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Deep Throat

The term Deep Throat has several meanings:

  • Deep Throat is a 1972 pornographic movie. This is the origin of all the other meanings of the term.
  • Deep throating is a sexual act, a type of fellatio depicted in the movie.
  • Deep Throat was the name given to the source in the Washington Post investigation of the Watergate scandal, revealed on May 31, 2005 to be former FBI associate director W. Mark Felt.
  • In general, the term Deep Throat has since been used for secret inside informers or whistleblowers.
  • Deep Throat is the pseudonym of several fictional characters who have acted as a whistleblower:
    • Deep Throat in the television series The X-Files.
    • Deep Throat is the alias of a character in Metal Gear Solid.
  • Deep Throat or Win32.DeepThroat is a computer virus
  • Inside Deep Throat is a 2005 documentary about the 1972 movie.

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The term Deep Throat has several meanings:.
. Inside Deep Throat is a 2005 documentary about the 1972 movie. (disputed ). Deep Throat or Win32.DeepThroat is a computer virus. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Although some argue that he depended on a significant amount of uncuntrolable events to happen, that is not the case because as we later learn it was all a recording and he knew before the cops arrived what was going on. Deep Throat is the alias of a character in Metal Gear Solid.
Even more so than then the previous film, Jigsaw's diabolic "games" require a large amount of planning, causing some film critics to liken his murderous schemes to Rube Goldberg machines.

Deep Throat in the television series The X-Files. Jigsaw is shown, still sitting in Matthew's van, badly beaten but smiling. Deep Throat is the pseudonym of several fictional characters who have acted as a whistleblower:

    . Matthews, chained to a pipe, is left in the room alone only with the light from his flashlight and his gun now just out of reach. In general, the term Deep Throat has since been used for secret inside informers or whistleblowers. "Game over," she says, iterating Jigsaw's catchphrase. Mark Felt. Matthews then watches helplessly as Amanda closes the door on him.

    Deep Throat was the name given to the source in the Washington Post investigation of the Watergate scandal, revealed on May 31, 2005 to be former FBI associate director W. In a series of flashbacks we understand why Jigsaw was happy to sit back while Matthews tore his work up and see that Amanda was the one who brought Daniel back to be placed in the safe. Deep throating is a sexual act, a type of fellatio depicted in the movie. Playing the tape, Matthews learns that Amanda has become Jigsaw's protégé and has now taken his place. This is the origin of all the other meanings of the term. When Matthews wakes up, he finds an audio cassette player lying next to him. Deep Throat is a 1972 pornographic movie. He had been there already when the SWAT team came into the building and found Jigsaw, two hours earlier; had Matthews followed the rules to Jigsaw's "game", he would have found his son "in a safe, secure place" just as Jigsaw had told him.

    The timer in the room at Wilson Steel expires and a safe across the room opens to reveal Daniel, wearing an oxygen mask, weary but alive. The attacker removes the mask, it is Amanda. Matthews drops to the floor. He approaches cautiously, but the person inside, wearing the same animal mask from the first film, leaps up and stabs him in the leg with a syringe.

    Matthews gets into the darkened bathroom, and sees someone lying in the bathtub. A shot of a syringe here explains how Daniel has survived the exposure to gas. Meanwhile Detective Matthews enters through a back door, finds the open trapdoor and goes down to search for Daniel. We now know how Jigsaw was able to say 'I haven't looked at the monitors for a while but I assume [Daniel] is still sitting in a corner...'.

    For Kerry and the movie audience it turns out that, as mentioned above, the images on the monitors, shown in the movie in parallel with the events filmed by the video cameras, were not a live feed, but were showing a recording of earlier events, and that the broadcast location where the SWAT team has arrived is not the location where the events have taken place. While the SWAT team enters what they and Kerry assume to be the same house, Kerry is watching the monitors, confused that the cameras aren't showing them in the house. He moves in to kill Amanda, Daniel suddenly jumps forward, crushing Xavier's ankle and, using the hacksaw from the first movie, slits Xavier's throat, killing him. Xavier, now insane from the poison, takes his knife and slices a section of skin off the back of his neck.

    Amanda tells Xavier that Daniel is dead and that if he kills her, he won't be able to find out the number on his own neck. Lawrence Gordon's severed foot are still there, in a state of advanced decay and covered with fungus and mold. The bodies of Adam and Zep, and Dr. He follows them, cornering them in the infamous bathroom from the first movie.

    They go through the hatch just as Xavier breaks through. Amanda pushes aside the safe, revealing a trap door underneath. Amanda and Daniel retreat to the first room as Xavier tries breaking through the door to get at them. He finds the dead bodies of the victims littered throughout the rooms.

    Matthews gets inside, still believing that the video images were live. Jigsaw gives Matthews the key to get inside. Jigsaw shows Matthews the house in which the events has taken place. Almost immediately after this, the police finally locate the broadcast location of the video feed and take off for that location.

    Without telling his team, Matthews leaves with Jigsaw in his van. Xavier reads her number and leaves her to die in the contraption. She discovers too late that the blades are arranged similar to a Chinese finger trap, preventing her from removing her arms once inside; the edges dig deeper into her flesh the harder she pulls. On the underside of the box are two holes just wide enough to put one's arms through, once pushed past the blades covering them.

    While pursuing Amanda and Daniel, Xavier comes across Addison who has fallen victim to another of Jigsaw's contraptions - a glass box suspended from the ceiling that contains an antidote. She goes back to rescue Daniel. Amanda finds Jonas's body and realizes Xavier means to kill them all. The effects of the toxin are starting to become more severe, and Laura succumbs to the nerve gas.

    Addison finds a picture concealing a photo of Daniel and Matthews together, marked "Father and son"; this may make the others hate Daniel for being the son of the cop who framed them all. He kills Jonas by hitting his head with a club with large nails sticking out, and then goes after the others. These numbers are supposed to be the combination to the safe in the first room which holds an antidote. The different colors represent colors of the rainbow and putting them in the order of the rainbow will unlock the safe.

    It's in the back of all your minds.". In the house, for the movie audience seemingly meanwhile, Xavier has snapped and is trying the kill his fellow captives to retrieve the different colored numbers written on the back of their necks (the answer to Jigsaw's cryptic clue "You all possess the combination. Savagely beaten and battered by Matthews, Jigsaw utters his "Game over," catchphrase and finally agrees to take Matthews to the house, but only if he can take him alone. After growing tired of listening to Jigsaw and helplessly watching one captive after another die while the timer runs down, Matthews finally snaps and unleashes his rage on the old man.

    Daniel helps Amanda out of the pit. The door's timer expires, sealing the door forever. He races to the lock but fumbles with it. Stabbed with dozens of needles, Amanda finally finds it and gives it to Xavier.

    Xavier grabs Amanda and throws her into the pit, yelling at her to dig through them to find the key. The message says a key is in the pit that will open a door concealing another antidote. Daniel pulls back a sheet to reveal a pit full of syringes. On the tape, Jigsaw condemns him for his life as a drug pusher and states that if he wants to escape, he must wallow in the filth that he made others wallow in.

    Forcing open a door into another room, the captives find another tape, this one marked for Xavier. Henceforth, Jigsaw resolved to test the human ability to overcome great suffering in order to save his or her life. However, Jigsaw survived the suicide attempt, despite severe injuries. Through a series of flashbacks, Jigsaw is revealed to be a terminal cancer patient, who attempted suicide by driving his car of a cliff.

    Matthews is on the verge of cracking, but decided he has no other choice but to hear Jigsaw out. All the while, the timer is ticking away in the room with the monitors. The game is simple, he just has to sit with Jigsaw--by himself--and listen to what he has to say. The Jigsaw killer insists that Matthews has to play a game to save his son.

    Obi is burned to death before they can get him out, and both antidotes are lost. Obi climbs inside to retrieve them, the door closes and the furnace ignites. Laura finds another door which leads to the basement, with another tape marked for Obi which reveals how he had assisted Jigsaw to get the others in the house and explaining that there are two antidote syringes inside a large furnace in the room. The terrified captives begin to explore the house.

    Amanda reveals to the others that she has had to play one of Jigsaw's games before, and pleads with them that they have to follow his "rules". The gun discharges into Gus's eye, killing him. The lock is rigged to fire a gun pointing directly at the eyehole. The key has a note warning them not to use it to open the door in the room, but Xavier ignores the message, and turns the key in the lock while Gus looks through the eyehole.

    Amanda, (a survivor from the original film) breaks through a loose section of a brick wall in the room they found themselves in, and finds a key and a tape recorder containing a taped message from Jigsaw explaining their predicament: they have been exposed to a deadly toxic nerve gas (specifically sarin, which Jigsaw himself references as having been used in the real-life gas attack on the Tokyo Subway) and will die within 2 hours unless they find the antidotes that are hidden around the house (they are given the clue that they all have the combination to the safe in the back of their mind, and that the combination can be found "over the rainbow"). The story switches to the captives in the house. The police also believe this. However, by showing those images in parallel with the events filmed by the video cameras, the movie suggests that it is a live video feed.

    The images on the monitors are not a live feed, but are showing a recording of earlier events. He later notices that all other seven are people he has framed for crimes they did not commit. On one of the monitors, Matthews sees a room with eight people forced to play Jigsaw's latest game; among them is Matthews's own son, Daniel. As they start to take him away, he directs Matthews and the others to an adjoining room, which contains several monitors showing various rooms of a house, along with an electronic timer counting down from 2 hours.

    Very ill due to his advanced stage cancer, he offers no further resistance as the SWAT team handcuffs him. After some of the accompanying SWAT team fall prey to one of Jigsaw's booby traps, they find Jigsaw. After his initial reluctance, his former partner, Kerry, finally convinces him to join the team entering the building to arrest Jigsaw. Detective Matthews is called to the scene, as the deceased was his informant, and discovers a message scrawled on the ceiling which reads, "Look Closer, Detective Matthews." Matthews spots an engraving on the metal contraption, and believes he knows where Jigsaw is - the Wilson Steel building.

    The terrified man fails to extract the key in time and is killed. As he gets up from the chair, he triggers a timer built into the device. A scalpel has been left for the man to carve the key out from his eye socket, if he chooses to do so. The TV cuts to the man lying on an operating table with a shadowy figure standing over him, as Jigsaw tells him (and an x-ray photo confirms) that the key to unlock the device has been implanted behind his eye.

    When the timer goes off, the device will snap closed, impaling the man's head with several sharp nails lining the inside of the device (like an iron maiden). Jigsaw's recorded message tells the man that as punishment for being a police informant, spying upon and betraying others, and for not appreciating life, he has to play Jigsaw's "game". A nearby TV turns on, showing the familiar "clown" figure Jigsaw employed in the first film. A device is secured around his neck.

    The film starts off with a man waking up alone, seated in a chair in a grungy, sealed room.
    . . Darren Lynn Bousman took over the directing duties of the film, and also co-wrote the story's script with Leigh Whannell, the original film's co-writer.

    It was released in most parts of the world on October 28, 2005, but not released in Australia until November 17, 2005. Saw II is the sequel to the 2004 horror/splatter/thriller film Saw. Made for only $4 million, Saw 2 grossed over $116 million worldwide, which includes $87 million in the United States. One of the posters for the upcoming Scary Movie 4 (2006) parodied the "close-up on severed fingers" poster for this film.

    Following the film's opening weekend gross of $31.5m, Lions Gate Films commissioned Saw III (which is scheduled to be released on October 27, 2006). The entire movie was shot in 25 days. The whole film was shot in one building. The original poster was used for most other countries, however.

    A new poster was produced, still using the fingers but not explicitly showing that they're severed. In August 2005, the MPAA rejected the poster for Saw II which used two severed fingers to resemble "II" in the movie's title. Tagline: Oh yes...there will be blood.. Donnie Wahlberg as Erick Matthews.

    Emmanuelle Vaugier as Addison. Shawnee Smith as Amanda. Glenn Plummer as Jonas. Tony Nappo as Gus.

    Beverley Mitchell as Laura. Dina Meyer as Kerry. Erik Knudsen as Daniel Matthews. Franky G as Xavier.

    John Fallon as Video Techie. Tim Burd as Obi. Tobin Bell as John/Jigsaw.

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