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Icy Tower

Icy Tower is a freeware video game created by Johan Peitz of Free Lunch Design, inspired by Xjump. In the game, the player controls Harold the Homeboy whose goal is to climb the tower as high as he can by jumping up floors, and earn points while doing so.



The Tower consists of floors in different sizes and is of infinite height. The player's goal is to reach higher and higher floors without falling (i.e. jumping but missing a floor and falling past the bottom of the screen), as well as to keep ahead and above of the ever-faster upward scrolling of the game (explained under 'Scrolling').


Your character will constantly accelerate as long as it moves. The faster it runs, the higher and longer it will jump. Hitting walls (the sides of the tower) and immediately turning around generally maintains your character's speed.


As the player escalates the tower, it will start to scroll upwards slowly and the player will have to keep up in order to not fall off the screen. This is not so hard in the beginning since the scrolling is very slow, but every 30 seconds, an alarm clock will sound and the scrolling will go slightly faster. There is a clock in the upper left corner of the screen that shows how much time is left until the next speed-up.


You will get 10 points for each floor you reach. This alone will not gain you any great scores however. To be really victorious, you will have to make cool jumps, combo-jumps, for which you will be awarded n2 points for every n floors jumped in one combo.

Players either thrive for the highest score they can achieve (by making the biggest combo they can jump), or to reach the highest floor they can.


After making a combo-jump, you are given a reward as well as points. The bigger the combo, the greater the reward. As of 1.2, rewards are simply a flashy message along with the following words, spoken after the player has successfully finished a combo.

Floor Types

Every 100 floors, the floor type (the way the floors look) changes. As of version 1.2, there are a total of 10 floor types, type 1 being floors 0-99 and type 10 being floors 900 and above. Version 1.3 features one more floor type (called "chain-floor"), which starts off from floor 1000, and can not be unlocked or seen in lower floors.

Icy Tower features the ability to start the game with a floor type of your choice, but only after you have successfully landed on the actual floor where that particular type begins.

Replays/High Scores

Version 1.2 introduced the ability to save replays of games. This gives the player the ability to provide proof of their highest scores, combos and floors. The offspring of this ability is the global High Score List, which lists the best Icy Tower scores, combos, and floors, and allows internet users to download replays of those events.

Note: You must have Icy Tower installed on your computer to view downloaded replays.


Version 1.2 introduced the ability to play with custom characters. Icy Tower comes with two default characters: Harold the Homeboy and Disco Dave. Icy Tower also comes with a template character, allowing fans to create their own characters, with their own graphics, sound effects, and background music. Characters can be downloaded from the internet. The Icy Tower resource page or Icy Tower fan page offers some of them.


A few mods exist for the game. Some of them are graphical mods, and some of them change the gameplay. The following are gameplay mods by RamboBones, which work only for version 1.2:

  • FastFloor - the game goes slightly (~120%) faster
  • ProFloor - the floors are shorter
  • SolidFloor - floors are completely solid, so you can't jump on them from below
  • RamboMod - enables customization of the speed and floor sizes of the game

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The following are gameplay mods by RamboBones, which work only for version 1.2:. In the summer of 2004, the show's theme song was changed to give the tune a more majestic feel, but was scrapped after a handful of episodes; the original theme tune was reinstated with no comment from Days publicists. Some of them are graphical mods, and some of them change the gameplay. Since 1966, the late Macdonald Carey has intoned the legendary epigram "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." From 1966 to 1994, he would also say, "This is Macdonald Carey, and these are the days of our lives." After Carey's passing, decision was made to remove the second part of the opening, out of respect for Carey and his family. A few mods exist for the game. As the sun rises, the focus is zoomed out, and the audience sees the entire hourglass. The Icy Tower resource page or Icy Tower fan page offers some of them. In this version, the hourglass starts focus at the bottom-half, overlooking the dawn.

Characters can be downloaded from the internet. In 1993, a computerized version of the visual was made, with completely redone sound effects and music. Icy Tower also comes with a template character, allowing fans to create their own characters, with their own graphics, sound effects, and background music. In 1972, the current title lettering was introduced (before then, the show's title was in generic caps). Icy Tower comes with two default characters: Harold the Homeboy and Disco Dave. In 1966, the focus moved from the entire hourglass to the bottom, with the time trickling away as the theme played. Version 1.2 introduced the ability to play with custom characters. Almost completely unchanged since the show's debut in 1965, the titles show an hourglass, as time slowly trickles to the bottom.

Note: You must have Icy Tower installed on your computer to view downloaded replays.. Days of our Lives has one of the most iconic opening sequences in television history. The offspring of this ability is the global High Score List, which lists the best Icy Tower scores, combos, and floors, and allows internet users to download replays of those events. In the new sitcom Joey, Joey was nominated for "best death scene" in which he was stabbed while performing surgery. This gives the player the ability to provide proof of their highest scores, combos and floors. Later, his character was brought back to life in a further spoof on the show (no fewer than thirty-six characters have been "brought back" from the dead on Days). Version 1.2 introduced the ability to save replays of games. Joey's fictional stint on the show ended when he angered its writers and his character was killed after falling down an elevator shaft.

Icy Tower features the ability to start the game with a floor type of your choice, but only after you have successfully landed on the actual floor where that particular type begins. All storylines shown on Friends (with guest shots by actual Days of our Lives stars) were fictional and did not represent what was really going on in the soap opera itself. Version 1.3 features one more floor type (called "chain-floor"), which starts off from floor 1000, and can not be unlocked or seen in lower floors. Drake Ramoray on the show. As of version 1.2, there are a total of 10 floor types, type 1 being floors 0-99 and type 10 being floors 900 and above. The serial was satirized on the sitcom Friends when one of the principals, Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc), got a job as Dr. Every 100 floors, the floor type (the way the floors look) changes. By the summer and fall of 2005, the soap brought back some of its fan favorites from the 1980s and 1990s including Austin Peck (Austin Reed), Billy Warlock (Frankie Brady) and most recently Christie Clark (Carrie Brady).

As of 1.2, rewards are simply a flashy message along with the following words, spoken after the player has successfully finished a combo. In recent months the show's producers have begun to focus more on the past as they've shifted focus back onto Jack and Jennifer as well as restocking the Horton family tree by way of SORAS Abby to a teenager and having Patrick and Billie take in Abby (Ashley Benson)'s orphan friend Chelsea Benson (Mandy Musgrave, then Rachel Melvin), in which Bo and Billie found out that Chelsea is their presumed-dead daughter, Georgia Brady. The bigger the combo, the greater the reward. North had been using hypnosis on Marlena and trying to help her recover her past -- a yet-another-retconned past in which the two of them were married!. After making a combo-jump, you are given a reward as well as points. Dr. Players either thrive for the highest score they can achieve (by making the biggest combo they can jump), or to reach the highest floor they can. In a twist, Alex North was played by none other than Wayne Northrop the original Roman Brady.

To be really victorious, you will have to make cool jumps, combo-jumps, for which you will be awarded n2 points for every n floors jumped in one combo. She awoke in the hospital to find she had amnesia, and John was convinced to call in a specialist named Alex North. This alone will not gain you any great scores however. Marlena lost her baby after a tumble down the stairs, due to the high risk pregnancy and the stress involved in her marriage. You will get 10 points for each floor you reach. Roman and Kate separated, but mostly due to her constant interference in Sami's life. There is a clock in the upper left corner of the screen that shows how much time is left until the next speed-up. However, the truth came out as John and Marlena and Roman and Kate tried to mend their troubled marriages.

This is not so hard in the beginning since the scrolling is very slow, but every 30 seconds, an alarm clock will sound and the scrolling will go slightly faster. Meanwhile, Marlena discovered she was pregnant with Roman's child, though she kept this from John because he was going through withdrawal from the painkillers to which he had become addicted to while Marlena was presumed dead. As the player escalates the tower, it will start to scroll upwards slowly and the player will have to keep up in order to not fall off the screen. Many were not comfortable with the use of a war in which many real soldiers had suffered and died as well as the controversial decision to have Philip lose his leg. Hitting walls (the sides of the tower) and immediately turning around generally maintains your character's speed. It was during his first mission after his rescue that Philip lost his leg to a landmine, sending him home as a result. The faster it runs, the higher and longer it will jump. Tony meanwhile escaped capture though the guys' attempt to bring Philip home was rejected by Philip, who opted to stay behind to help his fellow troops free the Iraqis from Tony's remaining forces.

Your character will constantly accelerate as long as it moves. Aiding him in the mission was Philip's half-nephew, Brady, his half-brothers, Lucas and Rex, and Sami, who was in disguised as a male reporter named Stan (in truth, Alison Sweeney was on maternity leave and Dan Wells was hired to play her in drag) who proceeded to play the four rescuers and Tony against each other before helping the men rescue Philip. jumping but missing a floor and falling past the bottom of the screen), as well as to keep ahead and above of the ever-faster upward scrolling of the game (explained under 'Scrolling'). Meanwhile Shawn, having slept with Belle during a snowstorm shortly before Philip was deployed, was filled with guilt and sought to make amends by going over to Iraq and rescuing Philip from the portion of the country that Tony's army of European mercenaries had conquered. The player's goal is to reach higher and higher floors without falling (i.e. He had assembled a literal army of highly trained mercenaries and sought to conquer Iraq as part of his scheme for world domination. The Tower consists of floors in different sizes and is of infinite height. While Philip tolerated Shawn's obsession with his wife for the sake of Belle, Philip soon found his life irreversibly altered when Philip (who was a Marine) was sent on a mission to Iraq, where he was promptly captured and tortured by Tony.

. After escaping Jan's cage, Shawn crashed his motorcycle into the church in a failed attempt to stop the wedding of Belle Black (now played by Martha Madison) and Philip Kiriakis (played by Real World alumni Kyle Brandt) as his obsession with Belle caused him to stalk her and consume large amounts of booze to deal with his depression. In the game, the player controls Harold the Homeboy whose goal is to climb the tower as high as he can by jumping up floors, and earn points while doing so. Nicole permanently scarred Chloe but when Brady found Chloe, he told her her scars didn't matter. Icy Tower is a freeware video game created by Johan Peitz of Free Lunch Design, inspired by Xjump. Eventually, Nicole found out Chloe was alive and through a convoluted series of events, was mistaken for a doctor and had to perform plastic surgery on Chloe's face. RamboMod - enables customization of the speed and floor sizes of the game. Chloe was disfigured in a limo accident and faked her death rather than meet Brady without her beautiful face.

SolidFloor - floors are completely solid, so you can't jump on them from below. While Victor was presumed dead (actually bonding with old love Caroline on Melaswen), Nicole seduced Brady. ProFloor - the floors are shorter. Actress Heather Tom wrote an op-ed in Soap Opera Digest criticizing the story as inaccurate and irresponsible. FastFloor - the game goes slightly (~120%) faster. Many fans complained that rather than using the storyline as a discussion on the pros or cons of abortion, viewers watched as Mimi was 'punished' for her choice by developing an infection which rendered her barren and losing Rex's love. Ultimately, Mimi was released from jail when it was proven that Jan's coma was an accident but Belle revealed to Rex the truth about Mimi's abortion and Rex dumped Mimi as a result of her lies.

Meanwhile, Jan found out about the abortion and blackmailed Mimi, culminating in Mimi accidentally putting Jan into a coma, then pleading guilty so she would receive a lengthy jail term and never have to face Rex again. The truth was kept from Rex for many months as fans were forced to watch Rex and Mimi perform the same scene of Mimi trying to tell the truth to Rex only have something interrupt her before she could tell Rex the truth. Another more controversial storyline was Mimi's decision to have an abortion after becoming pregnant with Rex's child on the basis that Rex would not want a child due to the couple's poor financial status. She also did serious damage to Lucas and Sami's relationship by having Sami drugged and placed with her ex-boyfriend Brandon, resulting in Lucas pulling out of their planned wedding.

Meanwhile Belle, who Shawn had left on bad terms with when her refusal to give vital information about her mother being the serial killer resulted in the "deaths" of Shawn's maternal grandfather Doug and his maternal great-grandmother Alice, and Phillip found themselves forced together by Kate, who spent time manipulating the love lives of her children. In a homage of Marlena's many visits to the prison cages of Stefano, Shawn was kidnapped by his insane childhood friend, Jan Spears (Heather Lindell), and kept in a cage for months while she pulled every trick in the book to seduce him into having sex with her. As 2004 progressed, the slow-paced storylines continued, and ratings fell. Victor and Caroline were spirited away yet again by Tony, who was later apprehended, and Victor and Caroline were allowed to return to Salem.

After a fire in the castle, Jack, Cassie, Roman, and Marlena escaped and returned to Salem. Marlena and Roman saw John and Kate having sex and, out of grief and desperation, had sex, too. While battling his addiction, John became involved with Kate Roberts. She caused John to be wracked by excruciating pain and got him hooked on drugs.

Devestated at losing her parents and her new found love with Lucas Roberts, Sami began to act out again, and disguised herself as a man named Stan (while Alison Sweeney was on maternity leave). Roman and Marlena were thrust together in yet another part of the castle, though they weren't seen often, and began to fall in love again. Victor and Caroline became close again, while a segregated Jack and Cassie began to scheme to escape. Eventually, it was revealed that the six victims were in fact being held by a very much alive Tony in a European castle (the fate of Colin Murphy is unknown, though he is believed to be dead).

Maggie found that Mickey, now played by veteran actor John Ingle, had remarried, while Abe began to suffer from blinding headaches that led to blindness. The remaining islanders returned to Salem to attempt to regain the lives they had lost. Marlena, Roman, Jack, Cassie, Victor, Caroline, and Colin were presumed dead. The captives ultimately were rescued from Melaswen, but Tony triggered a volcanic explosion resulting in a tidal wave.

Tony and John had a final duel to the death in Tony's faux Zen chamber, resulting in Tony's apparent demise. Bo, Hope, Jennifer, John, and Patrick all made it to the island, and were reunited with their lost love ones. The seemingly dead Colin Murphy was also a prisoner on Tony's island, as was Billie Reed, now played by Julie Pinson. The plan was also part of his revenge against his half-brother John Black, who he could never surpass, or forgive for his betrayal with Kristen.

However, Tony was responsible for everything, and had done so to destroy Salem's greatest love stories and prove that he was more powerful than his father Stefano ever had been. Tony eventually revealed himself to the survivors, though he claimed to be a victim as well. Victor, though not a victim of the Salem Stalker, was also on the island of Melaswen, or New Salem spelled backwards. Alice was later joined by Roman and Abe, who revealed that the entire charade had been faked by an unknown enemy, though most believed it to be Stefano or Tony (who was the only victim not to be found on the island).

As she explored the town she ran into Alice Horton, who was alive after all. After Marlena was "killed" in a prison riot arranged by Nicole, Marlena found herself alive in a seemingly deserted Salem. In the midst of this original cast member John Clarke (Mickey) left, which added to the controversy but since the show's ratings were now levelling out with the revelation that Marlena was the killer, the show's efforts were deemed a success by Soap Opera Digest. The storyline was extremely controversial as many of the victims were longtime fan favorites.

After a nasty fight, Marlena ended up in the hospital, where under the influence of truth serum admitted that she killed everyone because Abe had discovered that she intended to stop Roman from marrying Kate Roberts, though a non-drugged Marlena apparently didn't remember any of the crimes. Alice, however, was able to call John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and warn him that Marlena was the killer. Marlena confronted Alice, who despite heavenly interventions by Abe, Maggie, Caroline, and Roman, was suffocated by one of her homemade donuts that had brought joy to the people of Salem since the beginning of the show. He left a note that was found by town matriarch, Alice Horton (Frances Reid).

Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) discovered Marlena's treachery and was stabbed to death in the cemetery. The death was attributed to the Salem Stalker at first, but later the police became unsure. In the meantime, an insane Jan Spears (Heather Lindell), electrocuted Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) in an convoluted attempt to win the heart of Shawn Brady. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall).

Tony survived the attack, but was given a lethal dose of medicine by the murderer who was revealed to be none other than Dr. Roman Brady's (Josh Taylor) throat was slashed at his wedding to Kate Roberts, and Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) was mauled by a tiger the killer let loose at a fundraiser where he had promised to reveal the Salem Stalker's identity. Caroline Brady (Peggy McCay) was poisoned at church during a memorial service, and her granddaughter Cassie (Alexis Thorpe) was stabbed to death and placed in a pinata on Thanksgiving. Maggie, who had seen Abe's death but mentally blocked it out, found herself a victim of the serial killer, who bludgeoned the recovering alcoholic with a liquor bottle.

Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) was killed by a brick to the head, since he had been working with Abe on a story. Even more stunning was that he pointed to Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) as he lay dying, though she was never considered a suspect in his murder. The storyline began with the shooting of Commander Abe Carver (James Reynolds), which stunned the city of Salem. His major storyline to save Days was the ultra-controversial Salem Stalker storyline.

With ratings at an all time low and NBC threatening to cancel the series, James Reilly was brought back as head writer in the summer of 2003 and given carte blanche to "fix" the show. Victor was soon presumed dead and was therefore unable to prevent Nicole from seducing Brady. Much to Victor's horror, Nicole became involved with Brady. Having survived a near fatal stroke that left him paralyzed for several years, Victor was determined to never be helpless again and used the fact that Nicole murdered rogue doctor Colin Murphy (Justin Melvey) when he tried to blackmail her to keep her under his thumb.

As her marriage to Lucas ended, she married Victor and soon found herself super-rich and super-powerful, though Nicole found herself outmatched when she crossed swords with Victor. Through the Robertses, Nicole discovered the power of money and quickly manipulated her way into the bed of Victor Kiriakis, much to Kate's horror. Originally a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Nicole was hired as a model by one time Titan Industries employee Sami, and Kate later paid her a large sum of money to marry her son Lucas, to help Lucas win custody of his son. Finally, the writers eagerly exploited the show's newest (at that time) character, Nicole Walker (Arianne Zuker).

Finally, the new struggles against Tony resulted in the sudden, surprise revelation that John Black, rather than just being a semi-amnesiac former mercenary-turned-wealthy local businessman, was in fact Salem's resident ISA agent-in-place, and naturally his #1 assignment was to wage the ongoing battle against the DiMera clan (the exact timing of his employment by the spy agency was never revealed; it was just sprung on the audience out of the blue one day). He also served as a catalyst for Sami and Lucas to finally acknowledge their feelings for each other, when Sami was nearly killed by Tony when she confronted him over his helping Lexie ruining her relationship with Lexie's stepson Brandon Walker (Matt Cedeno). The dairy contained all of the information pertaining to the Brady / DiMera feud, revealed that John was the son of Daphne DiMera and therefore Tony's half-brother, and further solidified Tony as the new antagonist of the show. Tony's fugue states led him to a DiMera island compound on a string of islands shaped like the Gemini constellation and on the island, he used the blue key to open a box containing Stefano's dairy.

It turns out that the key unlocked the bracelets of the Gemini Twins, mind-controlled teenage-aged pawns of Stefano. Stefano had left him a blue key that he said would unlock the secrets to his past and future, and John and Tony spent many months racing to learn the secrets of the key first. His motives remained unclear for many months as he put subtle plans into motion and worked at creating tension among many characters. Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) returned as the new head of the DiMera family, to steal Marlena away from John.

Eventually Brady and Chloe became a couple, but his grandfather, Victor, felt that Chloe was not good enough for him and got her an overseas job singing opera. Brady was alienated from his family because of his hatred of Marlena, and confided in Chloe. Philip had originally dated her only as a prank (he planned to dump her and break her heart), but he soon fell in love with her. After many taunts as "Ghoul Girl" she shocked the students at the Last Blast Dance by throwing off her cloak to reveal a sexy red dress.

Chloe initially wore all black ensembles and big glasses. Craig Wesley (Patrika Darbo and Kevin Spirtas). The other big teen stories of the time were Brady and Philip's rivalry over Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), daughter of conniving Nancy and Dr. The main storyline of the time involved the relationship between Shawn and Belle, who vowed to remain virgins until they married and exchanged "purity rings" as a sign of love.

They were soon joined by Cassie (Alexis Thorpe) and Rex (Eric Winter), who were ultimately revealed to be the offspring of Kate and Roman, who Marlena gave birth to while she was believed to be dead, and Mimi Lockhart (Farah Fath), Belle's best friend, whose father lost his job and abandoned his family. The show continued on with plotlines that primarily focused upon new teenage characters including Belle Black (Kirsten Storms), Brady Black (Kyle Lowder), Shawn Douglas Brady (Jason Cook), and Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson). She even became best friends with bitter enemy Hope. Eventually, Lexie was committed and was able to resume a normal life.

After Joseph Mascolo left the show, Lexie became the head of the Dimera crime syndicate, a move that left many longtime viewers scratching their heads at the nonsensical shift the good doctor's character had gone through. Lexie worked overtime trying to hold on to baby Isaac, falling under her father's influence and the DiMera curse. All was not well, since Bo and Hope's baby had been switched with Lexie Carver's (Renee Jones) adopted baby by her father Stefano. John won, but many fans wanted Bo, Hope's husband, to be the father, and after a change in headwriter, the show rewrote history to reveal that Bo was the father after all.

Hope became pregnant, and NBC began a much-publicized campaign asking fans to decide who should be the father of Hope's child - John or Stefano. who was eventually freed and reunited with Bo. The real princess Gina came out of the woodwork, spruced herself up, and kidnapped the real Hope.. Unfortuntately, by that time, many viewers were tired of having their intelligence insulted and thought that there was no hope left for Days.

This led to a controversial episode of the series where Hope and John had sex on a submarine, which many fans denounced as a massive betrayal of their respective marriages while other fans accepted the scene as not an act of adultery since both Hope and John were under the influence of Stefano's control at the time. Finally, the whole storyline with regards to Hope's missing years ended when Stefano brainwashed Hope into becoming Gina again while at the same time restoring John's memories so as to bring them under his control once and for all. Sami's wedding disasters are a theme that will be replayed over and over in the future. Austin, after a fling with Greta Von Amburg (Julianne Morris) that ended with a laughbly bad virtual reality "Garden of Eden" storyline, finally agreed to marry Sami, but left her at the altar when he learned how Sami lied to him about Will being physically abused by Lucas to get him to take her side in the custody case.

Lucas and Sami waged a violent war for custody of Will that ended with Victor stepping in and forcing Lucas and Kate to sign full custody of Will to Sami in exchange for Sami turning over all blackmail material she had on the two. The villainous Vivian, who quickly went from feared villain to comic relief, left town in February 2000 with her loyal manservant Ivan Marais when he came into a small fortune. Mike and Carrie ended up falling in love, and leaving town together for Israel in November 1999. For the next few years the show was written by Sally Sussman Morina, who wrapped up many of Reilly's stories.

By the end of 1997, Reilly left the show to begin work on his new series Passions, which left many subplots up in the air as writers scrambled to resolve the writer's loose ends. Roman was terminally ill, and Marlena and John had to hide their relationship so she could pretend she loved Roman. A fairly controversial move was Reilly's decision to hire Josh Taylor, who played the popular supporting cast member Chris Kositchek from 1977-1987, to play the role of Roman Brady without any sort of storyline to explain away the drastic change in the character's appearance. Marlena and John were finally able to admit their true feelings, and prepared to marry.

Susan and Edmund, meanwhile, were allowed to leave town, in 1998. Kristen was shown imprisoned with a shiek, living out the fate she had wanted Susan to suffer. In one of many twists it turned out that Kristen wasn't the actual victim, but a newly discovered pill popping sister of Susan's: the English actress Penelope Tate (Davidson's fifth and final character). Kristin's lifeless body was found in a pool, and it was revealed that Edmund accidentally drowned her.

Meanwhile, Kristen continued to accumulate enemies in Salem, including Marlena, John, Laura Horton, Vivian, Celeste, and a newly returned Edmund and Susan. Susan left town and fell in love with an Englishman named Edmund. Their reunion gave Days its highest ratings in almost a decade, coming within two tenths of a point of knocking off perennial number one The Young and the Restless. John left Kristen and was finally free to reunite with his soul mate Marlena.

Susan attempted to marry John in an Elvis themed wedding, but Marlena and Kristen managed to escape from the room and all was revealed. Kristen soon found herself in the same situation, when Susan turned the tables on her and put Kristen in the room with Marlena. After discovering Kristen's deception, Marlena found herself locked in a secret room in the wine cellar of the DiMera mansion, where she was to be held until Stefano could spirit her away again. It was revealed that Susan was a triplet, and had a nun sister named Mary Moira and a brother named Thomas, who along with Kristen and Susan were all played by Eileen Davidson.

She was able to pass herself off as Kristen in front of John, with Vivian's help (who was being forced to help by Stefano). Susan was an unsophisticated, pregnant bumpkin that looked just like Kristen (with very bad teeth). Kristen sank deeper and deeper into evil, and was introduced to Susan Banks by Stefano. Evans quiet about her renewed feelings for John.

Holding her baby's perilous condition over Marlena, Kristen was able to keep Dr. In order to protect her relationship with John, Kristen didn't tell anyone that she had lost the baby, and went so far as to force Stefano to help her perpetrate the lie. Kristin ended up losing her baby, and also discovering Marlena's rekindled feelings for John. In an underground explosion, Stefano appeared to die (yet again), as did Kristen's mother Rachel.

Stefano's "People of the Night" found John guilty, but he was saved from having his head chopped off by his aunt Vivian, who was romantically involved with Stefano. For revenge against John, Stefano kidnapped him and took him to Paris where he was put on trial for the wrongs he had perpetrated against Tony. Kristen ended up becoming pregnant, further enraging Stefano. Kristen and John resumed their romance, though neither knew that Marlena's romantic feelings for John had returned.

Marlena never gave up on John, and was instrumental in proving John's innocence, despite Kristen's giving up on him. While Tony was shown framing John for what was actually a suicide, it was later revealled that Tony's cousin Andre had been convinced that he had the same blood disease as Tony and was the actual victim. Kristen's love for John was tested when her husband Tony, who believed he had a fatal blood disease, framed John for murdering him. Kristen had unfortunately married Tony DiMera, in order to eliminate any lingering feelings Father John might have for her.

In the end, however, Marlena was freed from Satan's grip through the love of John, who then left the priesthood and attempted to restart a relationship with Kristen. Caroline, Kristen, and John and many of Marlena's other friends took part in long series of exorcisms that appeared to kill Marlena. The chemistry between the actors was so palpable that many viewers began to root for the Devil. There were also several seduction scenes where MarDevil tried to seduce Father Black, pushing the envelope for love scenes on Days.

In other demonic twists Marlena morphed into a leopard and was seen levitating several times. In an attempt to steal John's soul (who at this point still believed he was a priest), Marlena morphed into Kristen, at one point in order to seduce him, but what the devil soon realized was that John really wanted Marlena and then tried to take his soul away. Various plagues were visited upon Salem, and Marlena began to terrorize the town by desecrating Christian symbols and anything relating to Christmas. Marlena was corrupted by drug fuel evenings manipulated by Stefano, who gained access to her apartment by blackmailing next door neighbor Mike Horton.

Simpson trial and complaints from critics who felt that demonic possession was too over the top a storyline. The plot brought Reilly high ratings despite numerous interruptions due to coverage of the O.J. Meanwhile the success of Carly's buried alive storyline cause Reilly to branch out into his most controversial storyline to date, a year long storyline involving Marlena becoming possessed by Satan. Later it was found that Tony had slipped into a coma and Andre was really the one who had killed himself.

He formed a plan to kill himself and frame John for murder, which was successful. Afflicted with a fatal blood disease compounding his grief, Tony took up his role as a true DiMera and decided to get revenge. After a few mishaps, Tony was able to marry Kristen but she ultimately left him for John Black after a long-running affair with him. In comparison to the other eras, Tony was portrayed as a protagonist this time, who wanted to legitimize the DiMera business.

Tony had reconciled his differences with Stefano during their absent years from the show. Tony DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) returned under Reilly's pen in 1993 to take care of an ill Stefano and to marry his longtime sweetheart, Kristen. Bo and Billie later discovered their daughter had been in Salem the entire time, and was in fact Chelsea Benson, the teenaged best friend of Abby Deveraux. Recently it was revealed that Georgia had been spirited away by DiMera minions and given to new parents to raise.

Billie returned, however, now played by Krista Allen, and ultimately became pregnant by Bo, though the child appeared to be stillborn. In order to give Bo space to explore his feelings for his newly returned wife, Billie left for Europe. Eventually, Hope would regain her memory, ending Bo's marriage to Billie, as he and Hope were still legally married. Billie and Bo would eventually marry, and "Gina" even dated Mike for a short time, though they both felt more of a familial bond than anything romantic.

Hope was declared dead again, after several events lead everyone to believe the two couldn't be the same person. The return of Hope, who believed her name to be Gina, created havoc for Bo and his new girlfriend Billie. The two were able to break free with help from an amnesiac Hope, who had been held prisoner by DiMera during her absence. Reilly's second major storyline saw the return of Stefano, who with the help of his longtime lover, the psychic Celeste Perrault (Tanya Boyd), kidnapped Marlena and John.

These new storylines generated much notice but problems developed when Patrick Muldoon left the show, forcing the casting of Austin Peck as the new Austin Reed. Finally, one of Salem's legendary rivalries was born, as Kate and Sami became mortal enemies due to Sami's manipulations of her two sons. Lucas declared his undying hatred for Sami, as he had longstanding issues with his own absent father. However, the truth about young Will's paternity came out, resulting in a wedding for Austin and Carrie.

Meanwhile Lucas used his other half-brother, Mike Horton (Roark Critchlow), to break Austin and Carrie up by having Mike steal Carrie away from Austin. With help from Vivian, Sami convinced Austin he was her baby's father and attempted to get him to marry her. She ran to Lucas's arms, and they slept together in an effort to get over their mutual heartbreak over Austin and Carrie's relationship. Sami drugged Austin and seduce dhim only to run from his house when Austin called her "Carrie".

Austin showed her great kindness and she became obsessed with him. This quickly became a town scandal and an already troubled Sami was humiliated, slipping further into manipulative and self-destructive patterns. Alan raped Sami and she eventually shot him in the testicles, effectively castrating him. Sami was infatuated with a young man named Alan, who wanted her sister.

Quickly Reilly created a love rectangle between Austin, Sami, Carrie, and Lucas that would borrow from previous love triangles, most notably the Bill/Mickey/Laura triangle from the early 1970s. Austin was a boxer whose budding romance with Carrie suffered after a mobster threw acid in her face (Austin was the intended target). Meanwhile Austin and his sister Billie (Lisa Rinna) were children of a previous marriage of Kate that had ended in Kate having to abandon her children to an abusive father. Lucas himself was the offspring of a relationship between his mother Kate Roberts (Deborah Adair) and Bill Horton, retroactively inserted into Days canon as the event that caused Laura Horton to have her nervous breakdown.

Besides Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney), these included her half-sister Carrie (Christie Clark, who had been a cast member since she was a little girl) and dysfunctional half-siblings Lucas Roberts (Bryan Dattilo) and Austin Reed (Patrick Muldoon). Reilly also began to fill the show with new young actors to help promote the show to younger viewers. After a year of sporadic appearances, Peter was arrested at long last and a far less popular Jack, Jennifer, and Abby reunited and left the show for Africa in 1998. The newly recast Jack (Steve Wilder) and Jen finally did reunite but were forced to flee Salem to avoid Peter, who was now infected with a disease that caused him to go insane and to possess insanity-induced super-strength.

Rumors flew about the real reasons for her departure and the role of Jennifer was quickly recast with look-alike Stephanie Cameron, along with a brand new recast of Jack when replacement Mark Valley left the show. A monkey wrench was thrown into the story when Reeves quit the show in the fall of 1995 without advance notice. While in a rehab facility she slept with Jack - they had no idea of the other's identity as they had never met and were using assumed names. Laura was suspicious of Peter, so he had her office painted with toxic chemicals to send her around the bend.

Adding to the drama was the return of Jennifer's long-institutionalized mother Laura (now played by Jamie Lyn Bauer). Jennifer quickly moved on with Stefano's mysterious ward, Peter Blake (Jason Brooks) brother to John's new love Kristen, but Jack (now played by Mark Valley) ended up returning. The exits were controversial with some fans, particularly the decision to have Jack desert his wife and daughter. Jack fled town after being rendered penniless and emotionally dead upon learning that his daughter Abby had cancer caused by toxic chemicals he had authorized to be dumped years earlier.

The happy family ended up leaving town for a life together in Europe. Carly and Lawrence's complicated and often adversarial relationship ended up turning to love as they reclaimed Nicholas, the child they long believed dead from Vivian. With ratings at a high level, the show was forced to fire popular actors Matthew Ashford, Michael Sabatino, and Crystal Chappell, who were demanding storyline approval in contract negotiations. The storyline shot up the ratings as NBC heavily promoted the storyline with lurid commercials hyping it.

One of his first major storylines was to have Carly Manning be buried alive by John and Lawrence's insane aunt, Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel). Reilly. In 1993, the show began to drift towards more supernatural storylines when the hiring of new head writer James E. Sami, meanwhile, never forgave Marlena and John (who Sami considered a second father) for betraying Roman like they did, with the incident triggering a serious turn to the dark side for Sami.

The scandal would force Marlena to raise Belle alone while John found comfort with a new arrival in Salem, social worker Kristen Blake (Eileen Davidson). Unable to forgive Marlena, Roman fled town in disgrace at being cuckolded by John. Ultimately, Sami was exposed after kidnapping and attempting to sell her younger sister Belle (named for the late Isabella Black). When she became pregnant as a result of this fling, she believed the child to be Roman's and was aided in this belief by Sami, who altered a paternity test to make it appear that Roman was the father.

on a conference table at Victor Kiriakis's new Titan Industries office building. After dealing with his grief, John began a controversial affair with Marlena, which culminated with Marlena and Roman's daughter Sami (Alison Sweeney) catching them having sex.. Meanwhile, John and Isabella's happiness was shortlived, as Isabella was given fatal pancreatic cancer to accommodate the exit of Staci Greason when contract talks broke down because the actress demanded too much money. Much had changed since Roman was last in town, and he struggled to fit into the canvas.

Marlena reunited with the real Roman while John and Isabella celebrated their relationship with the birth of their first (and only) child Brady, named after the family that had taken John in as their own. However, years later it was rewritten yet again that John was actually the illegitimate son of Daphne DiMera, Stefano's deceased common law wife and Alamain sister, and an as-yet-unrevealed father (fan speculation continues to center on Shawn Brady, which would make him Roman's half-brother and may explain why he shared enough similarities with Roman to be able to replace him so easily and for so long). Eventually it was revealed that John was a mercenary, con artist, and jewel thief who worked with Gina von Amberg, a royal princess who was a con artist like her lover on the side. First it was revealed that he was a member of the wealthy Alamain family, and then he was a priest who Stefano's mistress confided in.

His character has been retconned at least 6 or 7 times over the period 1986-2000. He is, to date, quite possibly the most continually rewritten character in the history of television. Through many different writing regimes, John's past would change considerably. It was also apparent that Hogestyn was either a few years younger than Northrop, or it was just that being couped up in Stefano's prison for 7 years had caused Roman not to age quite as well as his Salem-bound counterpart.

The return of the "real" Roman was particularly amusing to fans who paid close attention to the obvious physical differences between Northrop and Hogestyn, and wondered how anyone, particularly Marlena who had slept with both men, would readily accept one in place of the other (Hogestyn was taller, hairier, had darker and straighter hair, and was right-handed, in contrast with the shorter, smoother, curly-haired, left-handed Northrop). However, since Hogestyn's Roman had moved on to Isabella, a compromise was struck: Northrop returned as Roman and it was revealed that Hogestyn's character, John Black, was a mercenary in the employ of Stefano DiMera's criminal organization who had his memories taken from him and was brainwashed into thinking he was Roman as punishment for betraying Stefano (as well as a means of carrying on his favorite hobby--the continual torment of the Brady family). The producers were interested but knew quite well that Hogestyn was extremely popular with viewers and they couldn't just fire Hogestyn. Hall would only agree to return if the show also brought back her close friend Wayne Northrop in the role he originated, Roman Brady.

Behind the scenes, the reason for such a massive swerve was that the producers approached Deidre Hall about returning to the show in the role of Marlena after a 5-year absence. As "Roman" sought out Stefano to seek vengeance, another shocking secret emerged as it was revealed that "Roman" was not really Roman and that the real Roman, Wayne Northrop, was also Stefano's prisoner all of those years. It was later revealed that she had been used as a surrogate for the real Roman's twin children (Rex and Cassie) with former Dimera employee Kate Roberts's (Lauren Koslow) eggs. Marlena's death had been faked, and she had been the prisoner of Stefano Dimera.

Meanwhile Isabella and "Roman" married but their married bliss was quickly shattered by the shocking return from the dead of "Roman's' wife Marlena Evans. Meanwhile Bo (now played by Robert Kelker Kelly) began a relationship with Carly, whose parents were demanding her to marry the villainous Lawrence instead. Lawrence raped Jennifer which put him at odds with her husband Jack. With Patch gone, his beloved Kayla, after a romance with her former brother-in-law Shane which generated a negative fan response, was soon written out of the show as well in 1992.

Nick was later killed by a temporarily insane Jo Johnson (Joy Garrett), Patch and Jack's mother. Due to the popularity of the character, the writers set up an "out" to bring Steve back at a later date (an out that as to this day has yet to be used). Lawrence quickly made his bones as the new arch-villain by murdering, with the aid of Nick Corelli (George Jensky), Patch in October 1990. The arrival of Carly Manning would bring a new umbrella storyline involving Carly's childhood friend Jennifer (now married to Jack) and Frankie Brady, who was retroactively declared to be Carly's brother and their war against the show's newest villain Lawrence Alamain (Michael Sabatino).

Returning home, Bo would begin a flirtation with newly arrived doctor Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell). The lack of chemistry between John (Drake Hogestyn) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso), not to mention all the rewrites of popular history, doomed the story from the beginning, but the stubbornness of the show's producers and writers couldn't be stopped, and Days suffered the erosion of it most loyal fanbases. This story, the attempted John/Hope pairing, proved to be the least popular Days story ever, turning the fans off in such large numbers that the show lost almost a million viewers in the span of two months during the infamous jungle story where John and Hope bonded. Hope would be brainwashed as a pawn of Stefano, who used her as a replacement for her evil doppleganger Gina von Amberg (Greta's mother), a princess who along with her mercenary lover John Black, stole valuable items for Stefano.

It would later be revealed that Ernesto had traded Hope to the DiMera family and that a lookalike named Greta von Amberg was the victim instead. In the end, everyone made it back to Salem save for Hope, who was "killed" by way of being dropped in a vat of acid in an exploding cage by Ernesto. As the shipwrecked characters tried to escape the island, Jack and Jennifer both finally made love in a nearby cave while "Roman" and Bo both reconciled after a lengthy period of tension between the two (including a plot where Bo sided with Ernesto as part of a scheme to find out what he was planning to do against his father Victor). Luring his enemies onto a cruise ship, he destroyed the vessel, shipwrecking the characters on an island he controlled.

Also on board for the cruise were: Isabella Toscano, Bo Brady, Hope Brady, Jack Deveraux, Jennifer Horton, and a newly returned Julie Williams. The plot revolved around Ernesto's scheme to kill off his assorted enemies, most notably Victor Kiriakis and "Roman". The Cruise of Deception was a massive storyline that began in the summer of 1989 and ran up through the end of the summer of 1990, resulting in numerous storylines finally being resolved and setting up new, more complex stories in its wake. The relationship and their connections to the various characters on the show would lead to one of the most famous "umbrella story" of the show's run: The Cruise of Deception.

He eventually started a lackluster relationship with a new character named Isabella Toscano (Staci Greason) (Side note: Hogestyn complained about being on the backburner in several magazine articles before Hall's triumphant return several years later to bring the ratings back up and in the process, help make him the most popular male on soaps.), who was the sickly daughter of a crime boss named Ernesto. Hogestyn stayed on and Roman attempted to start several relationships, including an ill fated romance with Diana Colville (Genie Francis, of General Hospital fame). Ultimately, Deidre Hall left the show in 1987, and Marlena was presumed dead in a plane explosion. Now played by Drake Hogestyn, the character was eventually revealed to be "Roman", and the "Roman"/Marlena relationship once again became popular amongst viewers and they remarried.

But the Pawn escaped Victor, adopted the name "John Black" after seeing it on a war memorial, and set about finding about his past on his own, and with his new friend Marlena. There was even a brief flirtation with the idea that the Pawn was Stefano himself. Victor won, and returned to Salem with the Pawn, and set about trying to unravel the mystery of his identity for his own purposes. Temporarily nicknamed "the Pawn", he was actually "auctioned off" by a DiMera henchman named Petrov during an adventure in Miami, with the primary bidders being a corrupt ISA official, and Victor Kiriakis.

It was explained that Roman was recovered by Stefano after his fall from the cliff, given immediate medical attention, brainwashed into believing that he was one of Stefano's assassins, given extensive training in the martial arts, and had plastic surgery to give him a brand new face. In 1986 it was decided by the writers to recast the role of Roman but rather than just replace him, it was decided to outright explain why he was now being played by a different actor. His character of Roman Brady was killed off in 1984 when he fell off a cliff on a tropical island in the Caribbean after being shot by Stefano. The controversy began when Wayne Northrop left the show due to problems with the direction of his character.

The struggle to eliminate Roman Brady would ultimately result in a complicated, long-running, and often retconned storyline over the "real" Roman Brady and the identity of John Black. Marlena and Roman would go on to have twins named Samantha (for her late sister) and Eric (for his late uncle). Stefano also had a burning obsession with Marlena that was complicated when it was revealed that Roman had previously been married to Stefano's daughter-in-law Anna (Leann Hunley) with whom he had a daughter named Carrie. On a personal level, Stefano also had a burning hatred with the Brady family over some unknown slight that occurred in the distant past in Ireland, that somehow involved a young Shawn Brady.

The seemingly aristocratic DiMera family actually headed a mysterious organization that operated on a global level, and was something of a cross between a crime syndicate and terrorist organization. The clan was headed by Irish-Italian patriarch Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), who in the early 1980s relocated his family to Salem, USA. While Victor mellowed over the years, the DiMeras remained villainous. Victor's schemes also involved other villainous individuals and families, including ex-ISA agent Orpheus, Ernesto Toscano, Lawrence Alamain, Vincent Moroni, the drug-dealing Torres family, and of course, the sinister DiMeras.

She did, but soon reunited with Shane and remained married to him for a number of years. Caroline's daughter Kim Brady (Patsy Pease) befriended Victor to find incriminating evidence against him, but he uncovered her true motives and threated to kill her true love Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) unless she broke up with Shane and married Victor. The revelation that Bo was Victor's son caused Victor to renounce crime and go legit but the revelation caused problems for Shawn and Caroline Brady's relationship that would last for several years. However despite his evil, Victor had a dark secret that ultimately led to his redemption: years earlier Victor carried on an affair with Caroline Brady that resulted in the conception of Bo Brady.

Nonetheless, Victor routinely found himself in conflict with the Salem police department and the ISA over his illegal activities. There has also been some uncertainty over the history of the Kiriakis clan as well; in some instances it has been referred to as a very old and powerful dynasty, while other times it has been hinted that Victor himself grew up in much more impoverished circumstances. It's been hinted over the years that although based in Salem, a heavy amount of Victor's illegal operations took place in Chicago, Miami, Naples, and his native Greece. The Kiriakis Family was headed by Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston), a wealthy Greek businessman who had ties to organized crime, especially drugs, prostitution, and underage pornography.

Several Salem residents, including Roman Brady, Shane Donovan, John Black, Steve Johnson, Kimberly Brady, Billie Reed, Philip Kiriakis, and Bo Brady, were revealed to having served at one time or another with the ISA. Stories involving police mysteries and spy adventures unfolded, including the creation of a fictional spy agency, the International Security Alliance (ISA), to battle the unusually high-level and far-reaching global criminal conspiracies involving the Kiriakis and DiMera clans. It was the series of complications caused by this struggle that led to the "action-adventure" element that virtually came to define the show in the mid-to-late 1980s (and was attempted to be duplicated in the late 1990s and early 2000s). Both were created by show writers, who felt that the series was lacking villains for the main characters to struggle against.

Another addition to the show in the 1980s was the creation of two new families, the DiMera and the Kiriakis families. Frankie was revealed to be European royalty, and moved to Africa with Shane's daughter Eve (Charlotte Ross). The two became a couple but quickly broke up as the writers came up with the idea of pairing Jennifer with Jack Deveraux, which led to a lengthy courtship as Jennifer "redeemed" Jack through their love. Frankie was a teenager who was had been legally adopted by Shawn and Caroline Brady.

Jennifer quickly became a popular figure and began a friendship with another new character, Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock). Laura and Bill Horton's daughter Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was brought back, now as a wild teenager sent to live with Tom and Alice Horton so as to provide the young girl with the stable home that her parents were incapable of giving her. As the show began to regain its popularity, it was also decided to bring the focus back to the Horton family, who by the mid-1980s was marginalized in favor of focus on the Brady family. Ashford was highly identifiable in the role, and future recasts brought their own style (Mark Valley, Steve Wilder).

Indeed, rather than whitewashing the rape story the writers exploited it as a source of great angst for Jack, who struggled with his guilt over the incident for several years. Jack was an extremely complex character whose dark edge was complemented with a level of existential angst over his very identity after learning that he was adopted and after his rape of Kayla. Despite his villainous behavior, when the role was recast with Matthew Ashford, Jack quickly garnered fan interest. Kayla and Jack quickly divorced afterwords and Patch and Kayla finally reunited.

In the ensuing struggle, Patch dropped Jack from the roof and the fall caused Jack to suffer extreme damage to his kidneys, forcing Patch to make the controversial decision to give Jack one of his kidneys. Kayla quickly told Patch, who attacked Jack on the roof of a nearby building. Meanwhile Kayla began an affair behind Jack's back with Patch and that when the affair was exposed, Jack committed spousal rape against Kayla. The rivalry between Jack and Patch over Kayla took an even greater turn when it was revealed that Jack was Patch's long lost brother, a revelation that led to Jack slip into a great depression over his confusion over his new identity.

Jack Deveraux (originally played by Joseph Adams, then by James Acheson) was a politically ambitious newspaper reporter from a wealthy family who became the spoiler for the relationship between Patch and Kayla, ultimately marrying Kayla during a period of health problems that left Jack near death. The show also gained ground with addition of two new characters, Steve Johnson (aka "Patch", due to the fact that the character wore an eye-patch after losing an eye while a Merchant Marine) (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla Brady (most notably played by Mary Beth Evans), whose courtship became a major storyline for the series in and helped to lead to the introduction of one of the show's most popular characters. The most popular of these couples included Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) Brady, who quickly became the focal point of the show during the mid-80s and helped the show regain its popularity. Meanwhile on rival network ABC, the intense popularity of the pairing of Luke and Laura on General Hospital led to Days of Our Lives to attempt to cash in on the phenomenon of the "supercouple" by pairing off their assorted characters into various relationships.

DAYS dedicated Lee's remaining episodes in memory of Benet, and said Lee left town. Benet performed the scenes without complaint, but one day in 1982 she committed suicide. Falken Smith did not realize Benet's own child had recently died. Perhaps the only low point in her era was a storyline where Doug's long-lost wife Lee (Brenda Benet) agonized over her child's extended hospitalization and illness.

Falken Smith left again in the early 80's due to another contract dispute. Falken Smith was again rehired and her Salem Strangler storyline, along with the intense focus on Marlena and Roman, propelled the show to a revival. Nearly one million viewers defected between 1980 and 1981, and of the nine characters introduced in that year, only chanteuse Liz Chandler (Gloria Loring) gained a following and stayed around. To the surprise of the show, fans were not impressed by the characters who took their place.

In 1979 and 1980, nearly a dozen characters were written out of the series. Al Rabin, the executive producer at the time began to phase out people he viewed as contributing to an atmosphere of "negativism". At one point Susan Seaforth Hayes' mother was headwriter. Falken Smith left in the late 70's over a contract dispute and through a slow but steady decline in numbers, turmoil gripped the cast and crew.

By the end of the 1970s, the show had gone through numerous creative changes behind the scenes. As part of new headwriter Nina Laemmle's strategy to makeover the show, nine new characters were written in to make up for the absences. They included Bob Anderson, Brooke Hamilton, Margo Horton, Linda Anderson, Phyllis Curtis, and Robert LeClair. Over six months, and around Valentine's Day, fourteen characters were written out of the show.

Bill and Laura's exit was part of a shift in the show that would come to be known as the Valentine's Day Massacre. Their daughter Jennifer meanwhile would be sent to boarding school. Laura would be placed in a mental institution and enter into a catatonic state while Bill Horton shamefully left Salem. Laura began a slow and steady breakdown culminating in a nightmarish sequence where Laura forced her daughter Jennifer on a bus all by herself so that she could go and attempt to hang herself.

The show ended the decade with a literal bang as longtime favorites Bill and Laura Horton were written out of the show in a controversial storyline involving mental illness and adultery as Bill Horton began cheating on Laura, whose mind had become horribly unstable due to years of hiding the identity of her son Mike's father from him. Fans picketed NBC studios, but writers quickly revealed that it was Marlena's evil twin sister Samantha (who had been played by Deidre Hall's real-life twin Andrea for five years), and the show finally reunited Marlena and Roman, and they became the show's main "supercouple". The romance appeared to be short lived, when the Salem Strangler was seen killing Marlena. Proving opposites attract, Marlena and Roman became romantically involved.

After her marriage to Don ended, Marlena became the focus of the Salem Strangler, a serial killer whose unwanted attentions caused Roman Brady to move into Marlena's apartment. They had a son (D.J., who died of SIDS). Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), who was a favorite of then head writer Pat Falken Smith (who took over after the departure of Bill Bell), Marlena Evans quickly became the show's main heroine and started a popular romance with lawyer Don Craig (Jed Allan). By the late 70s, the popular character was Dr.

Meanwhile the show began to focus more and more on an assortment of doctor characters introduced onto the show, who gained popularity amongst viewers. The show's writers would create a brand new family in the form of the middle-class Irish-Catholic family "The Bradys", who were anchored by Shawn and Caroline Brady and featured an assortment of children including Roman (originally played by Wayne Northrop) and Bo (played by Peter Reckell. The expansion of the show to an hour also allowed for the writers to expand the focus of the show beyond the Horton family. Bell agreed to provide story outlines which would run up to 1975-1976.

He created the Bill/Mickey/Laura triangle, a popular rivalry between Julie Olson and Susan Hunter, and was considered such an integral part of the program that when he left the series in the early 70's to create The Young and the Restless, NBC sued him to make him stay. Bell took over as headwriter. The show's initial storylines were co-written by the Cordays and Irna Phillips but the first real success began in the late 60's when William J. For its first 20 years on the air, Days of Our Lives was supervised by Betty Corday (her husband Ted Corday created the show but died a few years after the premiere), with her son Ken taking an increasingly large role in production.

The two would stay on the show for several more years before ultimately leaving the series early during the 1980s as their characters were being phased out in favor of new characters/relationships, but have since made numerous returns to the show since the early 1990s. Julie was divorced quickly and the two were married within weeks (in tune with the viewers' collective clamor to have the characters finally wed). En route, Doug was involved in a car accident and Julie rushed to his side. Eventually, Doug was fed up and went back to his ex-wife Kim (she had tricked him into coming back to her by saying their divorce was never final).

Julie was trapped in a loveless marriage to Bob Anderson, and although she did not want to be wed to him, he gave her security. Not long after, Addie died; she was hit by a truck as she pushed her young child's stroller to safety, but even then, Doug and Julie were not free to be a couple. In the story, Addie had assumed that she had started menopause, but found out otherwise). Addie's bout with leukemia cemented his bond to her, and she bore him a child named Hope while she was in a coma, near death from cancer (Addie was over 40 during her pregnancy; women giving birth late in life was a plot element generally left undiscussed in the early 1970s.

Doug and Julie had a rough time getting together, as Doug had once married her mother Addie (at first he was only using her for her money, but then they fell in love, even though he still loved Julie). In time, however, Doug truly fell in love with her. After some soul-searching, she realized that she could not pay off Doug to date Julie, but he told her that she couldn't back out. Susan would have no part of it, instead having him date her rival Julie.

After he was paroled, Doug came to town, intent on wooing Susan and getting his hands on some money. While in jail, Bill accidentally tipped off Doug to the fact that Susan Hunter (Denise Alexander) had come into a big inheritance as her husband was recently deceased (she had killed him, but was allowed to have the money as it was proven she was temporarily insane). The two met after Doug Williams was introduced as Bill Horton's cellmate in prison, when Bill Horton was convicted of manslaughter against Tommy Horton's wife Kitty. Another popular storyline/couple on the show during the 1970s was the relationship and marriage of wildchild Julie Olson and lounge singer turned conman Doug Williams (Bill Hayes).

Ultimately Mickey regained his memory and returned to Salem with Maggie while Laura and Bill would finally marry and have a second child Jennifer. During this time, Mickey would meet a crippled farm girl named Maggie Simmons (Suzanne Rogers) and fall in love with her. He checked himself out of the hospital and wandered to a farm, calling himself Marty Hansen. Mickey had a heart attack and a subsequent stroke, which caused him to have amnesia.

Laura sought to pass the child off as her husband Mickey's son but ultimately, it was revealed that Mickey was sterile and the truth about their son Mike Horton's parentage was revealed. The storyline began with a temporarily insane Bill Horton raped Laura and impregnated her as a result. Considered to be one of the most beloved Days of Our Lives storylines and one of the longest running storylines of the show's history, the Bill/Laura/Mickey triangle lasted for nearly a decade and was the first major storyline of the series to gain major attention from casual fans due to its twists, turns, use of dramatic pacing, and the controversial use of rape as a major plot element. Tom and Alice's other children, Bill and Mickey, fought over the affections of lovely Laura Spencer, played by Susan Flannery.

When they learned of each other's true identities, Marie was so ashamed that she went to live in a convent. Unknowingly, his sister Marie fell in love with him. Tom Horton, Jr., presumed dead in Korea, came home with a disfigured face and a new identity. Their daughter Addie (Patricia Huston, then Patricia Barry), married to Ben Olson, had much trouble raising their rebellious daughter Julie as well as their son Steven.

In the beginning, when the story did not revolve around either Tom or Alice, the love lives of their five children were put on display. One notable piece of trivia that comes from the first episode is that apparently, Salem was supposed to be Salem, Massachusetts since Marie mentioned moving to Boston once she got married to Tony. Unlike most daytime programming of the time, all of the Days of Our Lives episodes still exist. On November 8, 2005, the cable channel SOAPnet aired the first two episodes of the series.

Colla). Tom's wife Alice (Frances Reid) was lamenting the reality of all her children leaving her; her daughter Marie (at that time played by Maree Cheatham) was going to be married to Tony Merritt (Richard A. At home, Dr. Tom Horton (Macdonald Carey) and his son (Julie's uncle) Mickey (then John Clarke) were called down to the police station to resolve the matter.

As a result, her grandfather, Dr. She lied about her last name, telling the store detective that her name was Julie Horton. The first episode revolved around teenager Julie Olson (first played by Charla Doherty; since 1968 the role has been played by Susan Seaforth Hayes) stealing a mink from Bartlett's Department Store. .

The serial is set in the fictional village of Salem. Originally, the show had the Hortons as its core family. It debuted on November 8, 1965, and can still be viewed weekdays on the NBC network and around the world. Days of our Lives is a long-running American soap opera.

Tom Horton, MD) Original Cast Member, 1994. Macdonald Carey (Dr. Marcus Hunter, MD), 2004. Richard Biggs (Dr.

Brenda Benet (Lee DuMonde), 1982. Lois Banks) (until February 24). Gigi Birmingham (Dr. Olivia & Ava White (Claire Kiriakis).

Chase & Tyler Johnson (Theo Carver). Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Olson Williams). Bill Hayes (Doug Williams). Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts).

Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault). Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia Willens). John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis). Billy Warlock (Frankie Brady).

Josh Taylor (Roman Brady). Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady). Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Simmons Horton). James Reynolds (Abe Carver).

Frances Reid (Alice Grayson Horton). Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton Deveraux). Peter Reckell (Bo Brady). Julie Pinson (Billie Holiday Reed).

Austin Peck (Austin Reed). Frank Parker (Shawn Brady). Rhasaan Orange (Tek Kramer). Alex North).

Wayne Northrop (Dr. Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson). Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady). Martha Madison (Belle Black Kiriakis).

Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts). Lexie Brooks Carver). Renée Jones (Dr. John Ingle (Mickey Horton).

Brody Hutzler (Patrick Lockhart). Drake Hogestyn (John Black). Marlena Evans). Deidre Hall (Dr.

Farah Fath (Mimi Lockhart). Judi Evans Luciano (Bonnie Lockhart). Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts). Jason Cook (Shawn-Douglas Brady).

Christie Clark (Carrie Brady). Darin Brooks (Max Brady). Kyle Brandt (Philip Kiriakis). Steve Blackwood (Bart Beiderbecke).

Ashley Benson (Abby Deveraux). Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux). Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady).

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