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Hollister can refer to:

  • Hollister, California, a place in the United States
  • Hollister Co., a clothing company
  • Hollister Ranch, a ranch north of Santa Barbara, California, USA.
  • Hollister Incorporated, a medical device company.
  • Hollister Ranch Realty, Hollister Ranch sales
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Hollister can refer to:. "Johnson" is also sexual slang for the penis. Hollister Ranch Realty, Hollister Ranch sales. Things commonly known as Johnson include:. Hollister Incorporated, a medical device company. Places commonly known as Johnson include:. Hollister Ranch, a ranch north of Santa Barbara, California, USA. People commonly known by their family name Johnson include:.

Hollister Co., a clothing company. . Hollister, California, a place in the United States. During the 1990 census, approximately 0.81% of people counted had this family name. It is the second most common family name in the United States after Smith. For its etymology, translations, alternative spellings, and slang meanings, see Wiktionary.

Johnson is a family name, a place name, and the name of things. Johnson M1941 Rifle. Johnson Outboards, a manufacturer of boat motors. Johnson & Johnson Corporation.

Johnson County War, an 1892 range war in Wyoming. Johnson Act, a 1934 US securities law. Stevens Johnson syndrome. Johnson County, several places.

Johnson City, several places. Johnson Township, Minnesota. Johnson Lane, Nevada. Johnson, Vermont.

Johnson, Oklahoma. Johnson, Nebraska. Johnson, Minnesota. Johnson, Kansas.

Johnson, Arkansas. Fort Johnson, New York. in the United States:

    . Ricky Johnson from the Backyard Sports series.

    Sergeant Johnson from the video game series Halo. founding father. William Samuel Johnson (1727 – 1819), a U.S. William Johnson, multiple people including:


      Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet (1715 – 1774), English pioneer in New York's Mohawk Valley. Travis Johnson, American football player. Ted Johnson, American football player. Taborah Johnson, actor and jazz singer.

      Samuel Johnson, British lexicographer. Rudi Johnson, American football player. Ross Johnson, former head of RJR Nabisco. Robert Wood Johnson, identically-named father and son who headed the Johnson & Johnson Corporation.

      Senator from Arkansas. Robert Ward Johnson (1814 – 1879), U.S. Johnson, American World War II flying ace. Robert S.

      Johnson (born 1946), American media entrepreneur. Robert L. Congressman from Missouri. Johnson (1883 – 1961), U.S.

      Robert D. Robert Johnson (1911 – 1938), American blues guitarist. Robert Johnson (disambiguation), including:

        . Richard Mentor Johnson, Vice President of the United States.

        Randy Johnson, Major League Baseball pitcher. Philip Johnson, architect. Paul Johnson (disambiguation). Molly Johnson, Canadian rock and roll and jazz singer.

        Johnson, Creator of Del-AWARE the only Official Website of the First State Delaware's Electronic Access Web and Resource Extension Michelle is an Expert Artist and Computer Specialist residing in Delawarelink title. Mrs.Michelle R. Melvin Johnson, gun constructor. Mead Johnson, founder of the nutrition products company.

        Martha Johnson, Canadian pop music singer. Mark Johnson, multiple people. Johnson, 36th President of the United States. Lyndon B.

        Luther Johnson, congressman from Texas in the 1920s. Johnson, the second Secretary of Defense of the United States. Louis A. Liver-Eating Johnson, mountain man.

        Leavander Johnson (1969 – 2005), American boxer. Lady Bird Johnson,wife of Lyndon Johnson. Keyshawn Johnson, American football player. Joseph Johnson (disambiguation).

        Repesentative. Joseph Johnson (1785-1877), Governor of Virgina and U.S. John de Monins Johnson, (1882 – 1956), papyrologist, printer of the Oxford English Dictionary, and collector. Neeley Johnson (1825 – 1872), Governor of California.

        J. John Johnson (disambiguation). Joe Johnson, multiple people. Johnson, musician.

        J. J. Johnson, jazz musician. James P.

        Jack Johnson, multiple people. Irving Johnson, author, adventurer, and sail training pioneer. Brothers Johnson, musicians George and Louis. Graham Johnson, Zimbabwe born, British based pianist.

        Magic Johnson, basketball star. Eliza McCardle Johnson,wife of Andrew Johnson. Don Johnson, television and movie actor. Dink Johnson, jazz musician.

        David Johnson, multiple people. Clark Johnson, actor. Clarence Johnson, aircraft engineer. Johnson, attorney and political activist.

        Chad S. Chad Johnson, American football player. Bushrod Johnson, Confederate Army general. Bunk Johnson, jazz musician.

        Brian Johnson, lead singer of the rock band AC/DC. Boris Johnson, British journalist. Bob Johnson, multiple people. Bill Johnson (disambiguation), multiple people.

        Ben Johnson, multiple people. Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the United States. Andre Johnson, American football player. Johnson (composer), South Icomposer of Malayalam cinema.

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