Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum is an indie band formed in 1983, perhaps best known for their song "Runaway Train".


  • Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck (1984)
  • Made to Be Broken (1985)
  • Time's Incinerator (1986)
  • While You Were Out (1986)
  • Clam Dip & the Other Delights (1987)
  • Hang Time (1988)
  • And the Horse They Rode On (1990)
  • Grave Dancer's Union (1992)
  • Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995)
  • Candy From a Stranger (1998)
  • Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum (2000)


  • Sometime To Return (1989)
  • Beggars And Choosers (1989)
  • Cartoon (1989)
  • Easy Street (1990)
  • Spinnin (1990)
  • We 3 (1991)
  • All The King's Friends (1991)
  • Somebody To Shove (1993)
  • Runaway Train (1993)
  • Insomniac's Dream (1994)
  • Can't Even Tell (1994)
  • Misery (1995)
  • String Of Pearls (1995)
  • Promises Broken (1996)
  • I Will Still Be Laughing (1998)
  • Close (1999)
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Soul Asylum is an indie band formed in 1983, perhaps best known for their song "Runaway Train". In addition, her music has been on featured on countless soundtracks. Close (1999). On August 1, 2004, after divorcing her first husband, she married a British man named Ben, and now spends most of her time in the United Kingdom. I Will Still Be Laughing (1998). She also had a greatest hits album released in Singapore and three in Japan, and she posed naked for Playboy magazine. Promises Broken (1996). She has made several attempts at comebacks through the 1990s and 2000s, in both country and pop music, and has done some touring over the years.

String Of Pearls (1995). In 1995, she moved to Nashville, and in 2002, she was the subject of an E! True Hollywood Story television show. Misery (1995). In 1992, she married make up artist Bulmaro Garcia and in September 17 of that year she gave birth to Elijah Garcia. Can't Even Tell (1994). Her career suffered as musical tastes changed in the early 1990s, swinging away from teen pop towards harder-edged rock and rap. Insomniac's Dream (1994). In '89 also, she bought a mansion that used to belong to action movie star Chuck Norris, but later sold it.

Runaway Train (1993). Another one of her hits was Promises made (promises broken). Somebody To Shove (1993). She was signed to do the voice of Judy Jetson for Jetsons: The Movie in 1989, but not before another hit following I Think to the top in 1988: Her song Could've been also made it to the top of the Billboard charts. All The King's Friends (1991). In '87 also, she cast a little known group by the name of New Kids On The Block to be the starting act on her concerts. We 3 (1991). Soon, she was vying with Debbie Gibson for space on the covers of many teen magazines, including Tiger Beat, Teen Beat and many others, and visiting multiple television shows on MTV, Fox, etc.

Spinnin (1990). Her cover of the Shondells hit, I Think We're Alone Now, became a number 1 hit on the Billboard chart, propelling Tiffany to international stardom. Easy Street (1990). In 1987 the self titled album, Tiffany, was released and she embarked on a mall tour to promote it. Cartoon (1989). Then, she went into the studio to record her first album, and a contract was signed with MCA. Beggars And Choosers (1989). In 1986, she signs a contract that gives Tobin total control over her career.

Sometime To Return (1989). In 1985 Tiffany appeared at the Star Search show with Ed McMahon, but she came in second place that year. Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum (2000). However, these releases were ultimately found to be by Canadian singer Kimberly Warnock, who has sometimes used the stage name "Tiffany" but has no connection with the more famous singer of that name. Candy From a Stranger (1998). Fans debated endlessly whether these were by "the" Tiffany or not, and even Tiffany's own denial wasn't always fully trusted (people sometimes suggested that she was either mistaken or was trying to cover up early failures in her career). Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995). Another 1984 event that later provoked controversy among Tiffany fans was the release of a song entitled "Remembering Love", credited to "Tiffany", in Canada, followed up in 1987 by another song "In The Dark".

Grave Dancer's Union (1992). He maintains that he was not trying to look at her in a lewd way, just making sure Tiffany did her breathing exercises. And the Horse They Rode On (1990). Also that year, a messy divorce between her mom and her stepfather occurred, when he was allegedly caught peeping on her. Hang Time (1988). Finally, in 1984, she was signed to a recording contract by George Tobin, who heard a demo tape she recorded and liked it. Clam Dip & the Other Delights (1987). In 1983, Tiffany's other sister, Cheressa Williams, is born. Ronald Kent Surut became her manager that year.

While You Were Out (1986). Also that year, she was an opening act for Jerry Lee Lewis and for George Jones. Time's Incinerator (1986). In 1982 Tiffany tours several cities in Alaska, earning 3,000 dollars for the tour. Made to Be Broken (1985). Tiffany used to sing at a Los Angeles club named El Palomino when she was discovered by Hoyt Axton and his wife Mae Axton, who took her (Mae) to sing in Nashville, Tennessee, where she performs at the Ralph Emery Show. Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck (1984). She passed a hat along the crowd afterward, and collected $235 in what would be her first career earning.

In 1981, Tiffany made her first professional singing show, with a country music band at a country and western spot. In 1977, Tiffany's mother married, and in 1979, Tiffany's sister Falicia Williams was born. When Tiffany was four years old, she learned the words to the song Delta Dawn, and she started singing it often. Her parents divorced when she was very young.

Tiffany grew up in Norwalk, California. She is of Lebanese and Syrian descent. Tiffanie Renee Darwish (born October 2, 1971 in Oklahoma), better known in the music world as Tiffany, is an American singer who had a number of "teen pop" hits during the late 1980s. 1988 "Radio Romance" #35 US, #13 UK.

1988 "All This Time" #6 US. from "Hold an Old Friend's Hand"

    . 1988 "I Saw Him Standing There" #7 US, #8 UK. 1987 "Could've Been" #1 US, # 4 UK (1988 release).

    1987 "I Think We're Alone Now" #1 US, #1 UK (1988 release). from "Tiffany"

      . 2000 The Color of Silence. 1996 Greatest Hits (US release).

      1996 Best One (Japanese release; greatest-hits compilation). 1995 All The Best (Singapore release; greatest-hits compilation with 2 new songs). 1994 Best of Best (Japanese release; greatest-hits compilation). 1993 Dreams Never Die (released in multiple Asian countries but not in the US).

      1990 New Inside. 1988 I Saw Him Standing There (EP; Japanese release). 1988 Hold an Old Friend's Hand #17 US. 1987 Tiffany #1 US, #5 UK (1988 release).

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