Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum is an indie band formed in 1983, perhaps best known for their song "Runaway Train".


  • Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck (1984)
  • Made to Be Broken (1985)
  • Time's Incinerator (1986)
  • While You Were Out (1986)
  • Clam Dip & the Other Delights (1987)
  • Hang Time (1988)
  • And the Horse They Rode On (1990)
  • Grave Dancer's Union (1992)
  • Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995)
  • Candy From a Stranger (1998)
  • Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum (2000)


  • Sometime To Return (1989)
  • Beggars And Choosers (1989)
  • Cartoon (1989)
  • Easy Street (1990)
  • Spinnin (1990)
  • We 3 (1991)
  • All The King's Friends (1991)
  • Somebody To Shove (1993)
  • Runaway Train (1993)
  • Insomniac's Dream (1994)
  • Can't Even Tell (1994)
  • Misery (1995)
  • String Of Pearls (1995)
  • Promises Broken (1996)
  • I Will Still Be Laughing (1998)
  • Close (1999)
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Soul Asylum is an indie band formed in 1983, perhaps best known for their song "Runaway Train". Meanwhile, since that year, Scott Weiland has performed with members of Guns 'N Roses, plus Dave Kushner, with the band Velvet Revolver. Close (1999). On November 11, 2003, STP released a CD/DVD entitled Thank You, a greatest hits album. I Will Still Be Laughing (1998). During the summer of 2001, STP released Shangri-La Dee Da. Promises Broken (1996). Shortly after its completion, Weiland was sentenced to a year in a Los Angeles county jail for violating probation.

String Of Pearls (1995). 4 in 1999. Misery (1995). STP soon reunited, releasing No. Can't Even Tell (1994). Neither release did well commercially. Insomniac's Dream (1994). In September 1997, while STP was on hiatus, Weiland released a solo album, 12 bar blues, while the remaining members of STP formed the one-time band Talk Show, with former Ten Inch Men singer Dave Coutts.

Runaway Train (1993). On November 4th of that year, Weiland was released from the rehab program and STP began touring again in Los Angeles, but again, Weiland went back in rehab, starting rumours that the band was breaking up, which turned out to be untrue. Somebody To Shove (1993). In October of that year, suggestive pictures of Weiland and Courtney Love surfaced and, luckily for Weiland, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt refused to publish the pictures. All The King's Friends (1991). Weiland had left the program at Impact House, without notice, but returned the next day. We 3 (1991). Still not having kicked his drug habit, Weiland was ordered by a judge to go into a drug rehabilitation programme.

Spinnin (1990). Although this CD got better reviews than their previous albums, it failed to generate as many sales. Easy Street (1990). Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. Cartoon (1989). Weiland was given one year's probation and during this time the group recorded their next album Tiny Music.. Beggars And Choosers (1989). In May 1995, Weiland was arrested for possession of rock cocaine and heroin.

Sometime To Return (1989). 1995 saw the band take a turn in the wrong direction, when Scott Weiland got involved with a side music project, Magnificent Bastards, and in heroin. Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum (2000). 1 and stayed there for three weeks. Candy From a Stranger (1998). In 1994, STP released their second album, Purple, which debuted at No. Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995). The critics initially blasted them for being a clone of rock and roll band Pearl Jam.

Grave Dancer's Union (1992). In September 1992, they released their first album, Core, including the hit songs "Plush", "Wicked Garden", and "Sex Type Thing". And the Horse They Rode On (1990). Wanting to keep the band's initials, they came up with Stone Temple Pilots, after seeing the STP Motor Oil Company logo. Hang Time (1988). They changed the band's name to Shirley Temple's Pussy, but ended up changing it because of pressure from the record label. Clam Dip & the Other Delights (1987). During the recording, STP's lawyer called and told them there was a blues man who had already claimed the name Mighty Joe Young.

While You Were Out (1986). On April 1, 1992, they signed a contract and began recording tracks with Brendan O'Brien. Time's Incinerator (1986). In 1992, Don Mullen, a booking agent for Triad Artists, saw them perform and led them to Atlantic Records. Made to Be Broken (1985). In 1990, going by the name Mighty Joe Young, they played at Whiskey in Los Angeles, California. Say What You Will, Clarence...Karl Sold the Truck (1984). Robert got his brother Dean DeLeo to join their jamming sessions and also found Eric Kretz, who was then with another band, to do drums.

They got to know each other, rather than fight over the woman, who eventually fled to Texas; the two moved into her old apartment and started playing together. Stone Temple Pilots (abbreviated STP) is a popular rock and roll band, formed in 1990, after Scott Weiland and Robert DeLeo met at a Black Flag concert in Long Beach, California, after discovering they were dating the same woman. Velvet Revolver. Thank You (2003, Atlantic).

Shangri-La Dee Da (2001, Atlantic). 4 (1999, Atlantic). No. Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop (1996, Atlantic).

Tiny Music.. Purple (1994, East West). Core (1992, Atlantic).

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