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Stephen Bishop

There are several prominent men named Stephen Bishop:

Stephen Bishop (cave explorer) 
an African American cave explorer in the 19th century.
Stephen Bishop (musician) 
a late-20th century American popular musician.
Stephen Bishop 
a concert pianist, now known as Stephen Kovacevich
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There are several prominent men named Stephen Bishop:. Together with Jon Schaffer - leader and founder of Iced Earth - Kürsch is part of a side project called Demons and Wizards. The single for "And Then There Was Silence," for example, reached #1 in Spain and #7 in Canada, despite its length. Blind Guardian's popularity has continued to grow from an initial following in Europe and Japan to one of the most well-known power metal bands in the world. On several occasions the audience has been known to sing along even to André Olbrich's guitar solos.

Considering the already anthemic and singalong quality of their choruses, it is unsurprising that the band's 2003 live album, Live, sounded much like their studio recordings: although the overdubs of vocalist Hansi Kürsch were lost, the live audience reproduced them faithfully and enthusiastically. This technique, especially notable in the guitar and vocal tracks, creates the impression of a vast army of musicians playing in unison and singing in harmony. Blind Guardian's music is characterized by the classic fast guitars and double bass drumming of power metal, but is relatively unique in its use of overdubs to create an extremely dense, "epic" sound. The 1998 album Nightfall in Middle-Earth, for example, is a concept album based on Tolkien's The Silmarillion, while the 2002 album A Night at the Opera features a 14-minute song about the Trojan War, titled "And Then There Was Silence." Over the years, a running theme has developed associating the band members with traveling bards.

Tolkien and other fantasy authors, as well as traditional legends and epics. R. R. From the very beginning, Blind Guardian have been inspired by the fictional worlds of J.

Before calling themselves Blind Guardian, the band released a demo under the name Lucifer's Heritage in 1986. Blind Guardian is a power metal/epic metal (more recently) band started in the mid-1980s in Krefeld, Germany. Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (DVD) (2004). Live (2003).

A Night at the Opera (2002). Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998). The Forgotten Tales (1996). Imaginations From the Other Side (1995).

Tokyo Tales (1993). Somewhere Far Beyond (1992). Tales from the Twilight World (1990). Follow the Blind (1989).

Battalions of Fear (1988). Lucifer's Heritage (demo) (1986). Oliver Holzwarth - bass (touring member). Thomas "Thomen" Stauch - drums.

Marcus Siepen - guitars. André Olbrich - guitars. Hansi Kürsch - lead singer and (formerly) bass.

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