Steam (band)

Steam was a pop music group best known for their 1969 #1 hit song "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye".

A one-hit wonder -- the band had already broken up by the time the song, intended to be a throwaway B-side, hit -- the group and song were largely forgotton until the 1977 Major League Baseball season, when Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust began playing the tune when opposing pitchers were relieved, or when the Sox had clearly won the game. Fans began singing along, playing the song during sporting events gradually became a tradition and today the Steam hit is commonly heard at arenas and stadiums throughout the US.

The song was revived for the 2000 movie Remember the Titans.

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The song was revived for the 2000 movie Remember the Titans. Rod Stewart recorded his first solo album in 1969 and has worked solely as a solo artist since 1975. Fans began singing along, playing the song during sporting events gradually became a tradition and today the Steam hit is commonly heard at arenas and stadiums throughout the US. During his career, Rod Stewart has been a member of a number of groups including:. A one-hit wonder -- the band had already broken up by the time the song, intended to be a throwaway B-side, hit -- the group and song were largely forgotton until the 1977 Major League Baseball season, when Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust began playing the tune when opposing pitchers were relieved, or when the Sox had clearly won the game. His version of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World", featuring Stevie Wonder has made the top 20 of the world adult charts. Steam was a pop music group best known for their 1969 #1 hit song "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye". It also debuted at #1 in Canada, #3 in the UK and top ten in Australia.

It was his first US number 1 album in 25 years selling over 200,000 albums in its first week. In late 2004, Stardust the third album in the American Songbook series was released. Together with Ron Wood he is still working on the album You Sing I'll Strut. A Rod Stewart and the Faces best of Changing Faces reached the top 20 of the UK album charts.Five walked in to a bar a compilation box off old Faces work went in to the shops, it is worldwide regarded as a "must have" in Rock & Roll history.

In 2004, Stewart is reuniting with Ron Wood for concerts of The Faces material. It is written and directed by Ben Elton, who previously created a similar production, We Will Rock You, with music by Queen. A musical featuring many of Stewart's songs opened November 7, 2003 at London's Victoria Palace theatre. "Time After Time" was another top 30 track on the US adult contemporary charts.

"Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered", a duet with Cher went top 20 on the US adult contemporary charts and top 5 in Taiwan. The second album "As Time Goes By" reached #2 in the US, #4 in the UK and #1 in Canada. "They Can't Take That Away From Me" went top 20 on the world internet charts and top 30 on the adult contemporary charts. The track "These Foolish Things" reached #13 on the Billboard adult contemporary charts and #2 in Taiwan.

The first album from the songbook series "It Had to Be You" reached #4 on the US album chart, #8 in the UK and #10 in Canada when released in late 2002. These albums have been released on Clive Davis's J Records label and have seen Stewart enjoy album sales equal to the 1970s. In recent years, Stewart has concentrated on singing 1930s and 1940s pop standards from the "Great American Songbook", written by songwriters such as Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin, with great popular success but middling critical success. He was later sued for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

He was quoted as saying that he'd rather have his penis cut off than cheat on her. He fathered six children. Stewart has been known for his liaisons with attractive women, including Britt Ekland and was later married to Alana Hamilton and Rachel Hunter. The Story So Far: the Very Best Of a greatest hits album compiled from his time at Warner Brothers went to the top ten in the UK and reached number 1 in places like Belgium and France in 2001.

Human, his final album on the Warner Brothers label only just reached the top 50 in 2001 with the single "I Can't Deny It" going top 40 in the UK and top 20 in the adult contemporary. Hoever, it only reached #44 on the UK album charts. When we Were the New Boys from 1998 contained versions of Britpop acts such as Oasis and Primal Scream. ('Spanner' is the British term for what American's typically refer to as a 'wrench'.).

The latter half of the 1990s was not as commercially successful with If We Fall In Love Tonight not making much of an impression on the charts. In 1995, Stewart released "A Spanner in the Works" containing a cover of Tom Petty's "Leave Virginia Alone" which reached the top 10 of the adult contemporary charts. The Unplugged album reached #2 on the Billboard album charts. It featured an acoustic version of "Have I Told You Lately" which topped the Billboard adult contemporary chart and went top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.

Stewart reunited with Ron Wood to record an MTV Unplugged special. In 1993, he recorded "All For Love" with Sting and Bryan Adams for the soundtrack to the movie The Three Musketeers; the single reached #1 on the US charts. The Vagabond Heart album continued his comeback with "Rhythm of my Heart" and "Motown Song" both reaching the top 10. This song was taken from a four CD compilation set called Storyteller.

His version of the Tom Waits song "Downtown Train" went to #2 of the US singles charts. "Forever Young" and "Lost in You" from that album were both significant hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and mainstream rock charts. In 1988, he returned with Out Of Order produced by Duran Duran's Andy Taylor and by Bernard Edwards of Chic. He only had three top ten singles between 1982 and 1988 and only 1983's Camouflage album went gold in the UK.

Stewart's career then went into a relative slump. The title song and "Young Turks" both reached top 5 of the Billboard charts with the album going platinum. In 1981, Stewart added elements of new wave and synth-pop to his sound for the Tonight I'm Yours album. It was to be Stewart's last number one album for 25 years.

"Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" was the lead single from 1979's Blondes Have More Fun which went to #1 on the Billboard album charts and sold 4 million albums. Stewart scored another US #1 single with "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" which was a crossover hit reaching #5 on the Billboard black charts due to its disco sound. Foot Loose and Fancy Free from 1978 continued Stewart's run of chart success again reaching #2 and featuring the same sound from A Night on the Town. "The Killing of Georgie (Part 1 and 2)" about the killing of a gay man was also a top 40 hit for Stewart during 1977.

However, it was officially credited as a number 1 in the UK even though "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols is widely believed to have sold more records in that week. "The First Cut is the Deepest", a cover of a Cat Stevens song, went top 30 in the US in 1977. It quite overshadowed a greatest hits record released in 1976 that only reached #90. The A Night on the Town album went to #2 on the Billboard album charts and was Stewart's first album to go platinum.

Later in 1976, Stewart topped the Billboard singles charts for eight weeks and the Australian singles charts with "Tonight's the Night" with a video featuring Britt Ekland. The first single "Sailing" reached the top 60 of the US charts while "This Old Heart of Mine" was also a top 100 hit in 1976, written by legendary Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting combo of Motown fame. Atlantic Crossing marked both a return to form and a return to the top 10 of the Billboard album charts. He released the Atlantic Crossing album with producer Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section.

In 1975, Rod Stewart moved to the US, applying for citizenship due to his love affair with Britt Ekland and a fight with the UK tax authorities. Smiler is generally regarded as Stewart's weakest album of the seventies. Stewart would release the Smiler album in late 1974 which proved to be a disappointment reaching only number 13 on the Billboard pop album charts with the single "Mine For Me" only reaching number 91 on the Billboard pop singles charts. The band formally broke up in 1975 with Ron Wood joining the Rolling Stones as their guitar player and Stewart pursuing his solo career.

The Faces went on their final tour in 1974 to support Ooh La La and the single "Pool Hall Richard". The Faces released their final album Ooh La La which reached number one in the UK and number 21 in 1973. Stewart released Never A Dull Moment in the same year reaching number two on the US album charts and number one in the UK and enjoyed further critical success. The Faces had an extensive tour in 1972 with growing tension in the band over Stewart's solo career enjoying more success than the band's.

This album reached the top ten on both sides of the Atlantic on the back of the success of Every Picture Tells A Story.. top forty hit with "Stay With Me" from their third album A Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse released in late 1971. The second Faces album "Long Player" was released in early 1971 which enjoyed greater chart success than First Step. The Faces also got their only U.S. "Maggie May" was also named in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll, which is one of three songs by him to appear on that list.

simultainiously, a chart first, in September. and the U.K. Stewart's 1971 album Every Picture Tells a Story made him a household name when the B-side of his minor hit "Reason to Believe" "Maggie May" started receiving radio play, the album and the single hit number one in both the U.S. He also launched a solo tour.

Stewart would release his second album Gasoline Alley with Martin Quittenton as his lead guitarist supplying a mandolin sound. The Faces released their debut album First Step in early 1970 with a rock and roll style similar to the Rolling Stones. While the album did better in the UK than the US, the Faces quickly earned a strong live following. Stewart also signed a solo contract - An Old Raincoat Won't Let You Down being his first solo album in 1969 - known as the Rod Stewart album in the US. Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols regards The Faces very highly and names them as a main influence on the British punk movement.

The Faces were previously The Small Faces until the departure of Steve Marriott. The US band Cactus offered Stewart a job as lead singer but he decided to join The Faces with Ron Wood who was a bass player with the Jeff Beck Group switching to guitar. The second album Beck-ola also was a hit in the middle of 1969 but the group broke up by the end of the year. In 1968, their first album Truth became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic and the group toured extensively.

Stewart then joined Jeff Beck's the Jeff Beck Group as vocalist. Shotgun Express released one single before breaking up. Shotgun Express also contained Mick Fleetwood and Peter Green who would go on to form Fleetwood Mac and Peter Mardens. Steampacket broke up in early 1966 with Stewart joining Shotgun Express as lead vocalist with Beryl Marsden.

Stewart also earned the nickname "Rod the Mod" in that period after an appearance on a BBC documentary,1965, on the Mod movement. Steampacket supported the Rolling Stones and the Walker Brothers in the northern summer of 1965 and would also record an album that would not be released until 1970 when Stewart had become well-known in musical circles. The Hoochie Coochie Men evolved into Steampacket featuring Stewart, Baldry, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger, Mickey Waller and Rick Brown. Rod Stewart returned to London in 1964 to join Long John Baldry's Hoochie Coochie Men which recorded a single "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" which failed to chart.

He also played the instrument on Millie Small's "My Boy Lollipop" which became a huge hit in 1964. On his return to England, he went to Birmingham to join Jimmy Powell & the Five Dimensions as a vocalist and blues harp player. The band recorded a single for Pye Records with Stewart on blues harp. He soon switched to a career in music joining folk singer Wizz Jones in the early 1960s being deported from Spain for vagrancy. based in West London.

Rod Stewart started as an apprentice soccer player with Brentford F.C.
. Although the quality of his recordings has dipped at times, he is widely recognised as among the best interpretive singers of recent decades, and has consistently been a presence in the charts since the early 1970s. He has achieved 3 US number one albums over three decades.

Over his lengthy career, Stewart has sung rock, standards, folk rock and pop and has achieved success at each. Minutes before Rod Stewart was born in Highgate, London, a German V-2 rocket hit the police station just down the street and exploded. His parents owned a newsagent's shop in North London, and the family resided above the shop. Stewart was the youngest of five children born to Robert and Elsie Stewart.

Roderick David Stewart (born January 10, 1945) is an English singer of Scottish descent. Encore: The Very Best Of 2 (2003). The Story So Far: Very Best of Rod Stewart (2002). The Very Best of Rod Stewart (2001).

Handbags & Gladrags (1995). Downtown train (1991). Storyteller - The Complete Anthology: 1964-1990 (1989). The Ballad album (1989).

The Rock Album (1989). The best of Rod Stewart (1989). Hot Rods (1980). 1 (1979).

Rod Stewart Greatest Hits Vol. Best of Rod Stewart, Volume II (1977). Best of Rod Stewart (1976). The vintage years 69 - 70 (1976).

Sing it again, Rod (1972). Compilations

    . Stardust: the Great American Songbook 3 (2004). As Time Goes By: the Great American Songbook 2 (2003).

    It Had to Be You: the Great American Songbook (2002). Human ((2001). When we Were the New Boys (1998). If we fall in love tonight (1996).

    A spanner in the works (1995). and seated (1993, live). Unplugged.. Lead vocalist (1993).

    Vagabond heart (1991). Out of order (1988). Every beat of my heart (1986). Camouflage (1984).

    Body wishes (1983). Absolutely live (1982, live). Tonight I'm yours (1981). Foolish behaviour (1980).

    Blondes have more fun (1978). Foot loose & Fancy free (1977). A night on the town (1976). Atlantic Crossing (1975).

    Smiler (1974). Never a dull moment (1972). Every picture tells a story (1971). Gasoline Alley (1970).

    An old raincoat won't ever let you down (The Rod Stewart Album) (1970). Solo albums:

      . The best of The Faces (1977). The best of The Faces - Snakes and ladders (1975).

      Coast to coast - Overtures & beginners (Live album 1974). Ooh la la (1973). A nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse (1971). Longplayer (1971).

      First Step (1970). With The Faces:

        . The best of Jeff Beck (1985). Beck Ola (1970).

        Truth (1968). With the Jeff Beck Group:

          . the Faces 1969-1975. the Jeff Beck Group 1966-1969.

          Shotgun Express 1966. the Hoochie Coochie Men later Steampacket 1964-1965;. Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions 1963;.

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