Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas, a southern rock-band formed 1970 in Black Oak, Arkansas.

In 1978 - 80 a young guitar player named Shawn Lane made its first "rockstar" experiences by the age of 15!

They are most known for the song "Jim Dandy to the Rescue". They are very well know also for their hit single "in da club" which was later made into a rap song by 50 cent.

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They are very well know also for their hit single "in da club" which was later made into a rap song by 50 cent.
. They are most known for the song "Jim Dandy to the Rescue". The statement has since been removed, but bandmembers have since confirmed this split. In 1978 - 80 a young guitar player named Shawn Lane made its first "rockstar" experiences by the age of 15!. The following day it was stated on the band's official website that they would take an indefinite hiatus in order to spend more time with their close friends and loved ones. Black Oak Arkansas, a southern rock-band formed 1970 in Black Oak, Arkansas. On February 21, 2005, the band announced that they would not be able to play at the "Music For Relief" Tsunami benefit show in Anaheim, California due to 'unexpected circumstances'.

A tour with No Doubt was very successful in the summer of 2004 as well. Critics have deemed their sound similar to that of The Police and U2, although members of the band claim they took most of their influence from The Cure, whose frontman Robert Smith appeared on "All of This." Listeners called the riffs heavier and the lyrics profound. It showcased a style of music deeper than anything blink-182 had ever done previously, but still got a good deal of play on pop stations and MTV. Travis Barker has confirmed that the band left the album untitled (rather than eponymous) to represent a whole new blink-182.

Described as a self-meditation on romantic decay, their untitled 5th record featured the hit singles "Feeling This", "I Miss You", "Down" and the 80's-influenced "Always". The band released their next album in 2003. In 2002, bands such as Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and Simple Plan began following the same route as blink-182, marking the expansion of the pop punk genre. Tom Delonge and Travis Barker were involved in side-projects The Transplants and Box Car Racer, bands which explored alternative musical styles.

In 2001, blink-182 appeared on the cover of "CosmoGirl", and won a "Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award". 2001 saw blink-182 continue their commercial success, recording Take Off Your Pants & Jacket, which followed the same basic formulas as "Enema Of The State". Many original fans felt that the band had strayed from their punk rock roots. The sound on "Enema Of The State" was rooted in the same genre as earlier punk rock bands such as NOFX, Green Day, and The Offspring, but it was more accessible to the mainstream, with a pop-feel.

The CD was successful, propelling the band to punk rock fame, and gaining a large amount of airtime on MTV and TRL. This was largely due to the commercial success of the songs "What's My Age Again", "Adam's Song", and "All The Small Things". 1999 saw the release of the album Enema Of The State. He was replaced by Travis Barker, who was playing with support band The Aquabats. Scott disappeared midway through a US tour.

Scott, who had a serious drinking problem at the time, was reportedly asked to leave the band and go to rehab, although there are also reports that he decided to leave to go to college and earn a degree. In 1998, a slight setback occurred amongst within the band. The album was a hit as two singles ("Josie" and "Dammit") rose to the top of US airplay charts. After moving to Encinitas, California, the band recorded the album Dude Ranch with producer Mark Trombino.

During the punk rock boom of the 1990s, blink-182 were signed onto record giants MCA. Although there are rumours as to why these numbers were chosen, all band members have made it clear that they are totally random and do not represent "Mark's ideal weight", as one fan claimed. In order to avoid a lengthy lawsuit, blink added the numbers 182 to the end of their name. Shortly after the release of Cheshire Cat, blink were threatened with legal action by a techno band in Ireland of the same name.

The album contained many new versions of songs that appeared on the Buddha demo. In early 1994, blink released their first full-length debut album, Cheshire Cat, released on Grilled Cheese Records. Around 1000 copies of this were produced by Cargo Filter Records. Before the end of the year, the band released yet another demo cassette known as Buddha.

This demo was recorded using a boom box in Scott's bedroom, thus explaining the poor sound quality. Towards the end of 1993 blink released an EP known as Flyswatter. This would later have the numbers 182 added onto the end to avoid legal conflicts with a pre-existing Irish band named "blink" (see below). After considering a number of names (such as Duck Tape) the band agreed to call themselves just 'blink'.

Tom discovered a kid named Scott Raynor at his school who just happened to play drums. They decided that they needed to look for a drummer. In 1992, when Hoppus moved to San Diego, California he was introduced to Delonge whilst looking to start a band. The lyrical content of their songs is humourous and often uplifting.

blink-182 are unusual amongst punk rock bands for playing uptempo songs in a major key, with prominent major-chord harmonies that are usually digitally mixed to provide a much "cleaner" sound than most other punk/rock recordings, which generally employ distortion and a ragged analogue mix to achieve the opposite effect. The band is known for catchy punk rock melodies as well as their satirical toilet humour. blink-182 is made up of three members: Thomas (Tom) Matthew Delonge on guitar, Markus (Mark) Allan Hoppus playing bass, and Travis Landon Barker on drums. Along with Green Day, they are credited for starting the post-grunge punk rock revolution.

blink-182 (formerly known as blink) are a Southern-Californian punk rock band that was formed in 1992 by Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus. ( blink-182 Lyrics ( Saves the Day.

Relient K. The_Offspring. NOFX. New Found Glory.

MxPx. Lit. Home Grown. Green Day.

Good Charlotte. Bowling for Soup. Resting Bird Entertainment (Co-owned by Mark and Tom) ( Wahoo's Fish Tacos (one store in Northern California owned by Travis) (

La Salle Records (Owned by Travis) ( Famous Stars and Straps Apparel Store (Owned by Travis) ( (Co-owned by Mark and Tom) ( Macbeth Shoe Co.

Loserkids (Apparel Store) ( Atticus Clothing (Co-owned by Mark and Tom) ( The Transplants. Box Car Racer.

Scott Raynor – Drums (1992-1998). Travis Barker – Drums (1998-present)

    . Mark Hoppus – Bass, Vocals (1992-present). Tom Delonge – Guitars, Vocals (1992-present).

    Riding In Vans With Boys (2004) (Label: Resting Bird Entertainment). The Urethra Chronicles II: Harder Faster Faster Harder (2002) (Label: MCA). Man Overboard/Adam's Song (2001) (Label: MCA). The Urethra Chronicles (2000) (Label: MCA).

    Always (2004). Down (2004). I Miss You (2004). Feeling This (2003).

    First Date (2002). Stay Together for the Kids (2001). The Rock Show (2001). Man Overboard (2000).

    Adam's Song (2000). All the Small Things (1999). What's My Age Again? (1999). Josie (1997).

    Dammit (1997). M&M's (1995). 2nd Demo (1993). Flyswatter (1993).

    blink-182 (2003). Take off Your Pants and Jacket (2001). The Mark, Tom, And Travis Show: The Enema Strikes Back (2000) (live album). Enema of the State (1999)


      Dude Ranch (1997). Cheshire Cat (1995). Buddha (1994).

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