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Golden Earring is a Dutch Rock/Pop Group. They had chart success with the songs "Eight Miles High" in 1969, "Radar Love" in 1973, and again with "Twilight Zone" in 1982. The band was founded in 1961 in The Hague. Members of Golden Earring are Barry Hay (vocals, guitar, flute and saxophone), George Kooymans (vocals and guitar), Rinus Gerritsen (bass and keyboard) and Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums).


  • 1965 Just Earrings
  • 1967 Winter-Harvest
  • 1968 Miracle Mirror
  • 1969 On the Double
  • 1969 Eight Miles High
  • 1970 Golden Earring
  • 1971 Seven Tears
  • 1972 Together
  • 1973 Moontan
  • 1975 Switch
  • 1976 To the Hilt
  • 1976 Contraband
  • 1977 Live
  • 1978 Grab It for a Second
  • 1979 No Promises...No Debts
  • 1980 Prisoner of the Night
  • 1981 2nd Live
  • 1982 Cut
  • 1984 N.E.W.S.
  • 1984 Something Heavy Going Down (live)
  • 1986 The Hole
  • 1989 Keeper of the Flame
  • 1991 Bloody Buccaneers
  • 1992 The Naked Truth (unplugged)
  • 1994 Face It (partially unplugged)
  • 1995 Love Sweat (covers)
  • 1997 Naked II (unplugged)
  • 1999 Paradise in Distress
  • 2000 Last Blast of the Century (live)
  • 2003 Millbrook U.S.A.
  • 2004 Naked III (unplugged)

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. War Party was supported in fall 2004 by the Mock the Vote tour.
. Dave Brockie has said "...basically GWAR pledges support to the powers who support the war, and we make such a right-wing statement that the right wing would be ashamed to have us." GWAR still has more gratuitous violent imagery in "Womb With a View" and "Bonesnapper" and retains some trademark silliness in the Beefcake hollered french punk song "The Bonus Plan". The band was founded in 1961 in The Hague. Members of Golden Earring are Barry Hay (vocals, guitar, flute and saxophone), George Kooymans (vocals and guitar), Rinus Gerritsen (bass and keyboard) and Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums). War Party is the most political GWAR album since America Must Be Destroyed tackling such subject matter as the 2004 american election and the war in Iraq in such songs as "Bring Back the Bomb", "The Krosstika", "War Party", "The Reaganator" and "Can't Kill Terror". They had chart success with the songs "Eight Miles High" in 1969, "Radar Love" in 1973, and again with "Twilight Zone" in 1982. War Party continues the decidedly more metal focus reintroduced in Violence Has Arrived.

Golden Earring is a Dutch Rock/Pop Group. Their new album is called War Party and was released October 26, 2004. 2004 Naked III (unplugged). After Violence Has Arrived, Gwar switched labels from Metal Blade to DRT Entertainment. 2003 Millbrook U.S.A.. Gwar takes on more "medieval" themes this time around, such as torture ("The Wheel") and conjures up some truly ugly imagery in songs such as "Licksore", "Beauteous Rot", and "The Apes of Wrath". 2000 Last Blast of the Century (live). Violence Has Arrived (2001), re-attains the brutal focus of their earlier albums. It is similar to Scumdogs, in that Brockie is now the dominant voice of the band again, and the theme is centered on generalized carnage.

1999 Paradise in Distress. This album is mostly a collection of gruesomely funny jokes ("Fucking an Animal" and "Nitro Burning Funny Bong"), and contains a bit less brutality than their previous works. 1997 Naked II (unplugged). "Short History of the End of the World" and "Jagermonsta" are excellent examples of thrash-punk, while Mike Derks lends his vocals to the almost sensitive ballad, "Mary Anne". 1995 Love Sweat (covers). The band once again offers the funny ("Fishfuck") the gross ("Babyraper"), and the weird ("Penile Drip", in which Oderus does his best Brak impression). 1994 Face It (partially unplugged). As detailed within the liner notes, Gwar meets a new alien warrior, Scroda Moon (Hunter Jackson) who has to find the pieces of a broken tablet which, when put together, will allow them access to a Portal Potty (or a giant, magical toilet) that can warp them off Earth for good.

1992 The Naked Truth (unplugged). This a whimsical album full of punkish potboilers, taking a note from Primus in its surrealistic goofiness. 1991 Bloody Buccaneers. Gwar returned in 1999 with We Kill Everything, which hearkens back to their hardcore roots. 1989 Keeper of the Flame. A few more jokes ("Scallop Boat", "Gonna Kill U", "I Suck on My Thumb"), round out the album. 1986 The Hole. "In Her Fear" is Oderus's swan song, and Beefcake the Mighty gives a memorable ballad in "Hate Love Songs".

1984 Something Heavy Going Down (live). which is worthy of mention. 1984 N.E.W.S.. Hunter Jackson also returns in "The Private Pain of Techno Destructo", and there is an odd ballad about the rotting corpse of Sammy Davis Jr. 1982 Cut. It is perhaps most notable as their longest album, and also as the album that contains Stampe's solo number: "Don't Need a Man". 1981 2nd Live. There are likely more styles experimented with here than on any other album.

1980 Prisoner of the Night. It can be best described as Gwar's bid for musical expansion. 1979 No Promises...No Debts. Bungle. 1978 Grab It for a Second. The band on Carnival of Chaos (1997) seems to be influenced even more by Faith No More and Mr. 1977 Live. Finally, the instrumental "Surf of Syn" shows the technical side of the band in full force.

1976 Contraband. In the closer, for once, Gwar actually shows a serious side in detailing their problems with protestors (the ballad, "None But the Brave"). 1976 To the Hilt. in "Think You Oughta Know This", and there is an energetic duet between Oderus and Slymenstra in "Fire in the Loins". 1975 Switch. In other news, Drakulich does a mock-rapping bit as Sleazy P. 1973 Moontan. The highlights of the album include "Dirty, Filthy" (a rousing comedy anthem), the title track, and "Meat Sandwich".

1972 Together. As it could be supposed, the concept is about the ridicule of Christianity (especially in the song, "Martyr Dumb"). 1971 Seven Tears. But Syn is drawn to Slymenstra's alien baby, for a reason that is left for the listener to uncover.. 1970 Golden Earring. Syn is representing the Warrior Pope, who is demanding that all bow down to him and obey his insane whims. 1969 Eight Miles High. However, it turns out that the comet is actually Cardinal Syn, a robotic agent of harsh Catholic dogma.

1969 On the Double. An AIDS-like plague has crippled the masses, who await the meteor's arrival and their subsequent death. 1968 Miracle Mirror. Meanwhile, a comet hurdling towards planet earth is inciting the populace to revolt, and anarchy has set in all over the globe. 1967 Winter-Harvest. The story involves Oderus and his alien sister Slymenstra being forcibly mated with the aid of rogue space aliens. 1965 Just Earrings. While This Toilet Earth was highly eclectic in instrumentation, RagNaRok (1995) contains the most varied vocal stylings, as the majority of the band lends their lungs to the tracklist. RagNaRok is essentially a heavy metal album and it is spiced with a story about the end of the world.

"Jack the World" was also featured in the Beavis and Butthead video game for the Sega Genesis. Skulhedface was the movie released to document this album. It is a blend of chaotic styles that is reminiscent of Faith No More and Frank Zappa. As for the music, it is varied and ranges from poppy ("Jack the World") to gruesome ("Sonderkommando") to goofy ("Pepperoni") and to the unmentionable ("B.D.F.").

must regain their Jizz and catch the maggot in time. Skulhedface disguises herself as an evil executive for the Glomco corporation, and uses propaganda to turn Gwar into sickeningly cuddly cartoon characters. Meanwhile, Gwar discovers that the World Maggot is their only opportunity to escape Earth, but Skullhedface stands in their way. Oderus & Co. Her midget slave Flopsy and she then create a creature made up of the melded parts of evil historical figures (such as Hitler) called the Flesh Column. In retaliation, she travels to Antarctica, encounters Gwar while they are hibernating, and steals their Jizmoglobin, or life force.

Storywise, the enemy is now Skulhedface, an alien queen who was deformed in a Synnite Warrior raid on her planet centuries before. The music and artwork is almost cartoonish when compared to the previous albums, and the instrumentation has expanded to include horns (in the opener, "Saddam a Go-Go") that reinforce the goofiness. In 1994, Gwar released what was to be one of their oddest and most bittersweet albums. It was the first album to be censored, due to their gain in popularity as a result of MTV exposure. The single "S.F.W." (a staple of their live shows) was supposedly released on this album as a bonus track, but this has been discounted by the band.

This album was followed by The Road Behind, an EP that contained that single and a riveting live version of "Have You Seen Me?" (which contained a notorious Ween sample at the end). A video, Phallus in Wonderland, was released as a supplement to the album's storyline. Musically, it is a mix of rock and roll and blistering sludge metal, and it is even harsher-sounding than the previous album. Other songs of interest include "Have You Seen Me?", "Poor Ole Tom", and "The Road Behind".

Gwar marches out to battle, and you can take the story from there. Meanwhile, the Morality Squad has enlisted the help of Father Bohab (a Catholic priest) to crucify Gwar in the media. The story then shifts to Gwar headquarters in Antarctica, where Oderus's slaves are ordered to shoot up a dinosaur egg with crack. The result is the mighty Gor Gor, a Tyrannosaurus Rex that wreaks havoc on America. The opening song, "Ham on the Bone" (which has a nod to grindcore) explains this robbery.

Brockie was revolted by this attack on his rights and so he created a concept album revolving around an elite "Morality Squad" that attacked the members of Gwar and stole Oderus's penile attachment (aka Cuttlefish of Ctulu, a phallic hellbeast that normally dangles from his crotch). The controversy revolved around Brockie's rubbery penis adornment. Their second major-label recording in 1992 was inspired by Dave Brockie's fight with police officers while touring. This album is viewed by many as their ultimate masterpiece.

The rest of the album is centered around twisted jokes about insane medical practices/sexual perversion. Other references include history ("Vlad the Impaler") and mythology ("Horrors of Yig"). As well, "Black and Huge" is basically a love song by a sterotypically well-endowed African-American expressing his lustful intentions towards a white girl in the line "You know I'm just a limp Mega-Prick, I'm looking for a stupid white chick". Examples include "Slaughterama" (which involves Gwar killing hippies and skinheads) and the opening track, "Salaminizer", which was inspired by/based off a song by the breakthrough rap group NWA.

The songs are more socially relevant in this album as well. in the song, "Maggots"). Gwar began to experiment with samples to some degree (e.g. The production is very refined compared to the independent first attempt.

As the title implies, it is a concept album about the Scumdogs' reign of terror on planet Earth. Gwar's first album on Metal Blade Records was released in 1990. (In another reference, the liner art does a stab at Picasso's Guernica, which is renamed Gwarnica.). Jacques-Yves Cousteau makes a bizarre cameo as well, in a song that could possibly be influenced by Dadaism.

The famous "Gwar Theme" is a memorable car-eating anthem. Hunter Jackson makes his first appearance in "Techno's Song" and "I'm in Love (With a Dead Dog)" showcased a tender episode in canine-alien relations. Gwar's angle is that of a morbid punk band (a la The Mentors), with songs deriding the USA (such as "Americanized" and "Ollie North") as well as those of general grotesqueness ("Slutman City", "Bone Meal"). In 1988, their first album, Hell-O (Shimmy Records) was released.

Gwar fans are known as Bohabs. Gwar was/is primarily a band of former art students, and this is reflected in the obscure references made in some of their songs. Band members and associates often have cookouts at their house, dubbed "Gwar-BQ's." The video for "Saddam a Go-Go" from This Toilet Earth appeared in the hit movie Empire Records. Gwar were banned from performing in their home city due to their raucous stage performances; since then they have appeared under the pseudonym Rawg.

Simpson to your garden-variety redneck. Another hallmark of Gwar's live show is their mock executions of media icons, ranging from O.J. Their costumes are generally made of foam latex, and they further the gimmick in concerts by dousing blood and gore on their audiences. Entitled Scumdogs of the Universe, it featured a plot involving intergalactic barbarians. Jackson and Brockie combined these ideas, and since then the gimmick used by Brockie's band (re-dubbed Gwar) has been dressing up as alien warriors.

Jackson was working on a movie at the time the two met. The band was the result of the linkup between Hunter Jackson and Dave Brockie, the singer for a punk band called Death Piggy. Gwar are probably best known for their elaborate fantasy and horror inspired stage shows which have sometimes run afoul of obscenity statutes. Gwar is a novelty rock/heavy metal/punk band that was formed in 1985-1986 in Richmond, Virginia.

Armstrong. Kepone. Death Piggy. X-Cops.

DBX. Nippleus Erectus (old drummer character-???). Techno-Destructo (GWAR Enemy - Hunter Jackson). Musel (keyboards - Dave Musel).

Sexecutioner (vocals - Chuck Varga). Martini (manager - Don Drakulich). Sleazy P. Slymenstra Hymen (GWAR Woman, vocalist - Danyelle Stampe).

Balsac the Jaws of Death (guitar - Mike Derks, various). Jizmak Da Gusha (drums - Brad Roberts). Beefcake the Mighty (bass - Todd Evans, Casey Orr, Mike Bishop). Flattus Maximus (lead guitar - Corey Smoot, Zach Blair, Pete Lee, Tim Hariss, Dewey Rosell ).

Oderus Urungus (throat singer - Dave Brockie).

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