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Rocawear is an urban clothing label created in 1999 by Damon Dash & Jay-Z, heads of the hip hop label Roc-a-Fella Records.

Rocawear has clothing lines and accessories for men, women and children.Its main funders currently are Mareed Clothing Line.

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Rocawear has clothing lines and accessories for men, women and children.Its main funders currently are Mareed Clothing Line. Others have books professionally printed in hard bound books to be saved as keepsakes. Rocawear is an urban clothing label created in 1999 by Damon Dash & Jay-Z, heads of the hip hop label Roc-a-Fella Records. Many digital scrappers print their finished layouts to be stored in scrapbook albums. Furthermore, digital scrapbooking is not limited to digital storage and display. Scrapbooks that exist completely in digital image form are referred to as "digital scrapbooks," or "computer scrapbooks." While some people prefer the physicality of the actual artifacts they paste onto the pages of books, the digital scrapbooking hobby has grown in popularity in recent years.

The internet allows scrapbookers to self-publish their work, even if it is just for a readership of one.
Many scrapbookers no longer cut and paste clippings or photos direcly into books because scanners, desktop publishing, page layout programs, and advanced printing options make it relatively easy to create professional-looking layouts in digital form. Whatever the style of journaling that the scrapbooker chooses to implement, journaling is considered a priority in the completion of a scrapbook layout, second only to the photographs themselves. More than just dating photographs, contemporary journaling is often reflective and story-like, or can take on a more reportive tone.

In addition to the collection of photographs, tickets, postcards, and other memorabilia, journaling is an essential element in modern scrapbooks. Older "magnetic" albums were not acid-free and thus caused damage to the photos and memorabilia included in them. Scrappers insist on acid-free, lignin-free papers, stamp ink, and embossing powder, and pigment based inks, which are fade resistant, colorfast, and often waterproof. Designed to preserve photographs and journaling in their original state, materials encouraged by most serious scrapbookers are of a higher quality than those of many typical photo albums commercially available.

One of the key components of modern scrapbooking is the archival quality of the supplies. Creativity in materials is encouraged, so many common craft supplies can be and are used for scrapbooking. Basic materials include background papers, photo corner mounts, scissors, stickers, die cut templates, rub-on letters, rubber stamps, craft punches, art pens, vellum, decorative eyelets and brads, ribbons, tags, glitter, various embellishments such as chalk and ribbon, and mounting glues. Some of these are adhered to various containers, such as matchbooks, CD cases, or other small holders.

There are other formats, such as mini albums and accordian-style fold-out albums. The most important scrapbooking supply is the album itself, which can be permanently bound, or allow for insertion of pages. Scrapbooking is not only a hobby to create a place for one's keepsakes, but also has become a popular way to make gifts for weddings and other special occasions. Supplies can also be ordered online.

It is at LSSs where one can attend classes and find out where the best "crops" are. Local scrapbook stores (LSSs) are considered the heart and soul of the hobby of scrapbooking by some enthusiasts. Originally, it was hard to find scrapbooking supplies, but now most major discount stores and almost all major craft supply stores stock them. There are several scrapbooking magazines, and even entire shows and infomercials dedicated to selling products related to the hobby.

As an industry, it is young, with many new players entering the market to serve various niches. Embellishments include stickers, die cuts, fancy lettering and trinkets to decorate and personalize each page. Various accessories, referred to as "embellishments," are used to decorate scrapbook pages. The most common new formats are 6"×6" or 8"×8".

More recently smaller albums have become very popular. Modern scrapbooking is done largely on 12"×12" or 8½×11" pages. This hobby has surpassed golf in popularity: one in four households has someone playing golf; one in three has someone involved in scrapbooking. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry with a large number of companies creating scrapbooking products.

The hobby of scrapbooking has taken off largely due to multi-level marketing enterprises such as Creative Memories. These events are commonly referred to as "crops," because scrapbookers often crop photos at them. Scrappers share tips and ideas as well as enjoying a social outlet. Across the world, "scrappers" or "scrapbookers" get together and scrapbook at each other's homes, local scrapbook stores, scrapbooking conventions, retreat centers, and even on cruises.

The craft has grown tremendously in recent years. Scrapbooking is a hobby where people compile newspaper clippings, magazine articles, photos, or other memorabilia into decorated albums, or scrapbooks.

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