosauria. The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is also a model of motorbike, 350cc manufactured by Royal Enfield in India. However, it was recently suggested that the Anapsid-like turtle skull may be due to convergent evolution rather than to anapsid descent.

The Triumph Thunderbird is a model of motorbike. Most anapsids became extinct in the late Permian period, except procolophonoids and possibly the precursors of the testudines (turtles). The Ford Thunderbird is a model of automobile. All Anapsid skulls lack a temporal opening, while all other extant amniotes have temporal openings (although in mammals the hole has become the zygoid arch). Thunderbird (train), a high-speed train in Japan. It was believed that they are the only surviving branch of the ancient clade Anapsida, which includes groups such as procolophonoids, millerettids, protorothyrids and pareiasaurs. The Albuquerque Thunderbirds are a team in the National Basketball Association Development League. Their exact ancestry is disputed.

The UBC Thunderbirds are a college hockey team near Vancouver, British Columbia. The first turtles are believed to have existed in the era of the dinosaurs, 200 million years ago. The Hamilton Thunderbirds are a team in the amateur Intercounty Baseball League. Turtles have a gelatinous substance in their upper and lower shell, called calipash and calipee respectively, the calipash being of a dull greenish and the calipee of a light yellow color. The Seattle Thunderbirds are a Junior A hockey team in the Western Hockey League. The turtles can take up dissolved oxygen from the water through these papillae, in much the same way that fish use gills. Thunderbird - The Garvin School of International Management is a graduate school specializing in international management. These projections, called "papillae", have a rich blood supply, and increase the surface area of the cloaca.

Thunderbirds (squadron), a demonstration flying team of the United States Air Force. Some species have large cloacal cavities lined with many finger-like projections. Thunderbird (missile), a British Army surface-to-air missile. However, aquatic respiration in Australian freshwater turtles is currently being studied. Thunderbird (wine), a fortified wine. Although they spend large proportions of their lives underwater, turtles are air-breathing reptiles, and must surface at regular intervals to refill their lungs with fresh air. Thunderbirds (movie) is a live-action film, released in 2004, based on the television series. In some species, temperature of the egg during development determines whether an egg develops into a male or a female: a higher temperature causes a female, a lower temperature causes a male.

Thunderbirds (TV series), a television series created by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson, notable for its use of marionettes. Turtle eggs prepared to eat consist mainly of yolk. Thunderbird is a song by rock band They Might Be Giants on their 2004 album The Spine. Their albumen is white and will not coagulate when cooked because of the protein it contains which is different to that of bird eggs. Thunderbird (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe, and a member of the X-Men. The eggs of the largest species are spherical, while the eggs of the rest are elongated. Thunderbird (resort), a former Las Vegas hotel and casino that operated from 1948-1976. Sea turtles lay their eggs on dry sandy beaches.

Zapdos, a Pokémon. The oldest tortoise on record is Tui Malila, known to have lived at least 188 years. Thunderbird (cryptozoology), in cryptozoology, a large birdlike creature. Turtles generally live a long time; some individuals are known to have lived longer than 150 years. Thunderbird (mythology), a mythical creature common to Native American religion and is probably the genesis of the other uses of the word. The sizes of turtles vary from a few centimetres (forest and jungle species) to two metres (the leatherback turtle and the Galapagos tortoise). Thunderbird, the penultimate boss in the 1988 NES game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Pond turtles (terrapins) are usually much smaller, while some land terrapins (tortoises) are as large as sea turtles.

Thunderbirds, a computer game for the Amiga and NES platforms. Sea turtles grow to large sizes and live in the oceans in the temperate and tropical regions of Earth. Thunderbird Supercomputer, a supercomputer at Sandia National Laboratories. Reference the Rheodytes leukops species. Athlon Thunderbird, a code-name for a variant of AMD's Athlon central processing units. Some are known to be able to breathe through their rectums as well. Mozilla Thunderbird, an e-mail and news client software package based on Mozilla. The top part of the shell is called the carapace, the bottom is called the plastron, and the two are connected by a bridge.

All turtles have a protective shell around their bodies. . Some species of turtles are highly endangered. About 300 species are alive today.

The order of Testudines includes both extant (living) and extinct species. in North America) to refer to all members of the order, including tortoises, which are predominantly land-based. The term is sometimes used (esp. The term turtle is usually used for the aquatic species, though aquatic fresh water turtles are also called terrapins.

Turtles are reptiles of the order Testudines (all living turtles belong to the crown group Chelonia), most of whose body is shielded by a special bony or cartilagenous shell developed from their ribs. Superfamily Pelomedusoidea. Superfamily Chelonioidea. Superfamily Kinosternoidea.

Superfamily Trionychoidea. Superfamily Testudinoidea.

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