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Hollister can refer to:

  • Hollister, California, a place in the United States
  • Hollister Co., a clothing company
  • Hollister Ranch, a ranch north of Santa Barbara, California, USA.
  • Hollister Incorporated, a medical device company.
  • Hollister Ranch Realty, Hollister Ranch sales
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Hollister can refer to:. Another first is an available navigation system. Hollister Ranch Realty, Hollister Ranch sales. Although the doors can still be removed in traditional Wrangler fashion, power windows and remote power door locks will be offered for the first time. Hollister Incorporated, a medical device company. The new hardtop allows the sides to be removed for an open-air feeling. Hollister Ranch, a ranch north of Santa Barbara, California, USA. A 3-piece hardtop or traditional soft top will be offered.

Hollister Co., a clothing company. Stability control will be a new safety feature for the Wrangler line. Hollister, California, a place in the United States. A 6-speed manual transmission will be standard, with a 4-speed automatic transmission offered as an option. The 4.7 L PowerTech V8 and 2.8 L VM Motori turbo-Diesel straight-4 used in the Liberty are likely to also be offered as options in some markets. A 3.8 L OHV V6 producing 205 hp (153 kW) and 240 ft·lbf (325 N·m) will be the base engine, replacing the venerable AMC Straight-6 engine.

The JK Wrangler is expected to be offered in three versions eventually:. Jeep reportedly intends to cement the Wrangler's position as the marque's most-rugged vehicle as new car-based crossover SUVs take some of its on-road market share. However, it should be noted that similar complaints were heard during previous redesigns. Many Wrangler enthusiasts have decried this new vehicle's larger size, claiming that it runs counter to the character of the Wrangler, and is too big to be an effective off-road vehicle.

This next-generation Wrangler is significantly larger than the existing model, with a 2 in (50.8 mm) longer wheelbase and 4 in (101.6 mm) wider track. The TJ platform will be replaced by a new JK platform. 2007 will see the complete redesign of the Jeep Wrangler, in both two and four-door models. [citation needed].

The Wrangler Unlimited is in its final year of production to be replaced by the 2007 4-door Wrangler. In 2005, Jeep released the Rubicon Unlimited, which has the wheelbase of the Unlimited and the off-road features of the Rubicon as well as many other comfort and convenience options not offered on other Wranglers. In 2004, Jeep introduced the Wrangler Unlimited with a 10 inch (~25.4 cm) longer wheelbase; it is also known by its unofficial designation of LJ. To match the vehicle in the film, it was offered in Bright Silver but looked nothing like the one in the film.

Interior features included Dark Slate fabric seats with red accent stitching down the center, silver surround instrument panel bezel, red seatbelts and a Tomb Raider badge with serial number. Along with the standard Rubicon fare, it also included exterior features such as 16-inch Alcoa forged aluminum wheels, Tomb Raider badging, and Mopar accessories including a light bar, riveted fender flares, tubular grille guard, diamond-plated bumper guard, etc. A limited run of 1,000 Wrangler Rubicon "Tomb Raider" models were produced in 2003 to promote the Tomb Raider sequel, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. The 42RLE four-speed automatic transmission was available from 2003 to 2005.

2003 and 2004 featured the NV3550 manual transmission in the Rubicon while 2005 changed to a six speed. It features front and rear Dana 44 axles with built-in air-actuated locking differentials, rear helical gear-driven limited slip differential, 4:1 low-range NV241 transfer case, 4.10:1 differential gears, 16-inch alloy wheels, and Goodyear MTR P245×75×R16 tires. The Wrangler Rubicon (named for the famed Rubicon Trail off-road test circuit) was introduced in 2003. Other changes included the 1999 additions of a larger standard fuel tank, child seat tethers and sound system improvements in 2000, and intermittent wipers, a new console, and an optional locking compartment for 2001.

A 2.5 L AMC Inline-4 motor was available on entry-level models until 2003 when the 2.4 L DOHC Neon 4-cylinder engine replaced it. The engine is the same 4.0 L AMC Straight-6 used in the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. This updated Wrangler featured a coil-spring suspension (based on that of the Jeep Grand Cherokee) for better ride and handling, and a return to the CJ's iconic round headlamps. The YJ gave way to the Jeep TJ for the 1997 model year.

On August 5, 1987, American Motors was bought by Chrysler, and the Jeep marque became a part of Chrysler's Jeep/Eagle division. An automatic transmission option for 4-cylinder Wranglers came in 1994 along with a center high-mounted stop light. The roll cage was extended in 1992 to allow for rear shoulder belts, and anti-lock brakes were added as an option the next year. That year, a fuel injected 180 hp (134 kW) 4.0 L variant replaced the 112 hp (84 kW) 4.2 L straight-6.

The YJ used a 2.5 L AMC I4 or optional 4.2 L AMC I6 until 1991. YJs are easily identifiable by their rectangular headlights. The YJ was replaced in 1996 by 1997's TJ. (This prompted some Jeep purists to interpret the YJ as a "yuppie Jeep" upon the model's introduction.) 632,231 YJs were built through model year 1995.

It was a new design with a longer wheelbase, less ground clearance, and more comfort, and some of its inspiration came from its stable mate, the Jeep Cherokee, rather than from its CJ predecessor alone. The Jeep YJ, sold as the Wrangler, replaced the much-loved but slower-selling Jeep CJ in 1987. . The Wrangler is produced at the Toledo South Assembly plant in Toledo, Ohio.

The Wrangler debuted in 1987, was updated in 1997, and is still popular today. It is a successor to the famous World War II GP vehicle by way of the 'Willy's' Jeep in the 1950s and later by the Jeep CJ series. The Wrangler (also known as the YJ and TJ, as explained below) is a small ORV from Jeep. URL accessed on January 12, 2006.. 2007 Jeep Wrangler Specifications. URL accessed on January 9, 2006.. Automobile Magazine.

2007 Jeep Wrangler. URL accessed on January 9, 2006.. Detroit News. Jeep's target: Everybody.

URL accessed on January 9, 2006.. AutoWeek. Jeep touting ruggedness of redesigned Wrangler. A long wheelbase pickup truck.

A long wheelbase 4-door. A short wheelbase 2-door.

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