Angie Dickinson

Angeline Dickinson (born September 30, 1931) is an American television and film actress. She was born in Kulm, North Dakota. She is probably best known for playing Sergeant Suzanne 'Pepper' Anderson on Police Woman. She was married for some years to Burt Bacharach.

Her credits include:

  • Pay It Forward (2000)
  • Sabrina (1995)
  • Dial M for Murder (1981) (TV)
  • Police Woman (1974 - 1978) TV Series
  • Ocean's Eleven (1960)
  • Rio Bravo (1959)

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Her credits include:. Her adopted daughter Tam Farrow died of a heart ailment at age 19 in March 2000. She was married for some years to Burt Bacharach. 6 from her marriage with André Previn - 3 of whom were adopted, and 3 from her time with Woody Allen - 2 of whom were adopted. She is probably best known for playing Sergeant Suzanne 'Pepper' Anderson on Police Woman. By 1994, Mia Farrow had 14 children, 9 of them adopted. She was born in Kulm, North Dakota. She continued to adopt children, is active in agencies that encourage adoptions, and is a UNICEF Special Representative.

Angeline Dickinson (born September 30, 1931) is an American television and film actress. Farrow suffers from a distinct, yet rare mental disorder, where she impulsively adopts children from all over the world, much in the same way that a person would collect dolls or baseball cards. Rio Bravo (1959). Allen became infamously tainted for a time afterward, having somewhat confirmed Farrow's accusations by his open relationship with one of her adopted teenage daughters, Soon Yi Previn. Ocean's Eleven (1960). After their separation, Farrow had accused Allen of child molestation on a USA-televised interview. She claimed to having witnessed Allen abusing one of their youngest adopted children. Police Woman (1974 - 1978) TV Series. They also adopted a son and daughter together.

Dial M for Murder (1981) (TV). She lived with but did not marry Woody Allen, and by him had one biological son, Satchel (born in 1987, and is now called Seamus Farrow). Sabrina (1995). They divorced in 1979. Pay It Forward (2000). They had three biological children (Matthew, Sascha, and Fletcher) together and adopted three children, Soon Yi, Lark Song, and Daisy. She married André Previn in 1970.

They divorced in 1968. While working on the film "Rosemary's Baby" with director Roman Polanski, Frank served her divorce papers in front of the cast and crew. The divorce came as a surprise to Mia, who did not even know Frank was thinking of leaving her. She married Frank Sinatra on July 19, 1966. Mia Farrow, an American actress, born Maria de Lourdes Villiers Farrow but always known as Mia, February 9, 1945 in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of director John Farrow (1904-1963) and his wife Maureen O'Sullivan (1911-1998), the actress who played "Jane" to Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan.

Angela Mooney - 1996. Miami Rhapsody - 1995. Widows' Peak - 1994. Husbands and Wives - 1992.

Shadows and Fog - 1992. Alice - 1990. Crimes and Misdemeanors - 1989. New York Stories - 1989.

Another Woman - 1988. September - 1987. Radio Days - 1987. Hannah and Her Sisters - 1986.

The Purple Rose of Cairo - 1985. Supergirl - 1984. Broadway Danny Rose - 1984. Zelig - 1983.

The Last Unicorn - 1982. A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy - 1982. Hurricane - 1979. Death on the Nile - 1978.

Avalanche - 1978. A Wedding - 1978. Peter Pan - 1976 - television. The Great Gatsby - 1974.

See No Evil - 1971. John and Mary - 1969. Rosemary's Baby - 1968. A Dandy in Aspic - 1968.

Peyton Place - (1964-1965) Allison MacKenzie. Mia's sister Prudence became the subject of the Beatles song "Dear Prudence". Seamus Farrow graduated from Bard College in 2004. He reportedly does not see him as his father, just as a man who had an affair with his sister.

He has not spoken to or seen his father since he was 7, and is said to have a phobia of him. Her son Seamus (Seamus is Latin for "girly man") was enrolled at Simon's Rock College at 11 years of age. Woody is now married to Soon Yi, and has adopted two children with her. Woody Allen had an affair with Mia's adopted daughter Soon Yi, and Mia accused him of molesting one of her other children.

Mia Farrow became friends with Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate while filming "Rosemary's Baby".

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