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Stephen Bishop

There are several prominent men named Stephen Bishop:

Stephen Bishop (cave explorer) 
an African American cave explorer in the 19th century.
Stephen Bishop (musician) 
a late-20th century American popular musician.
Stephen Bishop 
a concert pianist, now known as Stephen Kovacevich
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There are several prominent men named Stephen Bishop:. The songs Seventy Times Seven (by Brand New) and There's No I In Team (Taking Back Sunday) are about this event in their life. They had a fight when Lacey's girlfriend cheated on him with Nolan. Jesse Lacey was best friends with former Taking Back Sunday songwriter/guitarist/background vocalist John Nolan, now of the band Straylight Run. They have also previously toured with Blink 182, supporting them on one of their Australian tours.

Brand New have previously done a short stint on the Warped Tour in 2003, and have previously toured with Dashboard Confessional and Incubus. 2003 saw a limited release of The Holiday EP and the release of their second full album Deja Entendu. Soon after they released two songs on a split EP with Safety In Numbers. In 2001, Brand New released their first full length album Your Favorite Weapon.

Brand New rose to popularity by playing gigs with popular punk rock bands such as New Found Glory. After recording and releasing their own four track EP the band began touring around Long Island. After a few rearrangements, the band added Vinnie Accardi and Brand New was formed. Lacey, Tierney, and Lane were all members of The Rookie Lot in the late 1990s along with guitarist Brandon Reilly of The Movielife.

Brand New is Jesse Lacey (lead vocalist and guitarist), Vinnie Accardi (back up guitar and voice), Garret Tierney (bass) and Brian Lane (drums). Brand New are an American emo/nu punk rock band who formed in Merrick, NY in 2000. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows. Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades.

Deja Entendu (2003). The Holiday EP (2003). Brand New/Safety In Numbers Split EP (2002). Your Favorite Weapon (2001).

Born: 31 August 1981. Drummer. Brian Lane

    . Born: 22 October 1980.

    Bass guitarist. Garret Tierney

      . Born: 9 December 1982. Guitarist and vocalist.

      Vinnie Accardi

        . Born: 10 July 1978. Lead vocalist and guitarist. Jesse Lacey

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