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Gibson is also the surname of several notable people:

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. The forum for goped owners and enthusiasts can be found at Gibson is also the surname of several notable people:. Find out more about Go-Ped Brand Motorized Scooters at the Go-Ped Website. In Australia:. Riding a Go-Ped puts you at a less vulnerable position than riding a bike, as they are much easier to bail off of if need be. In the United States:. However there is usually quite alot of noise associated with them.Their extremely low operation cost and high fuel economy make them ideal for people with broken commutes in urban areas.

Gibson may refer to:. Go-Peds are relatively safe due to their slow speeds and quick turning radius. . The top speed of the average goped is around 20 to 30 miles per hour. William Gibson (Catholic martyr). They are popular among preteens and younger teenagers. William Gibson (novelist), the science fiction, cyberpunk novelist, author of Neuromancer. In many areas in the United States they are not street legal, unless a seat is specially installed.

William Gibson (playwright), author of 'The Miracle Worker. A goped [1][2] is a brand name for a motorized foot scooter. Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. Thomas Milner Gibson. Steve Gibson, of Gibson Research, makers of SpinRite.

Gibson. Robert L. Gibson. Randall L.

Mel Gibson, film actor, director and producer. Kirk Gibson. Jon Gibson (minimalist musician). John Gibson (Indiana).

John Gibson (media host). Jill Gibson. Jabbar Gibson. Gibson, the American psychologist influential in the field of visual perception.

J. J. Ian Gibson (artist). Hutton Gibson.

Hoot Gibson. Guy Gibson. Gordon Gibson. Edward Gibson.

Edmund Gibson. Don Gibson. Deborah Gibson, is a singer, Broadway performer and former teen idol, credited as Debbie Gibson during her Teen Idol days. Colin Gibson.

Christopher Burke Gibson. Chris Gibson (game), fictional race driver. Chris Gibson (Tasmania), Australian politician. Gibson.

Charles H. Charles Dana Gibson is a famous American graphic artist. Charles Gibson. Bob Gibson (musician) was an American folksinger.

Bob Gibson was a baseball player. Althea Gibson. Alfred Gibson. Alexander Gibson.

Gibson Desert. Gibson, Western Australia – a small village. Gibson, Wisconsin. Gibson County, Tennessee.

Gibson, Tennessee. Gibson Township, Michigan. Gibson, Louisiana. Gibson County, Indiana.

Gibson Martini, see Martini cocktail. Gibson, to Hack. Gibson Amphitheatre. Gibson Girl.

Gibson Appliance. Gibson Guitar Corporation.

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