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. Perhaps the smallest hemispherical engine, the 4G12, a 1.2 L engine, was used in European and Middle Eastern Pony cars and pickups. Gibson is also the surname of several notable people:. They are I4, crossflow aluminum head, chaindriven 8 valve SOHC units. In Australia:. The largest being the 4G16 makes 101 hp (75 kW) @6000 rpm and 110 ft·lbf (149 N·m) @ 4000 rpm. In the United States:. The "hemi" was used in other Chrysler cars (presumably in early model Dodge Lancers) as well as several mitsubishi vehicles.

Gibson may refer to:. In 1974, 4G14 (1,436 cc, 89.8 in³) unit (indeed, its entire driveline) was used by Hyundai Motor Company to power the Pony, until 1983 when the 4G16 (1,597 cc, roughly 99 in³) was used in the Stellar, and in 1985 on the PonyII. . The spark plugs were not in the centre of the dome, but slightly off to the exhaust side. William Gibson (Catholic martyr). Its displacement was very small, a 1.3 liter motor. William Gibson (novelist), the science fiction, cyberpunk novelist, author of Neuromancer. Beginning production circa 1969 was the 4G13, a prototype engine used in the first Mitsubishi Lancer.

William Gibson (playwright), author of 'The Miracle Worker. The classic Hemi engines of the 1960s featured true hemispherical heads, and splayed (perpendicular) valves. Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. some notable engines designed and used by Porsche in both customer production car and Race cars:. Thomas Milner Gibson. The basic design did not change much until 1996, when Porsche moved to water cooling. Steve Gibson, of Gibson Research, makers of SpinRite. When Porsche introduced the 911, it had a 2.0 L flat-6 engine, with hemispherical heads.

Gibson. Also, at the 2005 SEMA show, Chrysler unvieled a 505-horsepower 6.4L HEMI which will be available as a crate engine and might find its way into production, perhaps with reduced horsepower. Robert L. Some versions of the 5.7L, including most 2006 production units, utilise a variable displacement technology called the Multi-Displacement System (MDS) to improve fuel economy. Gibson. It is available in two sizes; 5.7 and 6.1 liters. Randall L. This engine replaced Chrysler's large LA family of engines, particularly the Magnum 5.9, in the early 2000s.

Mel Gibson, film actor, director and producer. This engine is not a true hemispherical head engine; it has a polyspherical combustion chamber, but retains the Hemi's traditional inline perpendicular valves. Kirk Gibson. Chrysler introduced a modern Hemi in 2002. Jon Gibson (minimalist musician). provides information on three eras of Hemi power: 1951 to 1959, 1964 to 1971 and 2002 to current. John Gibson (Indiana). Racers like "Big Daddy" Don Garlits have set many world records using Hemi power.

John Gibson (media host). The Hemi head design is so efficient and effective that it was, and is, a top performer in NHRA, IHRA, UDRA and other sanctioned drag racing events throughout the world. Jill Gibson. Hemi blocks were traditionally painted orange to distinguish them from other V8s. Jabbar Gibson. It was available in most Mopar muscle cars and pony cars of the period, although its high price and limited street tractability kept sales fairly low. Gibson, the American psychologist influential in the field of visual perception. The engine was available through 1971, and the DaimlerChrysler corporation still sells crate engines and parts.

J. It was based on the Chrysler RB engine big-block. J. In 1964, Chrysler introduced a new 426 in³ (7.0 L) Hemi, designed to win at NASCAR racing and sold to the public to meet homologation requirements and to enable the public to buy the winning engine. Ian Gibson (artist). This design, the Chrysler FirePower engine, was used until 1959. Hutton Gibson. Experience with this engine led to Chrysler using the Hemi design for their first overhead valve V8 in 1951.

Hoot Gibson. Chrysler's first experience with the Hemi design was during World War 2, in which it developed an experimental 2500 hp (1864 kW) V16 engine for the P-47 Thunderbolt. Guy Gibson. . Gordon Gibson. Other manufacturers used the hemispherical design before World War II, including Daimler and Riley. Edward Gibson. Jaguar used this head design as well on the legendary XK engines, which powered cars ranging from the Le Mans winning D-Type to the XJ6 sedan.

Edmund Gibson. Porsche has also been a notable user of the Hemi design, generating up to 86 hp per liter displacement on production cars (1973 2.4 L 911S), and even more on racing engines (906 Carrera engine). Don Gibson. Chrysler has used the word "Hemi" extensively in its advertising, to the extent that the word is indelibly associated with Chrysler in North America. Deborah Gibson, is a singer, Broadway performer and former teen idol, credited as Debbie Gibson during her Teen Idol days. Perhaps the best-known proponent of the Hemi design has been the Chrysler Corporation, who have produced three generations of such engines: the first (the Chrysler FirePower engine) in the 1950s; the second (the 426 Hemi) from the mid 1960s through the mid 1970s; and finally in the early 2000s. Colin Gibson. Most applications have been in higher-priced luxury or sporting vehicles, because the hemi design is more expensive to build.

Christopher Burke Gibson. Hemispherical cylinder heads have been used in some engines since they were first used by the Belgian car maker Pipe in 1905. Chris Gibson (game), fictional race driver. Placing the intake on the opposite side of the engine also reduces the air intake temperature and increases efficiency. Chris Gibson (Tasmania), Australian politician. The hemispherical cylinder head increases the engine's efficiency through reduced thermal energy loss and increased airflow through the engine, but drawbacks such as increased production cost has meant that it has been a rare design. Gibson. These aspects help make the hemi-type engine more efficient and powerful, and less prone to engine knock.

Charles H. The spark plug in the center of the chamber makes for better ignition of the fuel/air mixture. Charles Dana Gibson is a famous American graphic artist. The hemispherical combustion chamber design puts the intake/exhaust valves in-line, rather than side-by-side, allowing for better flow of air through the head (although the inlet and exhaust valves are not simultaneously open and there is no continuous flow). Charles Gibson. Chrysler's main innovation was to build them in such large numbers. Bob Gibson (musician) was an American folksinger. Stutz had built four valve engines, resembling modern car engines.

Bob Gibson was a baseball player. Harry Arminius Miller racing engines were more notable example. Althea Gibson. The BMW double push rod design, taken over by Bristol Cars, and the Peugeot 403 are other well known examples. Alfred Gibson. The term, "Hemi engine", is a trademark of Chrysler Corporation, though the concept is used by many manufacturers. Alexander Gibson. Hemi (from "hemisphere") or "crossflow cylinder head" is a design of internal-combustion engines in which the cylinder head's combustion chamber is of hemispherical form.

Gibson Desert. Gibson, Western Australia – a small village. Gibson, Wisconsin. Gibson County, Tennessee.

Gibson, Tennessee. Gibson Township, Michigan. Gibson, Louisiana. Gibson County, Indiana.

Gibson Martini, see Martini cocktail. Gibson, to Hack. Gibson Amphitheatre. Gibson Girl.

Gibson Appliance. Gibson Guitar Corporation.

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