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. Anyway, the rank can be reflected by a coronet or wreath placed on the helmet (often in stead of directly above the shield). Gibson is also the surname of several notable people:. the metal and the number of bars in the visor, as in France. In Australia:. In some systems, the rank of the bearer was reflected in the model of the emblematic helmet, e.g. In the United States:. a crown) as part of the coat of arms, above the shield, a practice maintained long after her use in reality was ended by military technology and the demise of jousting.

Gibson may refer to:. Furthermore, it became common to use a helmet (or some other headgear, e.g. . As the coat of arms was originally designed to distinguish combatants on the battlefield or in a tournament, even while covered in armour, it is not surprising that heraldic elements were often also used for the decoration of knightly helmets, while it was also possible to use different elements then on the shield, but equally standardized. William Gibson (Catholic martyr). There are image of riotsquad-type helmets at:-. William Gibson (novelist), the science fiction, cyberpunk novelist, author of Neuromancer. Helmets are often used by riot police.

William Gibson (playwright), author of 'The Miracle Worker. Hard hats are typically preferred in modern times for construction workers. Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. These are not typically needed while wearing a helmet that protects the eyes or face as well. Thomas Milner Gibson. Goggles, face guards and ear plugs are other forms of protective headgear. Steve Gibson, of Gibson Research, makers of SpinRite. A bicycling helmet would preferably be aerodynamic in shape and probably well ventilated, while a rock climbing helmet would be lightweight and with a minimum of bulk to reduce any detrimental effect on the climber's technique.

Gibson. Practical concerns also dictate helmet design. Robert L. Consequently, bicycling and rock climbing helmets have little resemblance to each other. Gibson. A helmet designed for rock climbing, however, would need to protect against objects (e.g., small rocks and climbing equipment) falling from above, but would have a reduced need for protecting against impacts to the side of the head. Randall L. For example, a bicycling helmet would chiefly be required to protect against blunt impact forces, most commonly to the temple and sides of the head.

Mel Gibson, film actor, director and producer. Helmets used for different purposes differ greatly in their design. Kirk Gibson. Clearly, in modern times, the helmet, its symbolism, and the real protection it offers, has spread far wider than the battlefield. Jon Gibson (minimalist musician). You put on a "hard hat" to enter a major construction project, or an oil refinery. John Gibson (Indiana). It signifies that, like a soldier, the wearer is someone qualified to do something.

John Gibson (media host). The helmet offered, an unexpected advantage, symbolism. Jill Gibson. By the 1950s hundreds of new applications for helmets were found. Jabbar Gibson. The use of protective helmets by millions of fighting men in the two world wars, increased awareness of "hard hat" protection. Gibson, the American psychologist influential in the field of visual perception. In the 20th Century it offered protection for the head from shrapnel and spent or glancing bullets.

J. However, with World War 1, the use of heavy artillery, the steel helmet made a quick comeback for foot soldiers. J. The Napoleonic era saw the re-introduction of ornate cavalry helmets, for cuirassiers, which continued in use until the first year of WW-1. Ian Gibson (artist). 18th century cavalry units often wore steel body cuirasses, and frequently wore metal skull protectors under their hats, called "secrets". Hutton Gibson. Military use of helmets declined after 1670, and rifled firearms, after 1700, ended their use by foot soldiers.

Hoot Gibson. They were initially constructed from leather, but soon came to be made entirely from forged steel after about 950A.D. Guy Gibson. At that time they were purely military equipment, protecting the head from cutting blows with swords, flying arrows, and low velocity musketry. Gordon Gibson. Helmets are among the most ancient forms of combat protection, and are known to have been worn by ancient Greeks, Romans, throughout the Middle Ages, and up to the end of the 1600s by many combatants. Edward Gibson. Most football helmets show team logos.

Edmund Gibson. Motorcycle helmets and bicycle helmets are compulsory headgear in some jurisdictions; in the United Kingdom only Sikhs are allowed to ride motorcycles without wearing motorcycle helmets. Don Gibson. Helmets are common in the military, construction, mining and some sports, including American football, baseball, ice hockey and rock climbing. Deborah Gibson, is a singer, Broadway performer and former teen idol, credited as Debbie Gibson during her Teen Idol days. A helmet (a 15th century loan from Middle French, a diminutive of Frankish helm, from Proto-Germanic *khelmaz, PIE *kelmo- "a cover") is a form of protective clothing worn on the head and usually made of metal or other hard substance, such as Kevlar, resin fiber, or plastic typically for protection of the head in combat, or in civilian life, from sports injuries, falling objects or high-speed collisions. Colin Gibson.

Christopher Burke Gibson. Chris Gibson (game), fictional race driver. Chris Gibson (Tasmania), Australian politician. Gibson.

Charles H. Charles Dana Gibson is a famous American graphic artist. Charles Gibson. Bob Gibson (musician) was an American folksinger.

Bob Gibson was a baseball player. Althea Gibson. Alfred Gibson. Alexander Gibson.

Gibson Desert. Gibson, Western Australia – a small village. Gibson, Wisconsin. Gibson County, Tennessee.

Gibson, Tennessee. Gibson Township, Michigan. Gibson, Louisiana. Gibson County, Indiana.

Gibson Martini, see Martini cocktail. Gibson, to Hack. Gibson Amphitheatre. Gibson Girl.

Gibson Appliance. Gibson Guitar Corporation.

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