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Diablo III is supposed to be the sequel to Diablo II, the popular hack 'n' slash game from Blizzard Entertainment. There have been many rumours of the developement of Diablo III. This page rated by Google as the top Diablo II site has information related to this game.

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This page rated by Google as the top Diablo II site has information related to this game. On one episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary friends, there is a Dora parody that Eduardo watches called Lauren is Explorin'. There have been many rumours of the developement of Diablo III. It was the 79th anniversary of the parade. Diablo III is supposed to be the sequel to Diablo II, the popular hack 'n' slash game from Blizzard Entertainment. Dora the Explorer became the first Latina balloon character in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, November 24th, 2005. Also, there are many action figures and playsets available in many markets.

However, customers in Quebec will only be able to use the French version. Currently Cheerios is offering free Dora the Explorer the Game CDROMs in specially marked packages. In the Dutch language version, broadcast on Nickelodeon (TV channel), the bilingualism is Dutch-English. In the Irish language version, broadcast on the Irish Language station TG4, the bilingualism is Irish-Spanish, with Dora and Boots speaking in Irish and some other characters speaking Spanish as in the original.

In the German language version, broadcast on the recently restarted German branch of Nickelodeon, the bilingualism is Anglo-German, analogously to the French and Japanese Version. In the Japanese language version, broadcast on Nick Japan, the bilingualism is Anglo-Japanese, with Dora and Boots speaking Japanese and other protagonists speaking and answering in English. Some French episodes are available to US customers on VHS from http://www.amazon.ca. In the French language version, Dora l'exploratrice, broadcast on the private French TV channel TF1, the bilingualism is Anglo-French, with Dora and Boots speaking French and other protagonists speaking and answering in English.

Some Spanish episodes are available to US customers on VHS, and some DVDs have a Spanish track (including Dora's Egg Hunt). In the Spanish language version, Dora la Exploradora, broadcast on the Telemundo network, Dora and Boots are speaking Spanish and other protagonists speaking and answering in English. The simplicity and repetitious nature of the episodes make this series especially well-suited for learning important phrases in a foreign language. As with most animated series made in the US, Dora the Explorer has been dubbed into many languages all over the world.

The show is generally in English, although it is peppered with simple Spanish phrases in an effort to give young viewers a rather limited multicultural experience. Dora and her companions are the subject of numerous books and other merchandise for children. Dora the Explorer is currently still being produced. While geography isn't directly taught, the concept of using a map to find one's way around is.

The episodes are used to demonstrate and practice skills such as decision-making, following directions, mathematics (usually counting), music, physical coordination, and Anglo-Spanish bilingualism. Sometimes there are also locomotives, boats and automobiles with speaking roles. Additionally, the show features a number of anthropomorphic props, notably Dora's fat and ever-hungry backpack and the always-talking map. These characters can speak either Spanish or English.

There are a number of minor, recurring animal characters such as Señor Tucan, Isa the iguana, Benny the bull, and Tico the squirrel. Other recurring human characters include Dora's mother (mami), father (papi), and grandmother (abuela). He has proved popular enough that Nickelodeon introduced a separate Diego series entitled Go, Diego, Go! in 2005. Diego is an intrepid young animal rescue worker and sometimes partners with Dora in her adventures.

Some more recently produced episodes have introduced Dora's cousin Diego, voiced by Felipe Dieppa. Swiper is voiced by Marc Weiner. Sometimes the retrieval of the item is itself the quest. However, if Dora and Boots fail to repeat the phrase in time, Swiper steals the item, throws it somewhere and gloats, "You're too late!" Dora and Boots must then retrieve the item so the quest can continue.

In response, Swiper disappointedly snaps his fingers and says, "Oh, man!". In order to prevent Swiper from stealing whatever item Dora and Boots are carrying at the time, Dora first asks the audience if they see Swiper, then she leads them in saying, "Swiper, no swiping!" three times. He usually attempts to steal an item which is necessary for Dora and Boots to complete their quest. Swiper is a masked thief.

Dora's quests are often complicated by a villainous fox named Swiper. Boots is voiced by Harrison Chad. He wears red boots and loves to hold Dora's hand. Dora's sidekick and best friend is Boots, a talking monkey who is 5½ years old.

Dora's name is taken from the Spanish word Exploradora, which means explorer. Dora is voiced by Kathleen Herles. At the end of each episode, Dora celebrates the completion of the quest with a song ("We Did It") and asks what the viewer's favorite obstacle or encounter was. Dora involves the other protagonists and the viewer of the show in the quest.

The location of Dora's home is also vague (however, most episodes show palm trees and mountains in the background so it is likely to be California or Mexico). In any case, Dora speaks both Spanish and English. Dora's exact national origin remains vague because no specific Latin American country is ever mentioned. Dora the Explorer tells the story of Dora Marquez, a seven-year old Latina who ventures forth on various simple but important quests.

. The series not only on Nick, but also on CBS on Saturday mornings and Noggin as well. The show was created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner. Dora the Explorer became a regular series in 2000.

A pilot episode for this series aired in 1999. Dora the Explorer is an American animated television series for preschool-age children that is broadcast on Nickelodeon in the United States.

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