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Capone-N-Noreaga is a rap act that consists of Capone (Kiam Holley) and Noreaga (Victor Santiago). The two grew up in bad neighborhoods in Queensbridge and LeFrak City, and met each other in jail in 1992. Their debut album, The War Report, was released in 1997 while Noreaga was serving another prison sentence.


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Their debut album, The War Report, was released in 1997 while Noreaga was serving another prison sentence. The ORGAN ( fanzine produced a Cardiacs anthology of interviews and reviews in 1993. The two grew up in bad neighborhoods in Queensbridge and LeFrak City, and met each other in jail in 1992. No official Cardiacs histories or biographies have been published. Capone-N-Noreaga is a rap act that consists of Capone (Kiam Holley) and Noreaga (Victor Santiago). Other and related releases. MTV biography ( Videos.

Albums. Singles and EPs. Influences the band have cited include Gong, early Genesis, and Frank Zappa. Musical prejudice is the worst thing in the world.".

Whatever they play. "There's nothing wrong with any kind of band in the world. It's chaos, but it's ordered chaos - everything is really. Look out of the window.". "Everything we play is written, right down to the last drumbeat.

In 1995 much of the Cardiacs back catalogue was re-released on CD. By the end of 1990, the band had slimmed down to a four piece, using a backing tape for live shows. The release of Is This The Life in 1988 saw brief chart success and the attention of a wider audience, as the single reached the Indie top ten in the UK. anything goes - even INCEST." Much of the misunderstanding was perpetuated by Tim himself.

In March 1987 the British tabloid newspaper the Sunday Sport ran a story 'exposing' the supposedly incestuous relationship between Tim and Sarah, mistaking the couple for brother and sister,"In their bizarre world of music. While the tour gave Cardiacs some overdue publicity, Marillion's fanbase took an aversion to them resulting in the band being bottled on stage. In 1984, Cardiacs supported Marillion at the personal request of Marillion’s lead singer Fish. Tim and Sarah got married in July 1983.

The band's line-up was whittled down throughout 1983 from eight to six (Tim, Jim, Sarah, Bill, Dom, and Tim) the line-up that would remain for the rest of the 1980s. Early releases followed the punk DIY ethic, and included limited runs of the cassette albums The Obvious Identity, Toy World, and The Seaside. Starting off as The Filth or Philip Pilf and the Filth, the band underwent a series of name changes, becoming Cardiac Arrest, then The Obvious Identity, and Alphabet before settling on Cardiacs by the end of 1980. Since then the band line-up has remained fluid, undergoing numerous line-up changes, with Tim's brother Jim Smith being the only other surviving original member, and many previous members appearing now and again for live performances, or helping out backstage (and vice vera).

Cardiacs were formed by Tim Smith in suburban Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, sometime around 1977. Combining the excitement and energy of punk rock with the intricacies and technical cleverness of early British progressive rock, a combination sometimes referred to as pronk, their sound is unique and varied. Cardiacs are a British band formed in 1977. Cardiacs and Affectionate Friends (2001) ORG228.

Tim Smith's OceanLandWorld (1995) ALPH 020. The Sea Nymphs Cassette (1992). Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake Cassette ALPH 003. Maresnest, live at Salisbury Arts Centre 30 June 1990.

Seaside Treats (1985). Surbiton Assembly Rooms 1985. Greatest Hits ALPH 029. Guns (1999) ALPH 027.

Sing to God (1995) ALP 022, 023, 024 This LP was released in two parts. Sampler (1995) ALPH 019. All that Glitters is a Mares Nest ALPH 018. Heaven Born and Ever Bright (1992)ALPH 017.

Songs for Ships and Irons (1991) ALPH 014. The Seaside reissue ALPH 013. On Land and in the Sea (1989) ALPH 012. Cardiacs Live recorded live at The Paradiso, Amsterdam (1988) ALPH 010.

A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window (1988) ALPH 007. Rude Bootleg (1987) recorded live at the Reading Festival 1986 ALPH 005. Big Ship Mini Album (1987) ALPH 004. The Seaside Cassette (1983) ALPH 001.

Archive Cardiacs Cassette (1983) ALPH 000. Toy World Cassette (1981). The Obvious Identity Cassette (1980). Signs (1999) ALPH 028.

Odd Even ALPH 026. Bellyeye (1995) ORGAN011. Manhoo (1995) ALPH 025. Day Is Gone 12" and CD (1991) ALPH 015.

Baby Heart Dirt 7" and 12" (1989) ALPH 011. Susannah's Still Alive 7" and 12" (1988) ALPH 009. Is This The Life 7" and 12" (1988) ALPH 008. There's Too Many Irons In The Fire 12" EP (1987) ALPH 006.

Seaside Treats 12" EP (1985) ALPH 002. A Bus for a Bus on the Bus 7" (1979) TOR 002. [The Trudy (] (Peter Tagg and Ralph Cade - after leaving Cardiacs). Spratley's Japs (Tim).

The Sound (Mick Pugh and Colvin Myers - after leaving Cardiacs). Tim Smith's OceanLandWorld (Tim Smith's solo project). Shrubbies (Dominic Luckman - after leaving Cardiacs). The Sea Nymphs (Tim, Sarah, Bill).

Ring (Christian Hayes - prior to joining Cardiacs). Panixphere (Tim Smith, Jon Poole, and Christian Hayes). Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr Drake (Tim Smith, Sarah Smith, and Bill Drake). Mikrokosmos (Christian Hayes solo project).

Mice (Dominic Luckman - after leaving Cardiacs). Levitation (Christian Hayes - after leaving Cardiacs). The Lake of Puppies (Bill Drake - after leaving Cardiacs). Dark Star (Christian Hayes - after leaving Cardiacs, and Levitation).

Catherine in a Cupboard (Bill Drake, Bob Leith, Jim Smith). Ad Nauseum (Jon Poole, and Bob Leith – prior to joining Cardiacs). Kavus Torabi (2003-present). Peter Tagg (1979).

Sarah Smith (ne Cutts) (1980-1990). Jim Smith aka Patty Pilf (1977-present). Tim Smith aka Philip Pilf(1977-present). Graham Simmonds (left 1983).

Tim Quy (1980-1990). Michael Pugh aka Peter Boker. Bob Leith (1994-present). Jon Poole (1992-2004).

Colvin Mayers aka Max Cat. Dominic Luckman (1983-1990). Marguerite Johnson (left 1983). Christian Hayes aka Bic (1989-1992).

William (Bill) Drake (left 1990). Mark Cawthra aka Little Bobby Shattocks. Ralph Cade (1979). Bob Leith - drums, backing vocals.

Kavus Torabi - guitar, backing vocals. Jim Smith - bass, backing vocals. Tim Smith - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards.

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