Morgan is both a given name and a surname, as well as the name of several places. The surname Morgan is of Welsh origin, meaning "of the sea", and is a popular family name in that country. Many Welsh families emigrated to Australia and the USA, thus many founding families in those countries carried the surname Morgan, which is reflected in a number of place names. The name, in female form Morgana, is given to a principal in the legends about King Arthur. See also Morganic or Morganatic marriage.

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An agile fast breed of horse used to rope cattle [5].



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. ISBN: 0060955899. Leggett and Mauney now run blown motors with superchargers. Harper Perennial. Some of these drivers still run today with the nitrous and others have retired. Strouse, Jean 2000 Morgan: American Financier. Some of the early nitrous pro mod users were Carl Moyer, Scotty Cannon, Bill Kuhlmann, Robbie Vandergriff, Scott Shafiroff, "Killer" Brooks, Wally Bell, Donnie Little, Charles Carpenter, "Animal Jim" Feurer, Mark Eldridge, Sonny Tindal, Terry Leggett, Norm Wizner, Bill Neri, Mark Carter, Tom Mauney, and others.

Pope, Dudley 2001 Harry Morgan's Way: The Biography of Sir Henry Morgan 1635-1684 House of Stratus ISBN 1842324829. Many still run nitrous today. ISBN 0684834308. Most of the early pro mods ran nitrous. Scribner. In top gear, both stages can be activated at the same time for maximum horsepower. Crawford, Donald 1997 Michael and Natasha. A two-stage system will actually allow three different levels of additional horsepower; for example, a small first stage can be used in first gear to prevent excessive wheelspin, then turned off in favor of a larger second stage once the car is moving.

ISBN 0743205480. Many high-horsepower race applications will use more than one nozzle per cylinder, plumbed in "stages" to allow greater control of how much power is delivered with each stage. Simon & Schuster. These systems are most often used on racing vehicles specially built to take the strain of such high power levels. Abella, Alex 2000 The Great American: A Novel. These systems are also the most complex and expensive systems, requiring significant modification to the engine, including adding a distribution block and solenoid assembly, as well as drilling, tapping, and building plumbing for each cylinder intake. Australia. Wet multi-point kits can go as high as 1,100 horsepower (820 kW) with only one stage, but most produce that much power with two or three systems.

There are also:. A multi-point system is the most powerful and efficient type of nitrous system, due to the placement of the nozzle in each runner, as well as the ability to use more and higher capacity solenoid valves. USA. There are several different types of nozzles and placements ranging from fogger nozzles that require you to drill and tap your manifold, to specialty direct port efi nozzles that fit into your fuel injector ports along with your fuel injectors. An agile fast breed of horse used to rope cattle [5]. Note that there are still several ways to introduce nitrous via a direct port system.
. Normally, these systems combine nitrous and fuel through several nozzles similar in design to a "Wet Single-Point" nozzle, which mixes and meters the nitrous and fuel delivered to each cylinder individually, allowing each cylinder's nitrous/fuel ratio to be adjusted without affecting the other cylinders.

. These systems are also known as directport nitrous systems.
. A "Wet Multi-Point" nitrous system introduces nitrous and fuel directly into each intake port on the engine. See also Morganic or Morganatic marriage. "Wet" nitrous systems tend to produce more power than "Dry" systems, but are correspondingly more expensive and difficult to install. The name, in female form Morgana, is given to a principal in the legends about King Arthur. Dry-flow intakes are designed to contain only air, which will travel through smaller pipes and tighter turns with less pressure, whereas Wet-flow intakes are designed to contain a mixture of fuel and air.

Many Welsh families emigrated to Australia and the USA, thus many founding families in those countries carried the surname Morgan, which is reflected in a number of place names. However, the intake must be designed for wet flow (for example, carburetors also require a wet flow intake), as distribution problems or intake backfires may result. The surname Morgan is of Welsh origin, meaning "of the sea", and is a popular family name in that country. A "Wet Single-Point" nitrous system introduces the fuel and nitrous together, causing the upper intake to become wet with fuel, usually in a spray-bar plate. Morgan is both a given name and a surname, as well as the name of several places. Once additional fuel has been introduced, it can burn with the extra oxygen provided by the Nitrous, providing additional power. Morgan, Mariah Carey's Older Brother. This is typically not an exact method of adding fuel.

Ru Fe Morgan is a fictional character in the anime/manga Oh My Goddess!. This is typically done by spraying nitrous past the MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow), which then sends a signal to the vehicles computer telling it that it sees colder denser air, and that more fuel is needed. Morgan Industries, one of the factions in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri led by Nwabudike Morgan. Fuel flow can be increased either by increasing the pressure in the fuel injection system, or by modifying the vehicles' computer to increase the time the fuel injectors remain open during the engine cycle. Nwabudike Morgan, a fictional character in the computer game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. This property is what gives the "Dry" system its name. Captain Morgan, famous rum. In a "Dry" nitrous system, extra fuel required is introduced through the fuel injectors, keeping the upper intake dry of fuel.

Morgan sea gypsies, seafaring minority ethnic group in the Andaman Sea. A nitrous system is primarily concerned with introducing fuel and nitrous into the engine's cylinders, and combining them for most efficient combustion. Centimorgan, unit of recombinant frequency in genetics. There are three types of nitrous systems: "Dry", "Wet Single-Point", and "Wet Multi-Point". Morgan le Fay, antagonist of Arthur of Britain. The purpose of a nitrous purge is to ensure that the correct amount of nitrous oxide is delivered the moment the system is activated - Air or gaseous nitrous oxide in the line will cause the car to "bog" for an instant until liquid nitrous oxide reaches the intake. Morgan State University, university in Baltimore, Maryland. When the purge system is activated, one or more plumes of nitrous oxide will be visible for a moment as the liquid flashes to vapor as it is released.

Morgan, graphic novel by Hugo Pratt. This brings liquid nitrous oxide all the way up through the plumbing from the storage tank to the solenoid valve or valves that will release it into the engine's intake tract. Morgan!, 1966 film. A separate electrically-operated valve is used to release air and gaseous nitrous oxide trapped in the delivery system. Morgan Motor Company, brand of automobile. Fans can easily identify nitrous-equipped cars at the track by the fact that most will "purge" the delivery system prior to reaching the starting line. Morgan horse, horse breed (see above). All Pro Mod cars and some Pro Steet cars use three stages, for additional power.

JPMorgan Chase & Co., American banking corporation. Nitrous systems can increase power by 45% or more, depending on configuration, and are usually built in one or two stages. Morgan, South Australia. Today, there are several competing companies in the field, including ZEX, NOS, Nitrous Direct, Nitrous Express, Nitrous Works, Cold Fusion, and Edelbrock. Mount Morgan, California. This is normally sounded out by letter ("en-oh-es") by pro mod drivers, although some pronounce it as a word (like "naws"). New Morgan, Pennsylvania. Nitrous oxide is also incorrectly called 'NOS' among racers after one of the first companies to provide nitrous systems, Nitrous Oxide Systems.

Morganville - archaic synonym for the fictional town Shelbyville in The Simpsons. This raises the partial pressure of oxygen in the gas mix above the level found in normal atmospheric air, and lets the fuel burn more efficiently. Morganville, Washington. At high temperatures, such as those found inside a firing cylinder, nitrous oxide breaks down into nitrogen and oxygen gas. Morganville, Ohio. It carries more oxygen to the engine, allowing for faster burning of the fuel and generating more power. Morganville, New York. Nitrous oxide is not a fuel, it is an oxidizer.

Morganville, New Jersey. . Morganville, Kansas. Nitrous can be used with alcohol in the mud racing categories. Morganville, Georgia. Nitrous oxide is an oxidizing agent used to increase an engine's power output by allowing for faster burning of a fuel (usually gasoline). Morgantown, West Virginia. Nitrous is a slang term for nitrous oxide (N2O), commonly used by drag racing classes like Pro Street, Top Sportsman, and Pro Mod.

Morgantown, Pennsylvania. For other uses, see Nitrous oxide.. Morgantown, Kentucky. This page discusses the use of nitrous oxide in a racing context. Morgantown, Indiana. Morganton, North Carolina.

Morganton, Georgia. Morgan's Point Resort, Texas. Morgan's Point, Texas. Morgan Hill, California.

Morgan Farm Area, Texas. Morgan City, Mississippi. Morgan City, Louisiana. Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Morgan Township, Pennsylvania. Morgan Township, Minnesota. Morgan County, West Virginia. Morgan County, Utah.

Morgan County, Tennessee. Morgan County, Ohio. Morgan County, Missouri. Morgan County, Kentucky.

Morgan County, Indiana. Morgan County, Illinois. Morgan County, Georgia. Morgan County, Colorado.

Morgan County, Alabama. Morgan, Wisconsin. Morgan, Vermont. Morgan, Utah.

Morgan, Texas. Morgan, Minnesota. Morgan, Georgia. William Alexander Morgan, anti Batista Guerrilla, said CIA operative active, executed by Castro [2] [3] [4],.

film editor and director. William Morgan (director), mid-20th Century U.S. 1829–1883), Premier of South Australia 1878-1881. William Morgan (Australian politician) (c.

Morgan, credited as having invented volleyball in Holyoke, Massachusetts on February 9, 1895. William G. William De Morgan (1839-1917), famed pottery and tile designer in Britain. political figure in the 1920s.

William Morgan Butler, U.S. William Wilson Morgan, 20th-century astronomer. William Morgan, scientist who won the Copley Medal in 1789 "for his two Papers on the values of Reversions and Survivorships, printed in the two last volumes of the Philosophical Transactions" (presumably in the field of actuarial science). William Morgan (anti-Mason), person whose disappearance sparked anti-Freemason hysteria in the United States.

William Morgan (Bible translator), 16th century translator of the Bible. Trevor Morgan (EastEnders), character in the British soap opera EastEnders. Trevor Morgan (actor), United States actor. Thomas Hunt Morgan, geneticist.

Sheryl Morgan, sprinter. Morgan, First Amendment scholar. Richard E. Peter Morgan, ran the Morgan Motor Company.

Lorrie Morgan, country music singer. Morgan, 19th Century pioneer of kinship studies. Lewis H. Kevin Morgan (porn star).

Morgan, mayor of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. John W. Senator. John Tyler Morgan, U.S.

Morgan, American financier and banker. P. J. John Morgan (poker player), winner of $1,500 No Limit Hold'em event at the 1996 World Series of Poker.

John Morgan (poet). John Morgan (journalist). John Morgan (golfer). John Morgan (etiquette expert).

John Morgan (comedian). John Morgan (bishop), Archbishop of Wales from 1949 to 1957. John Morgan, on-air pseudonym of British radio presenter and executive John Myers. Representative.

John Jordan Morgan, U.S. John Hunt Morgan, Confederate Brigadier General during the American Civil War. James Morgan, British architect and engineer. Harry Morgan, actor best known for his role in M*A*S*H.

Henry Morgan (comedian), American radio and television personality. Henry Morgan (merchant), Canadian retail merchant. Henry Morgan, seventeenth century Welsh privateer or pirate, became English Governor of Jamaica [[1].]. Morgan, designer of the Morgan Dollar.

George T. Morgan, African American inventor. Garrett A. David Morgan (frontiersman), West Virginian frontiersman.

David Morgan (businessman), Australian businessman. Dan Morgan (footballer), American football player. Chris Morgan (politician), British politician. Chris Morgan (powerlifter), powerlifting champion.

Chris Morgan (journalist), journalist working for The Sunday Times (UK). Chris Morgan (footballer), English football player. Chris Morgan, alias of professional wrestler Chris Kanyon (Klucsaritis). Chesty Morgan, Polish-born actress known for her large breasts.

Lloyd Morgan, behaviorist best known for coining Morgan's Canon. C. Billy Morgan, first man to drink beer in Ohio bar after 131 years of prohibition. Augustus de Morgan, British mathematician and logician.

Morgan Spurlock, documentarian. Morgan Russell, abstract painter. Morgan Morgan, pioneer. Morgan Lewis (songwriter).

Morgan Lewis (governor), Governor of New York. Morgan Hamm, gymnast. Morgan Freeman, actor. Morgan Fairchild, actress.

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