Morgan is both a given name and a surname, as well as the name of several places. The surname Morgan is of Welsh origin, meaning "of the sea", and is a popular family name in that country. Many Welsh families emigrated to Australia and the USA, thus many founding families in those countries carried the surname Morgan, which is reflected in a number of place names. The name, in female form Morgana, is given to a principal in the legends about King Arthur. See also Morganic or Morganatic marriage.

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An agile fast breed of horse used to rope cattle [5].



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Helmet Developers. ISBN: 0060955899. Some well-known manufacturers of motorcycle helmets are:. Harper Perennial. Besides as protection in vehicle crashes, the full face motorcycle helmet is sometimes used in robberies and other crimes and in riots, as a mask to prevent recognition and to protect the head from injury by weapon, as at Riot control#Helmets. Strouse, Jean 2000 Morgan: American Financier. This choice is described in greater detail in the standards section.

Pope, Dudley 2001 Harry Morgan's Way: The Biography of Sir Henry Morgan 1635-1684 House of Stratus ISBN 1842324829. Most standard helmet tests use speeds between 5 and 7 m/s. ISBN 0684834308. In practice, motorcycle helmet manufacturers choose the impact speed they will design for based on the speed used in standard helmet tests. Scribner. So helmets help most in impacts at the speeds they were designed for, and continue to help but not as much in impacts that are at different speeds. Crawford, Donald 1997 Michael and Natasha. Still, a helmet with a stiffer foam that stopped the head before the liner crush space ran out would have done a better job.

ISBN 0743205480. However, in the absence of the helmet, the head would have been brought to a sudden stop from a higher speed causing more injury. Simon & Schuster. When the crush space of the liner runs out, the head will stop suddenly which is not ideal. Abella, Alex 2000 The Great American: A Novel. If the impact is faster than the one the helmet was designed for, the head will completely crush the liner and slow down but not stop in the process. Australia. If the helmet is in a real impact that is slower than the one for which it was designed, it will still help but the head will be decelerated a little more violently than was actually necessary given the available space between the inside and outside of the helmet, although that deceleration will still be much less than what is would have been in the absence of the helmet.

There are also:. The result is that the manufacturer must choose a likely speed of impact and optimize the helmet for that impact speed. USA. It depends on the impact speed of the head, which is of course unknown at the time of manufacture of the helmet. An agile fast breed of horse used to rope cattle [5]. So how stiff is that? The answer, significantly, is that it depends.
. This means that an ideal helmet liner is stiff enough to decelerate the impacting head to a dead stop in a smooth uniform manner just before it completely crushes the liner and no stiffer.

. The head cannot move any further so after crushing the liner it comes suddenly to a dead stop, causing high accelerations that injure the brain.
. What happens then? Well, beyond the liner is a hard plastic shell and beyond that is whatever the helmet is hitting, which is presumably an unyielding surface. See also Morganic or Morganatic marriage. If the liner is too soft, the head will crush it completely upon impact without coming to a stop. The name, in female form Morgana, is given to a principal in the legends about King Arthur. This implies a limit to how soft the liner can be.

Many Welsh families emigrated to Australia and the USA, thus many founding families in those countries carried the surname Morgan, which is reflected in a number of place names. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how thick the helmet can be for the simple reason that the helmet quickly becomes impractical if the liner is more than 1 or 2 inches thick. The surname Morgan is of Welsh origin, meaning "of the sea", and is a popular family name in that country. It is clear then that it is very important that the liner in a motorcycle helmet is soft and thick so the head decelerates at a gentle rate as it sinks into it. Morgan is both a given name and a surname, as well as the name of several places. Small blood vessels are also damaged causing bleeding (petechial hemorrhages) deep within the brain. Morgan, Mariah Carey's Older Brother. This movement produces stretching and tearing of axons (diffuse axonal injury) and the insulating myelin sheath, injuries which are the major cause of loss of consciousness in a head trauma.

Ru Fe Morgan is a fictional character in the anime/manga Oh My Goddess!. The resulting shearing forces cause different levels in the brain to move relative to one another. Morgan Industries, one of the factions in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri led by Nwabudike Morgan. These forces, associated with the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head, are smallest at the point of rotation of the brain near the lower end of the brain stem and successively increase at increasing distances from this point. Nwabudike Morgan, a fictional character in the computer game Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. In these situations rotational forces such as might occur in whiplash-type injuries are particularly important. Captain Morgan, famous rum. Another characteristic, susceptibility to shearing forces, plays a role primarily in injuries which involve rapid and forceful movements of the head, such as in motor vehicle accidents.

Morgan sea gypsies, seafaring minority ethnic group in the Andaman Sea. Blood vessels linking the brain to the inside of the skull may also break during this process, causing dangerous bleeds. Centimorgan, unit of recombinant frequency in genetics. Then the brain rebounds in the opposite direction, stretching the tissue near the impact site and squeezing the tissue on the other side of the head. Morgan le Fay, antagonist of Arthur of Britain. During an impact to the front of the head, the brain lurches forwards inside the skull, squeezing the tissue near the impact site and stretching the tissue on the opposite side of the head. Morgan State University, university in Baltimore, Maryland. Think of how you lurch backwards and forwards while standing on a bus as it accelerates or stops.

Morgan, graphic novel by Hugo Pratt. Closed head injury results from violent acceleration of the head which causes the brain to move around inside the skull. Morgan!, 1966 film. The most common type of head injury in motorcycle accidents is closed head injury, meaning injury in which the skull is not broken as distinct from an open head injury like a bullet wound. Morgan Motor Company, brand of automobile. Therefore, the primary purpose of a helmet is to prevent traumatic brain injury while skull and face injuries are a significant secondary concern. Morgan horse, horse breed (see above). They frequently result in death, permanent disability or personality change and, unlike bone, neurological tissue has very limited ability to recover after an injury.

JPMorgan Chase & Co., American banking corporation. Brain injuries are much more serious. Morgan, South Australia. Skull fractures are usually not life threatening unless the fracture is depressed and impinges on the brain beneath and bone fractures usually heal over a relatively short period. Mount Morgan, California. The common perception that a helmet's purpose is to save you from splitting your head open is misleading. New Morgan, Pennsylvania. To understand the action of a helmet, it is first necessary to understand the mechanism of head injury.

Morganville - archaic synonym for the fictional town Shelbyville in The Simpsons. The purpose of the foam liner is to crush during an impact, thereby increasing the distance and period of time over which the helmet stops and reducing its acceleration. Morganville, Washington. The purpose of the hard outer shell is. Morganville, Ohio. The conventional motorcycle helmet has two principal protective components: a thin, hard, outer shell made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, fiberglass or kevlar and a soft, thick, inner liner usually made of expanded polystyrene foam or expanded polypropylene foam. Morganville, New York. For the best protection, helmets should be replaced after any impact, and every three or so years even if no impact is known to have occurred.

Morganville, New Jersey. Note that impacts may, of course, come from things other than crashing, such a dropping a helmet, and may not cause any externally visible damage. Morganville, Kansas. Motorcycle helmets are generally designed to break in a crash (thus expending the energy otherwise destined for the wearer's skull), so they provide little or no protection after their first impact. Morganville, Georgia. They generally have fabric and foam interiors for both comfort and protection. Morgantown, West Virginia. Modern helmets are constructed from plastics, often reinforced with kevlar or carbon fiber.

Morgantown, Pennsylvania. Some motorcycle helmets have a built-in so-called MROS (Multiple Reflective Optic System): a set of reflective surfaces inside the helmet which together function as a rear-view mirror [1]. Morgantown, Kentucky. A "novelty helmet" can protect the scalp against sunburn while riding and - if it stays on during a crash - might protect the scalp against abrasion, but it has no capability to protect the skull or brain. Morgantown, Indiana. Such helmets are often smaller and lighter than DOT-approved helmets, and are unsuitable for crash protection because they lack the energy-absorbing foam that protects the brain by allowing it to come to a gradual stop during an impact. Morganton, North Carolina. There are other helmets - often called "beanies" or "novelty helmets" - which are not certified and generally only used to provide the illusion of compliance with mandatory helmet laws.

Morganton, Georgia. All of these types of helmets are secured by a chin strap, and their protective benefits are greatly reduced if the chin strap is not fastened. Morgan's Point Resort, Texas. The rider may thus eat or drink without unfastening the chinstrap and removing the helmet. Morgan's Point, Texas. A subset called "Convertible", "Flip-face" or "Flip-up" is also available; in these helmets, the chin bar pivots upwards (or, in some cases, may be removed). Morgan Hill, California. From most to least protective, they are:.

Morgan Farm Area, Texas. There are three basic types of motorcycle helmets. Morgan City, Mississippi. Modern standards setters choose the severity of the standard test impact to be somewhere between these two extremes, so that manufacturers are doing their best to protect the riders who can be helped by their helmet during a head impact. Morgan City, Louisiana. On the other hand, if an impact is so mild that the rider is unlikely to be injured at all so long as he is wearing a helmet than that impact is not a demanding test. Fort Morgan, Colorado. If currently available data suggest that the rider is unlikely to survive in such an impact, regardless of how well his helmet performs, then there is little point in demanding that helmets be optimized for this impact.

Morgan Township, Pennsylvania. It is possible to deduce how well the 'perfect' helmet outlined in the Function section of this page would perform in an impact of a given severity. Morgan Township, Minnesota. The speeds are chosen based on modern knowledge of the human tolerance for head impact, which is by no means complete. Morgan County, West Virginia. Some of these are more severe than the impacts used in the standard tests and some are less so. Morgan County, Utah. Overall, there is a very wide range of severity in the impacts that could conceivably happen in a motorcycle impact.

Morgan County, Tennessee. So a perpendicular impact against a flat steel anvil at 5 m/s might be about as severe as a 30 m/s oblique impact against a concrete surface or a 30 m/s perpendicular impact against a sheet metal car door or windscreen. Morgan County, Ohio. The sheet metal wall of a car door may bend inwards to a depth of 7.5 - 10 cm (3 - 4 inches) during a helmeted head impact, meaning that it generates more stopping distance for the rider's head than the helmet itself. Morgan County, Missouri. The other vital factor in determining the severity of an impact is the nature of the surface struck. Morgan County, Kentucky. Of course, other surfaces are perpendicular to the motorcylists velocity such as trees, walls and the sides of other vehicles.

Morgan County, Indiana. For example, the surface of the road is almost parallel to the direction the motorcyclist moves in so only a small component of his velocity is directed perpendicular to the road while he is riding. Morgan County, Illinois. This confusion is relieved by understanding that the perpendicular impact speed of the helmet is usually not the same as the road speed of the motor cycle and that the severity of the impact is determined not only by the speed of the head but also by the nature of the surface it hits. Morgan County, Georgia. At first glance, this is confusing given that motorcyclists frequently ride at speeds of 20 or 30 m/s. Morgan County, Colorado. Most motorcycle helmet standards use impacts at speeds between 4 and 7 m/s.

Morgan County, Alabama. drag racing, bicycling, horseback riding), and many riders in North America consider Snell certification a benefit when considering buying a helmet. Morgan, Wisconsin. The Snell Memorial Foundation has developed stricter requirements and testing procedures for motorcycle helmets, as well as helmets for other activities (e.g. Morgan, Vermont. Of the above standards, the DOT standard is by far the most lax. Morgan, Utah. Among them are:.

Morgan, Texas. Worldwide, many developed countries have defined their own sets of standards that are used to judge the effectiveness of a motorcycle helmet in an accident, and define the minimal acceptable standard thereof. Morgan, Minnesota. In some countries, most notably the USA, there is significant popular opposition to compulsory helmet use, based on these safety and also philosophical objections (see Helmet law defense league). Morgan, Georgia. As with seat belt legislation the actual effects of imposing helmet wearing are a matter of dispute with evidence available indicating a risk compensation effect. William Alexander Morgan, anti Batista Guerrilla, said CIA operative active, executed by Castro [2] [3] [4],. These laws vary considerably, often exempting mopeds and other small-displacement bikes.

film editor and director. Motorcycle helmets are generally believed to greatly reduce injuries and fatalities in motorcycle accidents, thus many countries have laws requiring acceptable helmets to be worn by motorcycle riders. William Morgan (director), mid-20th Century U.S. . 1829–1883), Premier of South Australia 1878-1881. The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider's head during impact, although many helmets provide additional conveniences, such as face shields, ear protection, intercom etc. William Morgan (Australian politician) (c. A motorcycle helmet is a type of protective headgear used by motorcycle riders.

Morgan, credited as having invented volleyball in Holyoke, Massachusetts on February 9, 1895. Philips (scalp-like membrane to protect against rotational injury). William G. Z1R. William De Morgan (1839-1917), famed pottery and tile designer in Britain. Suomy. political figure in the 1920s. Shoei (pronounced show-eh).

William Morgan Butler, U.S. Schuberth. William Wilson Morgan, 20th-century astronomer. Nolan. William Morgan, scientist who won the Copley Medal in 1789 "for his two Papers on the values of Reversions and Survivorships, printed in the two last volumes of the Philosophical Transactions" (presumably in the field of actuarial science). HJC. William Morgan (anti-Mason), person whose disappearance sparked anti-Freemason hysteria in the United States. Bell.

William Morgan (Bible translator), 16th century translator of the Bible. Arai. Trevor Morgan (EastEnders), character in the British soap opera EastEnders. AGV. Trevor Morgan (actor), United States actor. This is important because the foams used have very little resistance to penetration and abrasion. Thomas Hunt Morgan, geneticist. to provide structure to the inner liner so it does not disintegrate upon abrasive contact with pavement.

Sheryl Morgan, sprinter. to prevent penetration of the helmet by a pointed object that might otherwise puncture the skull, and. Morgan, First Amendment scholar. DOT FMVSS 218 (USA). Richard E. BS 6658 (United Kingdom). Peter Morgan, ran the Morgan Motor Company. NZ 5430 (New Zealand).

Lorrie Morgan, country music singer. JIS T8133 (Japan). Morgan, 19th Century pioneer of kinship studies. 22 (Europe). Lewis H. UN/ECE Regulation No. Kevin Morgan (porn star). CSA CAN3-D230-M85 (Canada).

Morgan, mayor of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. AS 1698 (Australia). John W. Senator. John Tyler Morgan, U.S.

Morgan, American financier and banker. P. J. John Morgan (poker player), winner of $1,500 No Limit Hold'em event at the 1996 World Series of Poker.

John Morgan (poet). John Morgan (journalist). John Morgan (golfer). John Morgan (etiquette expert).

John Morgan (comedian). John Morgan (bishop), Archbishop of Wales from 1949 to 1957. John Morgan, on-air pseudonym of British radio presenter and executive John Myers. Representative.

John Jordan Morgan, U.S. John Hunt Morgan, Confederate Brigadier General during the American Civil War. James Morgan, British architect and engineer. Harry Morgan, actor best known for his role in M*A*S*H.

Henry Morgan (comedian), American radio and television personality. Henry Morgan (merchant), Canadian retail merchant. Henry Morgan, seventeenth century Welsh privateer or pirate, became English Governor of Jamaica [[1].]. Morgan, designer of the Morgan Dollar.

George T. Morgan, African American inventor. Garrett A. David Morgan (frontiersman), West Virginian frontiersman.

David Morgan (businessman), Australian businessman. Dan Morgan (footballer), American football player. Chris Morgan (politician), British politician. Chris Morgan (powerlifter), powerlifting champion.

Chris Morgan (journalist), journalist working for The Sunday Times (UK). Chris Morgan (footballer), English football player. Chris Morgan, alias of professional wrestler Chris Kanyon (Klucsaritis). Chesty Morgan, Polish-born actress known for her large breasts.

Lloyd Morgan, behaviorist best known for coining Morgan's Canon. C. Billy Morgan, first man to drink beer in Ohio bar after 131 years of prohibition. Augustus de Morgan, British mathematician and logician.

Morgan Spurlock, documentarian. Morgan Russell, abstract painter. Morgan Morgan, pioneer. Morgan Lewis (songwriter).

Morgan Lewis (governor), Governor of New York. Morgan Hamm, gymnast. Morgan Freeman, actor. Morgan Fairchild, actress.

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