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Capone-N-Noreaga is a rap act that consists of Capone (Kiam Holley) and Noreaga (Victor Santiago). The two grew up in bad neighborhoods in Queensbridge and LeFrak City, and met each other in jail in 1992. Their debut album, The War Report, was released in 1997 while Noreaga was serving another prison sentence.


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Their debut album, The War Report, was released in 1997 while Noreaga was serving another prison sentence.
12/23/1989 "Another Day In Paradise" #1 The Billboard Hot 100. The two grew up in bad neighborhoods in Queensbridge and LeFrak City, and met each other in jail in 1992. He is married to his third wife and lives in Switzerland. Capone-N-Noreaga is a rap act that consists of Capone (Kiam Holley) and Noreaga (Victor Santiago). He played drums for the likes of Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne and Cliff Richard. MTV biography ( The previous year he accepted an invitation to be the drummer in the 'house band' at the rock concert celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee.

In recent years he has reportedly been losing his hearing in one ear, and in 2003 announced a farewell tour. Collins does not read and write conventional musical notation but uses a system of his own devising. Disney hired Collins in 2003 for the soundtrack to another animated feature film, Brother Bear. His song "You'll Be in My Heart" won an Academy Award.

Collins is a successful songwriter, and was asked by The Walt Disney Company to produce the score for the animated film Tarzan in 1999. The Phil Collins Big Band also did a world tour in 1998 and performed at the Montreaux Jazz Festival. In 1996, Phil formed the "Phil Collins Big Band", which, with Phil as drummer, performed jazz renditions of Phil Collins and Genesis hits. Collins' passion for Big Band music is well documented.

Testify featured the Leo Sayer cover Can't Stop Loving You, and Come With Me - a heartfelt father-to-child song originally written in 1990 but finally recorded for Collins' baby son Nicholas. His latest studio album, 2002's Testify met with a similar fate, adored by fans but failing to make much impact on the mainstream charts. The album failed to elicit much commercial interest, although stylistically it harked back to the sound of his '80s smashes. Phil Collins' 1996 album Dance Into the Light included songs like "No Matter Who", a rendition of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin" and the comical music video "Wear My Hat" which featured Danny DeVito.

Collins' total worldwide album sales, including Genesis albums, are approximately two hundred million. Subsequent releases never reached the levels of his 1980s albums. Collins' record sales dropped after the 1993 release of Both Sides, a largely experimental album which ironically, according to Collins is his finest, despite the fact that he abandoned the winning formula that had brought him so much success in the '80s. The song went to Number 1 on the Billboard US Charts and won Phil Collins a Grammy for “Record of the Year” (1990).

In 1989, Collins produced another hugely successful album, But Seriously..., which featured the anti-homelessness anthem Another Day In Paradise. He also played a cameo role in Miami Vice and guest starred in some sketches with The Two Ronnies. Phil Collins’ rendition of “A Groovy Kind of Love” for that movie reached Number One on the charts. Collins began 1988 by acting in the movie Buster, in which he played train robber Buster Edwards.

He also recorded the critically-acclaimed Separate Lives, a duet with Marilyn Martin. Phil also enjoyed another UK Number 1 with Easy Lover, a duet with Philip Bailey that same year. The same year, Collins released his most successful album No Jacket Required, which contained hits like "Sussudio", "One More Night" and "Take Me Home" which featured ex-bandmate Peter Gabriel and Sting as backing vocalists. In 1985, Phil Collins performed at the Wembley stadium in England and flew to Philadelphia, United States the same day on a Concorde to perform with Live Aid, sing his solo material and then drum for Genesis and Led Zeppelin, making him the only man to perform in two continents on the same day.

He wrote and performed the award-winning title song to the movie Against All Odds in 1984 and appeared as drummer at the Band Aid recording at the end of the year. Phil Collins continued to record as a solo artist and with Genesis in 1983 releasing a Number One hit rendition of The Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love” and the Genesis self titled album which went to Number 9 on the Billboard Album Charts,. Another urban legend has it that Collins performed on Top Of The Pops with a paintbrush on top of his piano since the man for whom his wife left him was a painter. This is purely myth; Collins says the song, like the album, refers to his feelings about his divorce from his first wife, Andrea.

There are many stories around the song, but usually they have to do with Phil seeing a man let someone drown, writing the song about the man, then inviting him to its debut, and singing it while the man is in the spotlight. The song “In the Air Tonight” launched Phil Collins as a solo artist and is now part of folklore. Phil Collins vented frustrations in his marital life by composing new material which formed the bulk of his first solo album Face Value in 1981. Collins and Gabriel reunited with Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett in 1999 to re-record "Carpet Crawl" ("The Carpet Crawlers") from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway for Genesis' "Turn It On Again: The Hits".

Phil Collins parted ways with Genesis in 1995 after a massive world tour. Most of thier work this year was orchestrated by Leeroy Williams, member of the legendary 80's band GATE and later to join the boys. The group also received an MTV “Video of the Year” award for “Land of Confusion”. With Phil Collins as lead singer, the group scored a string of successful albums, including the 1986 Invisible Touch, which was their first UK Top hit.

In the 1980s, Genesis moved from an progressive rock base to one that was more pop oriented. In the 1980s he did session drumming for such high-profile acts as Robert Plant, Howard Jones and Tears for Fears. During the 1970s Collins also played drums for the jazz fusion band Brand X. The band enjoyed its most commercially successful period with Collins as vocalist, which essentially began in 1978 when the single Follow You, Follow Me became their first UK Top 10 hit.

The follow up album A Trick of the Tail outsold all previous Genesis albums combined. The group also recruited former Yes drummer Bill Bruford and later Chester Thompson to play drums during live shows. In 1975, after the final tour of Genesis’ ambitious, concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, frontman Peter Gabriel left the group and Collins took over as lead vocalist. Genesis gained acclaim as major progressive rock outfit with compositions such as their 1972 magnum opus, the 23 minute "Supper's Ready" from Foxtrot.

Collins also regularly sang backing vocals on all Genesis albums up until 1975. Phil Collins gained acclaim as a “technically sound drummer” and sang lead vocals on “For Absent Friends” (from Nursery Cryme) and “More Fool Me” (from Selling England by the Pound). Phil Collins impressed the group enough for them to hire him as a fulltime drummer. During the audition, prospective candidates were asked to play pieces from the group’s sophomore album Trespass.

The ad was for an up and coming rock group called Genesis. In 1970 Phil Collins answered a Melody Maker classified ad for “..a drummer sensitive to acoustic music and twelve-string guitars”. His career had begun early, as a child actor and model, highlights of which included appearing onstage in Oliver! as the Artful Dodger and as an extra on The Beatles’ A Hard Day's Night, though he jokes “Paul McCartney doesn’t believe me!”. By the time he was a teenager he was a fully accomplished drummer.

He instantly harbored ambitions to drum properly and professionally, and as he got older, his uncles made him a makeshift kit for him to practice on. Collins' ambitions to wield the sticks started early when he was given a toy drum for Christmas at the age of three.
. Phil Collins has collaborated with such well known musicians as George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Mike Oldfield, Sting, Peter Gabriel and Ravi Shankar.

He was the lead drummer for the jazz-fusion group Brand X and progressive rock band Genesis. Philip David Charles Collins (born January 30, 1951 in London), better known as Phil Collins, is a British rock/pop musician. Phil Collins) #19 UK. 2003 "Home" (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat.

from "Thug World Order" (album by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

    . 2002 "Can't Stop Loving You" #28 UK. from "Testify"
      . Phil Collins) #26 UK.

      2001 "In the Air Tonite" (Lil' Kim feat. from "Urban Renewal" (a Phil Collins tribute album)

        . 1999 "You'll Be in My Heart" #17 UK, #21 US. from "Tarzan" soundtrack

          1998 "True Colors" #26 UK. from "Hits"

            . 1996 "It's in Your Eyes" #30 UK. 1996 "Dance into the Light" #9 UK.

            from "Dance into the Light"

              . 1994 "Everyday" #15 UK, #24 US. 1993 "Both Sides of the Story" #7 UK, #25 US. from "Both Sides"

                1990 "Hang in Long Enough" #34 UK, #23 US. 1990 "Do You Remember?" #4 US. 1990 "That's Just the Way It Is" #26 UK. 1990 "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" #15 UK, #4 US.

                1990 "I Wish It Would Rain Down" #7 UK, #3 US. 1989 "Another Day in Paradise" #2 UK, #1 US. from "But Seriously"

                  . 1988 "Two Hearts" #6 UK, #1 US.

                  1988 "A Groovy Kind of Love" #1 UK, #1 US. from "Buster" soundtrack

                    . 1988 "In the Air Tonight" (remix) #4 UK. non-album single

                      1985 "Separate Lives" (with Marilyn Martin) #4 UK, #1 US. from "White Nights" soundtrack

                        . 1985 "Don't Lose My Number" #4 US. 1985 "Take Me Home" #19 UK, #7 US (1986 release).

                        1985 "One More Night" #4 UK, #1 US. from "No Jacket Required"

                          . 1985 "Easy Lover" (duet with Philip Bailey) #1 UK, #2 US. from "Chinese Wall" (album by Philip Bailey)

                            1985 "Sussudio" #12 UK, #1 US. from "No Jacket Required"

                              . 1984 "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" #2 UK, #1 US. from "Against All Odds" soundtrack

                                1983 "I Don't Care Anymore" #39 US. 1982 "You Can't Hurry Love" #1 UK, #10 US. from "Hello, I Must Be Going"

                                  . 1981 "If Leaving Me Is Easy" #17 UK.

                                  1981 "I Missed Again" #14 UK, #19 US. 1981 "In the Air Tonight" #2 UK, #19 US. from "Face Value"

                                    . Old and New (compilation) #10 UK, #51 US.

                                    2004: Love Songs: A Compilation.. 2004: Platinum Collection (Face Value, No Jacket Required and But Seriously packaged together) #4 UK. 2002: Testify #15 UK, #30 US. 1999: A Hot Night in Paris (live).

                                    1998: Hits (compilation) #1 UK, #18 US, US Sales: 2,000,000. 1996: Dance into the Light #4 UK, #23 US, US Sales: 500,000. 1993: Both Sides #1 UK, #13 US, US Sales: 1,000,000. Live! (live) #2 UK, #11 US, US Sales: 4,000,000.

                                    1990: Serious Hits.. 1989: But Seriously... #1 UK, #1 US, US Sales: 4,000,000. 1987: 12"ers (remixes compilation). 1985: No Jacket Required #1 UK, #1 US, US Sales: 12,000,000.

                                    1982: Hello, I Must Be Going #2 UK, #8 US, US Sales: 3,000,000. 1981: Face Value #1 UK, #7 US, US Sales: 5,000,000.

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