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Hollister can refer to:

  • Hollister, California, a place in the United States
  • Hollister Co., a clothing company
  • Hollister Ranch, a ranch north of Santa Barbara, California, USA.
  • Hollister Incorporated, a medical device company.
  • Hollister Ranch Realty, Hollister Ranch sales
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Hollister can refer to:. Hoodie is also a record released by Lady Sovereign to back the Save The Hoodie Campaign. Hollister Ranch Realty, Hollister Ranch sales. And of course, trench coats are the stereotypical garment of "flashers.". Hollister Incorporated, a medical device company. Also, something about the look of the trenchcoat leads some to think that the wearer is somehow sinister or has sinister motives. Hollister Ranch, a ranch north of Santa Barbara, California, USA. There is also a fear that weapons can easily be concealed beneath the garment.

Hollister Co., a clothing company. The idea being that the shoplifter is able to hide whatever stolen item benieth the coat. Hollister, California, a place in the United States. Even before that, trench coat wearers, particularly young men, were often suspected of diviant behavior such as shoplifting. Also, after the Columbine shootings, acts were eroniously attributed to a group known as the "Trench Coat Maffia." This led some schools to ban trench coats. The Spanish populace, however, protested this and other measures of Enlightened Absolutism in the Esquilache Riot.

He introduced the French fashion of three-beaked hats and coats. The Sicilian minister of Charles III of Spain, Esquilache, banned wide-rim hats and cloaks on the grounds that criminals hid their identities and weapons under them. It is not the first time in history that specific clothing has been associated with crime. In the US, and possibly elsewhere, the word "hood" is slang for both hoodlum and neighborhood (particularly a poor urban neighborhood), which helps the word "hoodie" resonate with a certain unsavory connotation.

They will often hassle other teens and the elderly (those who they believe pose no threat). In the north of England hoodies are not seen as a separate group of youths but are grouped in with charvers. Groups of young people (often in their mid teens) who loiter in their hoodies in public places are sometimes known as "hood rats" or just "hoodies" in the south of England. Prime Minister Tony Blair has openly supported this stance and vowed to clamp down on the anti-social behaviour with which hoody wearers are sometimes associated.

Hoodies and baseball caps are still on sale there, however. In May 2005, the largest shopping centre in the UK, Bluewater in Kent, caused outrage by launching a Code of Conduct which bans its shoppers from sporting hoodies or baseball caps. Particularly fashionable in the UK, hoodies have recently been the subject of much criticism: some wearers have committed criminal acts such as shoplifting using the hood to conceal their identity from CCTV cameras in shopping centres. In California, at least, it is not uncommon to see a large segment of a college campus' population clad in hooded sweatshirts.

Many teenagers or 20-somethings wear hoodies as a fashion statement, and many wear them even when it's not cold outside, partly because they are extremely comfortable. Hoodies can be any colour, but the most popular colours are black or dark blue. Also, many hoodies feature logos/designs of a specific rock band. An example of an unusual design is the "Pink Kitty" hoody which is pink, with triangular "ears" on the hood, and comes with matching pink gloves designed to resemble a cat's paws.

Hoodies are often adorned with designer labels, corporate logos or message, often in a foreign language (English speakers may wear hoodies with Japanese messages, and vice-versa). Typical materials are cotton, polyester or a blend of the two. Other common hoodie styles are the zip-up, which cannot feature a kangaroo pocket, as the pocket would be bifurcated by the zip, and the half-zip which can feature a kangaroo pocket as the zip starts above the pocket. Some hoodies also have strings that can be pulled to tighten or loosen the hood.

Some pullover hoodies also have a large pocket across the front called a kangaroo pocket, and many feature a logo. In Saskatchewan, a hoodie is often referred to as a bunny hug. A hoodie (sometimes also spelled hoody) is a sweatshirt with a hood.

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